The Seaside Trilogy by Sandra W. Burch: book review

Do you remember my “Meet the author” post featuring Sandra W. Burch? Well, today I am here to review her Seaside Trilogy Seaside Haven, Away from the Sun, and Remember me.

Seaside haven started out a bit slow, as all novels and novelettes do, but once it picked up the pace, I was pulled along like a magnet to the end. In this first book, Phenix is recovering from injuries caused by a car accident. Sierra The general manager of the resort, which Phenix owns, is the one person who can teach him not to give up on life, no matter what his prognosis is. I won’t say how, but they do fall in love.

Now, I will say thatAway from the Sun was captivating. If you thought that Phenix and Sierra’s marriage would slow things down a bit, as far as the story is concerned? You are dead wrong! Let’s just say that things get real dicy in this book. First of all, Phenix goes to his former lover’s funeral. When he flies to Monica’s home town, he meets up with her best friend Sue, who is holding a baby that she claims is his.

After the funeral, she flies back to Seaside Haven, with Preston, and stays with him for nearly a month to supposedly get settled in. The way Phenix and Sue seem to be attracted to each other, you’d think that Phenix and Sierra’s marriage will crumble, but that’s not the case. I won’t tell you how this book ends, but be prepared to be riveted until the end.

Remember me is a bit different, in the since that it takes place in New England This book is about a guy named nick who has had a serious spouts accident. Elizabeth stays by his side while he’s in the hospital, but when he gets home, he can’t remember the past. Although they end up getting a divorce, they rekindle the love they once had for each other and create new memories together, and some with their daughter Julia.

I give these three books three stars, and you can purchase them as one book, or as three separate novellas. All I can say is be prepared to enjoy three short Christian romances, and hang onto your hats, because this series is a wild ride in itself.

Sandra Burch, You have outdone yourself with these books.

Until next time, Blessings and happy reading.

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Writing children’s stories isn’t as hard as you might think

Good Friday afternoon everyone, I have a special post for you today. I have embarked on writing a children’s chapter book.

The first time I wrote this story, it was just a little cute story that I thought about publishing anywhere, but when I posted it to the Electric Eclectic books program, the story was too short. I would like to take this time to thank Paul White, for not only editing it to make more readable, but for giving me the inspiration to write more and turn Maggie’s gravy train into a chapter book. Although I have more to write, I am loving the direction this book is taking.

When writing children’s stories, my first suggestion is to read children’s books, and hang out with kids in your family or in your neighborhood. Sometimes you can be at your most creative when writing a children’s book. You can create a story with characters that are out of the ordinary, but make the story for kids of all ages. Add a little magic, adventure, and. Mystery to your story, and you’ve got the perfect adventure for children and adults alike.

Have you ever heard of a gravy train with biscuits for wheels? Train staff made up of ferries, elves, a gingerbread conductor, and a chocolate chip cookie clad waiter? What about a gingerbread track? this is what childrens books are made of, and a whole lot more. As long as you make your story believeable, a children’s book is loads of fun to write!

Until next time, happy writing, and have fun with your creative storytelling.

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Promoting your book is work, but it can also be fun, if you fine the right outlet

Hello everybody,

I’m here today to talk about a fun and hopefully rewarding marketing experience for my book called A Journey of Faith. First, let me ask you a question. Have you ever thought about finding author groups on Facebook to advertise your books in? If not, I pray that my own experience will inspire you.

I recently joined a facebook group called Author Train Depot. Not knowing what this group actually does, I just read that they help authors promote their books. Boy was I in for a pleasant surprise. I joined the virtual train ride today, and I posted the first poster link where all our books were listed and left my book ad and cover photo in the comments of this post. Then I posted the link on my timeline and commented with my book ad and cover. We post our book ads and cover photos on each other’s timelines, in the comments section, and watch the salesroll in.

Once I got the hang of the train ride, it was a fun experience for me on Facebook. I’m not saying that you should use Facebook, or any other social media outlet for that matter, as your only marketing outlet, but you can find a way to utilize the tools you have for marketing your books, and have fun while doing it. If you do’t enjoy the work you do, then what’s the point of doing the work, right?

You don’t have to answer that last question, but here’s a question I would like you to answer. What marketing outlets have you used that are fun and rewarding all at the same time. I’d love to read your story in the comments below. You may have a few tricks up your sleeve that I’m not aware of. Let’s help each other as writers, to get our work into the hands of readers.

Until next time, happy reading, writing, and blessings to you and yours.

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Your daily writing routine, or lack thereof

Hey everyone,

While sitting at the hospital with my husband, who just had surgery a few days ago, I started listening to a few podcasts on my iPad, and there is one in particular called The Writers Routine, which inspired this little post. Before I go into my thought for the day, Let me tell you a little about this podcast.

The Writers Routine, is a podcast where Dan Simpson talks to the UK’s finest and most well known authors about their writing routines. In this podcast, the three episodes I’ve listened to so far, I have learned that a writer’s routine may be very structured, or not structured at all. One author in particular, has no “routine” as it were. Writing is his life, and he even considers something as mundane as walking the dog, as part of his work. With that being said, let me explain my writing “routine”, or “life” as it were.

My writing routine, isn’t really a routine at all. sometimes I am up writing in the middle of the night, like I am now, and there are days where I won’t get much writing done at all, unless I am working for a professional client. Inspiration often comes from singing a made up song, while washing dishes, folding clothes, or from something I watched on TV, that I haven’t watched in years. When I take my husband’s dog out for a bathroom break, sometimes I mull over ideas in my head to work on once I get done with what cleaning up needs doing around the apartment. There are even times when a thought gets stuck in my head, and I can’t stop thinking about it until I either solve the problem, find the answer to an interesting question, or write it down. I can sometimes see imaginative scenes playing out in my head, and in those scenes, I am writing something down. When I think about writing, that’s when writing just happens for me.

Now that I’ve shared with you my lack of a writing routine, what is your routine? Do you even have a routine, and how do you utilize it to the fullest extent as a writer?

Happy writing, and have a blessed night.

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Podcasts that inspire you

Hey y’all, I know it’s late at night/early Tuesday morning, but I was listening to some writing podcasts, and they got me to thinking.

Personally, out of all the podcasts that I’ve listened to tonight, my favorite writing podcast is called Writing Excuses, which lasts about fifteen minutes (give or take), because we’re in a hurry and the hosts/writers aren’t that smart.

The last episode of 2012, the last one I just finished, was about true confessions of writing failures. I have started stories before, and I tossed them out because I didn’t like where the story was going, or, my plot line just fizzled out at the end of chapter two. However, I have had projects thatI started, and got stuck on, because they were the only project(s) I was working on at the time. However, when I work on something totally different, I was inspired to go back to the first work and keep the story going.

I have two questions for you tonight, dear reader. The first is this: What are your favorite podcasts to listen to, and how do they inspire or influence you, if at all?

My second question is: what are your true confessions about your writing failures, and how did you resolve the issues? Did you scrap the entire piece and start over, or did you write something else, until you were able to turn the piece around and make it work. Please share your thoughts in the comments below, and share this post with others, so they can join the conversation. If you want to listen to Writing Excused, you can find the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, and other podcast apps on your smart phone, computer, or tablet. The one thing I like about it, is that the hosts give you homework assignments that you can choose to try or not, as the muse dictates.

Before I go I have a brief homework assignment for you to try. Take a look at one of your writing pieces that have become a total failure, that you have not scrapped, because deleting it would simply break your heart. Remember, this piece can be something as simple as a dump scene, or a complete story. Take the piece and rewrite it in a different way, such as changing the story, taking the scene and placing it in a different story with different characters, or scrapping it and just starting from scratch. Let me know what happens to this failed piece of writing, because this could become an interesting conversation.

Until next time, Happy reading and God bless.

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Book Review: Shadow Woman by Linda Howard

This book review was inspired by Wandering Soul Writer’s book review of Shadow in the Mirror. As I was looking for that particular book, I came acress this fabous mystery/romance.

Lizzy wakes up one morning, looks in the mirror as she’s drying her hair, after taking a hot shower, and sees a different face. As she tries to piece together the missing two years of her life prior to the three years she lived in Washington D.C. and worked for an investment firm, she is brought down by severe headakes, nausea and vomiting. The pain is so bad at times that she ends up curling up on the floor.

As she starts to remember, she discovers that she is being followed. She looks back at old pictures, tax returns, and anything that gives her a clue about her past life. The more she remembers, the more danger she finds herself in. As she goes to a nearby stor, she meets Xabier, someone she knew during the two years that were wiped from her memory after her facial reconstruction. Even though she runs from him, she sees him in her dreams. Does she finally fit the piecees of the puzzle together? If so, how does she or X, as she calls him in her dreams, rid themselves of the danger they are both in?

I liked this book, because it kept me rivetted to m seat, and longing to learn more. I also like how the stories of the three groups of primary characters wer woven together at the end. I wish one of the characters hadn’t been eliminated at the end, but sometimes as an author myself, I know the feeling of “killing my darlings”, meaning eliminating the characters you love to hate. I highly recommend that you read this book. When you do, I suggest that you hold onto your seats, because it is a very wild ride!

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Familiar, or not so familiar aspects in life that invoke interesting emitions

In the past few days, a recurring thought has made its way back into my mind. When I hear a familiar song for the first time in a long while, there’s something about that song that sometimes hits a specific nerve, and makes me either love it, or feel inspired by it. Sometimes I can read a book, and the feeling of tension, suspense, or fear that the author portrays in the book comes through to me in a special way. Sometimes it’s a new song hits me in a different way than it has hit me before or since that time I heard it.

Let me explain how this has happened recently for me. My husband got a game for the blind called A Hero’s Call. As I listened to him play the game, and listened to the walk through on youtube, I felt that interesting sense of excitment/inspiration or even that aha moment, where it sparked a bit of creativity, or sparked an interesting image or emotion in my head that I couldn’t let go of for a long time.

Here’s my question to you, my dear readers. Have you ever heard or seen something that invoked these feelings like I’ve just described? If so, what did you see, hear or read that sparked this interesting excitement that you can’t put your finger on? Hwere you inspired by these interesting emotions? Please share your experience in the comments below.

Happy 2018, and may you fulfill all the writing goals you have set for yourself in the new year.

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