My creative muse, and my voice of reason

Hello everyone, I have a very interesting topic to bring to your attention. Have you ever thought of having a muse for your writing? If so, I’m sure you have a story to tell about your muse, and how it helps you make a connection with your characters. If you don’t have a muse, then I hope and pray that my story will inspire you to find a creative muse of your own.

As you know, from a previous post, I have been inspired by ALF to continue with a story that was initially inspired by a dream. With that being said, I found even more videos on YouTube featuring ALF. One of the videos I found, during my YouTube search was an interview with Paul and Linda Fusco that my husband actually stumbled across one night after we watched a few ALF episodes on his iPad. Paul Fusco created the snarky little alien, who became popular in the late 80s, and is still loved by fans around the world today. If you want to watch this inspiring interview for yourself, you can do so by visiting the following link: .

There were a lot of things I liked about this interview, including a joke about Fruit Loops at the end of the video, but there was one segment of the interview that really stuck with me. Mr. Fusco talked about his creative process, when writing ALF’s lines for the TV show. He told the professors who conducted the interview that there were times when he couldn’t think of any funny lines for ALF to say on the show. However, when he put ALF on his hand, ALF would tell him what lines to write.

The reason I can identify with Mr. Fusco is really simple. As a writer of Christian Fiction, I know my characters so well that they tell me what to write, when I sit down at the computer. From time to time, my characters will mentally pull me along on their journeys. To give you a perfectly good example of this creative process, is during the time I wrote my first draft of A Journey of Faith, A Stepping Stones Mystery. There were times, when I wasn’t even thinking about my story, my protagonist Becca Martin, would start her journey, and I felt as if she was beckoning me to “come on”. She kept looking over her shoulder to make sure I was following her, and I was mentally walking along behind her. Although I wrote this book long before I heard this video, Mr. Fusco’s story took me back to 2015, when the writing process for my novel, began.

There’s something to be said about creative minds thinking alike, no matter what we write whether it’s fiction, a narrative, comedy, etc. This interview inspired me to find a creative muse of my own to internally connect with my characters. My muse is a beanie bear my husband bought me, when I was hospitalized with Cellulitis back in September. She sits at an angle, beside my computer, which makes her look like she’s looking at me while I write. When I’m suffering from writers block, I pick up my beanie bear and hold her so she’s looking right at me. In this way I can sometimes tap into my character’s conversations; yet at other times, all I have to do is touch her and my story comes to life, like a movie playing in my head. However, when I try to force my beanie bear to tell me what comes next in my story something always happens to stop me in my tracks.

Here’s the part of my creative process that may sound weird, but when I try to force myself to be creative, ALF pops into my head as the voice of reason that keeps me from staunching my creative flow. This memorable TV character from my childhood, comes to mind when I need him to rip my writers block to shreds and keep me from halting the creative process, in the middle of the stream, when no other sources of inspiration will work.

I believe that as writers, we all need a voice of reason, aside from those of our characters, to keep us on track and throw writers block out the window. Your voice of reason can be anything from a loved one who is familiar with your creativity, to a voice from your past, such as a favorite character from a TV show, movie, or book. Who or what is your voice of reason? How does this person or internal voice keep you inspired and help you keep the creative juices flowing, so that you can write your story from start to finish? Please share your creative process in the comments below.

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My national novel writing month struggles and success

November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), and I have struggled with what to write for the first few days of NaNoWriMo. I have been working on a couple of different stories, and I think that that works for me at the moment.
Let me share with you a little about each story I am working on. The first story I call Survival in the storm, but that is just a working title. This is a story about a couple who had to move into a cabin for the winter, because their house was totally destroyed. Once they settled in, and Brad Prescott started the furnace, he developed a bad cold, which turned into pneumonia. Before he passes away, he tells Jody to follow “the path”. She and a Bill Rider, her closest neighbor discover a root cellar in the cabin, after she finds a box with a key taped to it and a not inside the box. Although Jody is still grieving for her beloved husband, she discovers the provisions that he left for her. But that’s not all. She also discovers a secret path. The questions I’ve been playing around with are as follows: What is hidden down this path? Where does the path lead, and what clues does this passage give her about the destruction of her house?
The second story called The Native Beacon, which I posted a conversation with the characters in my last blog post, is taking on a different turn. Maylani is not a good beacon. She is actually part of Fire Fly’s gang. She was raised by the native beacons, but she is a fire breathing dragon. However, in the land of Snow Angel, there other native beacon creatures from the city of Winter Haven. These creatures have been sent to protect Anna and her family. Anna is the only person who has discovered these creatures, because she can feel the vibrations of their melodious language. I’m thinking about making her able to understand their language.
Here’s where I want to hear from my readers and followers. Do you think that Anna should be able to communicate with the native beacon in their own language? In my other story, does this secret path have anything to do with the destruction of her house? I know that these are my stories, but I want to know what you think. This feedback may keep the creative juices flowing, and add fuel to creative fire. Thanks for reading and I wish you happy writing during NaNoWriMo and beyond.

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Story scene and a character conversation inspired by ALF

Hello everyone,
Today I have been invited to sit in on a conversation with three of my native beacon characters. For those of you who don’t know what native beacons are, they are winged horses that I saw in a dream a few months ago. Their bodies are six feet long, from head to tail, and they stand seventeen hands tall. Their wings have feathers that billow out and take the shape of any object that is needed to rescue people in trouble. They use a melodious cry to communicate with one another, and their melodies can take on a variety of meanings, and they use a variety of melodies to make their needs and wants known to their own kind. However, they can speak to humans in their own native language. For example, if a character from one of my stories had a major problem that only the native beacon could solve, the beacon can speak to that character in English and advise him or her as needed. These creatures also help my characters solve simple or complex problems or fly them to a safe location to save them from grave danger.
Let me set the scene for you. Milo is standing in his large comfortable enclosure. Maxim and Maylani are gathered round him in the open paddock outside the fence that surrounds him. Milo has called his children, to discuss a very important assignment with them. Their mother, Francesca is out hunting for food. Let’s join the conversation with milo and his two children, Maxim and Maylani.

“Maylani, Maxim! Come into the paddock, we need to talk.” remember, this conversation is conducted in the native tonal tongue.
“Yes Father? What can we do for you?”
Maxim groans. “What is it this time, rescuing animals?”
“Maxim!” Maylani swats her brother on the back with one of her long fluffy feathers.
“Ow!” Maxim darts away from the flying wing feather.
“Children, Children!” Milo lifts a front paw to silence the squabbling siblings. “This is very important, and I need your undivided attention.”
“Yes sir!” The two siblings chant in unison as they hang their heads in shame.
“Now that I have your undivided attention, I need you to fly to earth and bring back a family, from the southern part of the United States, to help our ferry friends rebuild their town.”
“Will they come to Wing haven?” Maxim’s curiosity gets the better of him.”
“No, you goofball.” Maylani tries to swat Maxim again, but he ducks the playful blow.
“In one way, Maylani is correct. You won’t be bringing them here as of yet, but you may have to as the story progresses. However, let’s take this story one step at a time. These children must help the townspeople of Snow Angel, rebuild their city. After the Christmas festival last year, all the snow that the town was built upon was melted by the citizens of Fire haven.”
“How was Snow Angel destroyed?” Maxim steps closer to his father’s fence.
“An evil prince of the neighboring land of Fire haven, sent a fireball into the center of Snow Angel and melted all the snow, which sent the townspeople into Iceland to live, until their home land can be rebuilt. Your job, is to find the perfect family to help you. This family must have little girls that love princesses and fairy tales. The little boy must love to build thing with his hands, and the babies must love to simply follow their siblings. Their parents and grandparents will join in the venture. The grandfather, and his son will use their welding tools and knowledge to build frames for the dwellings for the Snow Angel citizens. More people will be invited to build the dwellings, but the foundations and framework must be built first.”
“What will happen to the children?”
“I will communicate this information to you when you and this family arrive in Snow Angel. For now, I must show you a very important tool of your native people. You’ll need to know this type of magic when fulfilling this assignment. First of all, you’ll need to know how to form chariots and other objects with your feathers. Here, let me give you a crash course in feather formation. Watch closely, as this is very important.” Milo sings out a long low tone that gradually rises in pitch to a very high whistle. At this point, his wing feathers form a circle. He emits the strange whistling tone again, and the feathers form a traveling chair. “Now, let’s try to form an object together. Come Maylani, work with me.” They create a small house out of their feathers. Maxim adds wheels to the house with his own feathers. “How creative, son! Now you too try to make a chariot from your own feathers.” Their feather take their natural form, and the two siblings stand facing each other and form the winged chariot that will take the family to Snow Angel. “Maxim must go to earth and be introduced to this family. Once he finds and meets this chosen family, he will call you to come and help him. Now, you must prepare for your assignment.” Milo sends the children on their way so he can get back to his work. “Wait!” He beckons the siblings back to his side. “The family consists of a child whose mother is blind. The mother may be able to come up with a creative way to help us build this village again. The rest of the family consist of her relatives. This is all the information I have for you at the moment, but you’ll learn the rest as you go on your special journey and complete your assignment. If you need me, you know how to call out to me.” Maxim and Maylani give Milo a nod to show that they understand, and leave him to his work.

The following conversation and scene descriptions are from a story that was inspired by a dream. However, this particular scene was inspired by one of my favorite TV shows. If anyone remembers the sitcom called ALF that aired from 1986 to 1990, you’ll understand what I am referring to. My husband and I have been watching the classic episodes on Stars/Encore, on demand through our cable company’s Roku app. As I was thinking about how ALF came to live with the Tanners, my Native beacon characters came to mind. The father, whom I named Milo began talking to me, and thus the scene above was created. Have you ever watched a television show or movie, or read a book whose characters stuck with you for a special reason? If so, how did this particular character or set of characters inspire you to create a story or novel? Please share your stories in the comments below.

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As Inspired by a Writing Prompt: My Favorite Childhood Halloween Costume

When I was in high school, out of all the halloween costumes I wore, my favorite one was my Little Red Riding Hood costume. I had a dress, and a cape with a red hood. I even had my ow little wicker basked to go with it. Some of my teachers even put candy or special treats in my basket at the end of classes for that day.
This costume was store bought, and I was with m mother when she got it at Wal-mart. It felt interesting to wear this costume, and walk around the school as Little Red Riding Hood. Mrs. Bell, the librarian at the time noticed my costumed, and called other teachers and students over to where I sat while I was either doing research or doing something, I can’t remember what. I remember she said, “Hey look everybody, Little Red Riding Hood is in the library with us today!” That made me feel very special, because for a moment I could be someone other than myself. For that halloween, I stepped into the shoes ofone of my favorite storybook characters from my childhood. The best thing of all? The big bad wolf was no where in sight.
The one thing that I didn’t like about this costume, was that the dress was a little shorter than I would have liked. I had no idea, until I was trying to block a scene for a play we were practicing for drama class at the time. I went to do a specific jump and my history/drama teacher called me over to her desk and told me that I needed to be careful or I would wind up “taking everybody’s picture”. Needless to say, I didn’t do that jump that day. This was on a friday, if I remember correctly, and I was going home for the weekend, so I could get out of the costume, thus ridding myself of any unpleasant incidents.
Unfortunately I don’t have a photo to show you, but by my words, I hope I painted the picture clearly. I wore the cape around my shoulders, and the hood held it in place for me. This post was inspired by a writing prompt in the Writer magazine, so I thought I would share my story in honor of halloween.
Now it’s your turn, I will will paste the prompt at the bottom of this poste, and I’d love to hear your stories. Feel free to leave your favorite halloween costume stories in the comments below, or share them on your blogs, with a backlink to this post, so others can see what inspired your own personal essays. The writing prompt is below. Happy writing, reading, and sharing, and have a blessed evening, morning, or whatever time of day it is in your part of the world.

Writing prompt: dress up. Find a photo of your favorite childhood Halloween costume and try to re-create that moment on the page. How did you choose your costume? Was it handmade, store bought, or coupled together from items lying around the house? How did you feel the moment you put it on? Did assuming another identity change your behavior, your mindset, or your mood?? How did others react to your costume?

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Chasing dreams, or being chased in your dreams? A writing promt and an interesting point to ponder

I am listening to a book and crocheting, when an interisting though comes to mind.
Actually, these two words are stuck in the forefront of my brain, “chasing dreams”. I start to think about two ideas that come to mind with these words. Are we chasing dreams, are are we being chased in our dreams?
To be honest, I have done both, and I’m still following my calling and chasing my dream of becoming a professional writer, as well as a Christian Fiction author. Although i have had writer’s block, these two words keep jumping out at me. What will they lead to? I have no idea.
Here’s my question to you, have you ever had a set of words or a scene or anything little tidbid pop into your head, and you don’t know what to do with this little nugget of writing creativity on a late night or during the day? If so, leave your thoughts in the comments below. Who knows, we may inspire each other this NaNoWriMo season. By the way I will keep you updated on my progross while i write my project called musings. happy reading, writing, and thanks for letting me invade your space on this early Saturday Morning in late October.

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Drink a hot beverage, read a good book, and relax on this nice fall evening

A Relaxing Cup of Coffee on a Cool Evening

Have you ever just wanted a hot drink, simply because the weather was right, and you were in a relaxed mood? That actually happened to me. Give me a few moments to explain what I mean.
Earlier this afternoon, I was relaxing with a good audio book of classic tales of terror and the supernatural, and working on an afghan to place on the couch for any guests that visit us, when I got to thinking of having a hot beverage to go with my dinner. At first I was wanting hot chocolate, but I don’t have that at the moment, so I thought about making a hot cup of tea. However, my husband had coffee made, so I settled for a hot cup of coffee and a good hot meal to go with it.
If you’re wondering about my reasoning behind this decision, well, here it is in a nutshell. It’s a cool autumn evening before Halloween and even though I settled for a cup of coffee, I had a feeling that a hot beverage would relax me and open my mind for reading and inspiration. Will I be up writing tonight? Only time will tell.
A Hot Beverage and a Good Book

Let’s change the subject a bit. Some of you may have heard the saying “coffee and a movie”, but I’d prefer coffee and a good book. Personally I have made a cup of coffee either in my mother’s coffee pot, or by using her Keurig, and sitting in the comfortable chair and listening to a book and sipping on my coffee. In the winter, I like to drink Peppermint tea, for several reasons, one of which is because it stimulates the mind. FYI, it also opens up your sinuses when you have a cold or suffer from seasonal allergies, as I sometimes do. It can also warm a body up on a cold night.

Classic or Modern Literature

Now, let’s turn to the second part of this post, which is the topic of books. I have a question that I posted on one of my social media channels, and I want to pose the question to you, my dear readers and followers in the blogosphere. Do you prefer to read classic or modern literature? Some people may have a different definition for the word literature. By this I simply mean the wonderful classics like Dickens, O Henry, Henry James, Nathaniel Hawthorn and others, or novels set in a historical time period. Although these novels may have been recently published, they can be considered classics as well. Authors like Georgette Heyer were classified in the classical authors category by a recent essays, who talked about a variety of novels, travel books, histories, and other genres, and I tend to agree with him. Not all books published before the twentieth century are so-called literature, whereas all mother historical fiction doesn’t fall under the classic genre. It’s all in how you look at these titles.
For me, it depends on my mood, and what’s on my bucket list to read at any given time. Sometimes I like classic fiction, and sometimes I like modern fiction, but it depends on the book, and the content.

Call to action

Now that I’ve given you my opinion about the literature I like, so now I will ask the question once again in closing, and I’d like to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Which do you prefer, classic or modern literature, be it fiction or nonfiction, and what do you consider to be classified as classic and modern literature?

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Meet the author: Blaque Diamond

It is my pleasure to introduce my guest author Blaque Diamond. She has kindly asked me to share the following poem with you. Her bio and website follow the powem. Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below, or contact her via her website.
Without further ado, Please make welcome, Blaque Diamond!

Forever Angel
By: Blaque Diamond

You are no longer here with me
But in my heart you will always be
My love for you will never change
Even though my memories are all that remain

The times we spent together
Will last in my thoughts forever
I miss you each and every day
But I know you are in a better place

Your memory will never die
Even as the months and years go by
It hurts sometimes when I think of you
Because I think of all the things we used to do

It brings tears to my eyes
And I have to question why
Did you have to leave so soon
When so many people were loving you

I know it’s god’s plan
But sometimes I just don’t understand
Why my heart aches so much
And I yearn for your gentle touch

You are now resting in peace
Your pain on earth has ceased
Gone but not forgotten you are
Because you will always live in my heart

Even though I wish you could’ve stayed
I would not have wanted your suffering delayed
So go now and embark on your new journey
As you enter the gates, oh so pearly

I trust that we will meet again
So we can continue where we left off when
God called home his oh so faithful
Heaven just welcomed a forever angel

Contemporary African-American fiction author and poet Blaque Diamond is a reader first, then an author. Her love of reading blossomed into her love of writing. Encouraged by her fifth-grade teacher at the age of eleven to explore and enhance her skills, Blaque diamond immersed herself in creative writing classes. She began with poetry, which then veered to other genres of writing. She has written off and on for many years, but she is now pursuing writing as a career, and not just as a hobby. Her many works includes publications in anthologies, online magazines, and her own book publications. Aside from reading and writing, Blaque Diamond enjoys shopping, listening to music, traveling, and spending time with loved ones.

To find out more about Blaque Diamond and her published works, visit her website at:

There you can see all of her published works, see up-coming events, enter into contests, check out her blog, and so much more.

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