The children in my life, a cherished blessing from heaven

As much as I love my parents, my husband, and everyone else in my family, the five blessings in my life that I want to talk about today are my daughter and my three nieces and my nephew.
First of all, I’d like to tell you about my daughter Sharen, the miracle baby that I had nearly nine years ago. Although she spends a majority of her time with her father. She goes to school near her home, and she has her friends and visits with her cousins on her dad’s side of the family. However, when she’s with me, we have a wonderful time together, even though she sometimes drives me insane. Since I got remarried back in May, she has gotten to know her step cousins on my husband’s side of the family. She loves hanging out with Mathew when they spend the weekends together. She also loves talking to my nieces and nephew on facetime. Sharen will always be my baby, no matter how old she and I get. I’m so proud of my little girl who is growing up way too fast.
My oldest Niece Charolette (pronounced Charlotte), is almost ten. Although I wasn’t able to be with her much when she was a baby, when my ex-husband and I separated back in March of 2010, it took a while for her to get to know me, but once she did, she’s never looked back since. When I see her, she likes for me to play games with her and Sharen or with her and my nephew out on the porch. Although she can get an attitude sometimes, she and my daughter are so close in age, that although they fight, they are still as close as sisters.
My four-year-old nephew Nathan is all boy. One thing I remember after he was borne was quite funny. I would hold Nathan and my daughter Sharen would stand beside the chair where I sat and would hold his feet. I thought that was cute at the time. As he grew older, he wanted to play little children’s games with me. He still does sometimes, but there are times when he wants to go off and do his own thing and play with his trucks and tractors and other toys. He just started school this year, and he says that he likes it, because he has other kids to play with. I love that little boy, and he makes me proud too.
Now I want to introduce you to the twins. Two years old and different as night and day. Madalynn was borne first I believe, though I never can keep the actual order of their births straight, nor their middle names. I think her name is Madalyn Jane, but don’t quote me on that. She’s talkative, but she was the one to try to stand up first. Olivia June, on the other hand, was the noisy one. She has a high pitched voice, and when she yells, she can shriek! I just noticed when I went to visit my family with my daughter this weekend that Olivia loves to sing. I think she will be a soprano when she grows up, and if Madalynn does sing, she may wind up being an alto, but you just never know.
There’s one more child, or should I say teenager, that became a part of my life when my husband Michael and I got married. Well, let me say that he became a part of my life even before that. Meet Mathew, my nephew by marriage. He’s nearly fourteen, and although he loves to irritate me, just like his uncle, they are more like twins, just a generation apart. The good thing is that he and Sharen get along really well, and he does help clean up when he’s are the apartment.
Thanks for allowing me to take this brief moment to introduce the children that are near and dear to my heart. Happy reading, writing and blogging, and I hope you enjoy this year’s cherished blog fest as much as I will. Blessings and stay inspired.

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A memorable garment from my high school days

Hello everyone,
First of all, I want to apologize for not posting in a while. With all my professional work and trying to find a freelance writing job in the past few weeks, I have been out of the loop. One more thing that kept me from posting, was the fact that I have had two bouts with Celulitis, one of which put me in the hospital for a few days. But, enough of that, I’m back in full swing now, and I have a special post for you today.
Today’s topic is a memorable article of clothing. To answer the first question from a writing prompt I received via email from my writers group, The memorable garment was a formal dress that I wore for my first Valentine’s dance, when I was in either eighth or ninth grade. It was made of a taffeta-like material, and I wore a puffy crinoline underneath. I don’t remember what color it was, but I do know I liked it.
My mother got this dress for me at one of the dress shops in Cordele, GA back then, but I don’t remember the name of the store. Back in those days, I didn’t pay attention to store names, because some of them have gone out of business by now, and you can’t get fancy dresses like that at WalMart, so you have to go to a women’s clothinging store like Kayto, or Goodie’s.
I don’t remember any conflict that was associated with it, but I do remember my mother balking at the price, because it was $75, I believe. All I know was the note from the school said that I had to have a formal dress. I may not be answering the questions in the prompt in order, but this is kind of the order of things as I remember them.
This dress wasn’t associated with one person in particular that I remember, I just associated it with the dance itself and how much fun I had that evening.
To answer the final question, I have no idea what my mother did with that dress after I wore it that night, she may have even put it in my cedar chest.
Let me ask you the questions that inspired this post. Feel free to leave your answers in the comments below, or create your own memorable post.

1. What did the garment look like?
2. Where did you get it?
3. Who or what was it associated with?
4. Do you remember some sort of conflict you encountered while wearing the garment, or that was associated with it?
5 Where is the garment today?

Happy reading, blogging, and have a blessed day.

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Reflections on your favorite books throughout your childhood and early adult years

Have you ever been in the midst of reading a really good book, and it made you thing back to the books you loved to either read for yourself or have read to you as a child?
While I have been under the weather for the last two weeks or so, I have been doing quite a lot of reading, and I started thinking about some of my favorite books from my childhood and even as a young adult. Books like King Emmit’s Pig, which I read over and over again, so much that personally I believe that I drove my mom crazy with it. Others that I can think of are Winnie the Pooh, Amilia Badilia, Remona by Beverly Clearie, and so many others. I strongly believe that the books I listened to on talking book cassettes and records or on little story book records, like Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Thumper’s Big Race, and so many others that had story books with them and the songs on side two of the record, had influenced my decision to become a writer. I believe that those books have been my all time inspiration, and fuel for my creative imagination.

Here’s the question that I have for all you who visit, follow and read my blog. This question is especially for you writers, and I want to hear your thoughts on this topic. What were some of your favorite books as a child, or in your young adult years, and how have these books influenced your writing today? Please leave your answers in the comments below.
Happy reading, writing, and have some wonderful reflections.

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Brainstorming with my friends, #AmWriting

Good morning everyone,
This 4th of July week has been fun so far. However, I’m not here to write about the fun times my husband and I spent with my daughter at the park, at the pool, and going out to lunch, I’m here to write about brainstorming.
I’m playing with an idea for a story about a character and her husband who are forced to live in a cabbin. In the process of planning for this story, I did something I don’t usually do. I asked my facebook friends for some ideas, and the conversation gave me a lot of food for thought. I haven’t decided whether I am going to use this for NaNoWriMo, or for a just because kind of story.
I have a bit of brainstorming advice for new writers,and veteran writers alike. There is nothing wrong with asking your friends and fellow writers for ideas to help you move your story along. Some people would tell me that the story is mine and I should move it the way I want it to go, but when you ask those in your close circle of friends, their ideas can give you a wonderful foundation to get those creative juices flowing.
Have you had a good brainstorming session with your friends? How did your story turn out after this discussion? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. Happy reading, writing, and God bless.

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The sound of silence: A distraction, or the opening for creative inspiration?

I wasreading some writing prompts at random, and there was one in particular that got me to thinking. The question I asked myself, was whether the sound of total silence, either from my being totally silent, or from the silence of a room, could serve as a distraction or if it could open me up and lead to creative inspiration.

First of all, I have come to this conclusion: some days, the complete sound of silence can lead to inspiration after reading a good book, or watching a movie or documentary. However, when I am working on some professional writing, the sound of silence could serve as a distraction, therefore I play music, or I either like to hear the sound of a clock or my Braille display ticking in the background to keep me going. By the same token, too much noise, or a TV show that is easy to get hooked into can be a serious distraction for me when I am working as well.

What do you think, is the total sound of silence a distraction, or can it give you the opportunity to become inspired to write something creative? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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wrap yourself in the blanket of peaceful music

I float away on the wings of the wind, as a soft melody plays all around me. The gentle breeze takes me to new places, where dreams come true, and the wings of imagination can take you anywhere.
Let your mind wonder as you listen to the soft music from witin your heart. Where will the music take you? Where will the journey begin and where will it end? It’s all left up to the music, so don’t stop the flow, just let yourself go, and let the soothing soundscapes take you where they will.
Let the soft music wrap you in a blanket of peace and love, as the waters of stress and trouble drift away on the ebbing tide of relaxation as you drift into a peaceful, dreamless sleep.
If you do not wish to fall into the arms of the music and let it take you to a distant dream land, let the blanket of calm and tranquility inspire you to be creative. Don’t think about what you will write, draw, make, just let the thoughts and words flow from your heart, to your fingers, to the pen, computer screen, or into your creative projects.
God gave us the gift of peaceful music, so let’s take it and alow it to mold us in the way it desires. We will love the changes it makes in our lives. Happy reading, writing, and may you be richly blessed. May the peace of the soothing music flow over you like a river.

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The winds of change

The winds of change are blowing all around me as I walk down a darkened street. The traffic roars at my side, as I make my waydown the deserted sitewalk. The wind is cold, and it whipps around my jacket as I am covered from head to toe in my warmest winter garb. My nose is nearly frozen, and I can see my breath in front of my face as I walk.
Thunder rolls in the distant sky, and the smallest raindrops sprinkle to the ground and freeze into tiny ice kristals.
The question that comes to my mine is: What does this cold rainy wind a signification of? Are these winds of change meant to tell me that there is a shift in my life, or will life remain stagnant as it sometimes seems to me?

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