An Announcement and a Fund-Raising Campaign to make my event a Sccess

On July 21, 2018 I am scheduled to appear at the Middle Georgia Indie Book Festival and I am excited for the opportunity to participate. For this to be a successful event I am respectfully requesting support by conducting a fund-raising campaign, and your support would be greatly appreciated. As a special thank you gift, I am giving copies of “Stories outside the Box” to anyone making donations toward the project. If you would like to support this campaign, you may do so in two ways. You can either visit to “buy a coffee” for $3 or you can make a donation of any amount directly to my paypal account by visiting Your support is much appreciated.

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12 Things Wrong With Your Writing Routine

I have fallen into many of these categories…LOL!

Novelty Revisions

1. You don’t have one — but you could really use one.

2. You think writing every day is essential — it isn’t!

3. You keep trying to get up early (or stay up late) even though it just doesn’t work for you.

4. You listen to your excuses.

5. You don’t plan ahead.

6. When you feel blocked, you stop writing entirely instead of writing something different.

7. You don’t sit down with a writing session goal already in mind.

8. You consistently choose distraction over focus.

9. You don’t “feel like” writing, so you put it off. All the time.

10. You haven’t figured out how to “productively procrastinate” yet.

11. You keep trying to apply the advice of “experts” even though it doesn’t work for you.

12. Maybe you’re just not a “writing routine” kind of creative. That’s OK. Do what works for you! As long as…

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Saturday is for Sharing – Jessica Goody

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This Simple Trick Will Make Reaching Your Writing Goals So Much Easier

Novelty Revisions

When I was younger, I used to worry about what my writing life might look like two, five, 10 years from now.

I remember spending an entire lecture during my first semester of college writing out my entire five-year plan. I “knew” exactly by what point I was going to graduate, when I was going to publish a book, when I was finally going to “be a real writer.” A “professional.”

I remember bits and pieces of that plan. And I can almost guarantee you that not a single one of the points on that plan played out the way I thought they would.

I did not graduate in three years; it took me five.

I did not publish a book at the age of 22; I still, technically, haven’t. (Unless you count self-publishing, which I did not at the time.)

I didn’t go on to get a master’s degree…

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This Is the First Step to Making Money As a Writer

Novelty Revisions

I earned $70 after completing my first job as a freelance writer.

Not knowing any better, I’d agreed to complete a series of articles (yes, I said a SERIES) for a client for literally pennies each.

That was, as I hope you can guess, a mistake. I did a lot of work (and, later, far too many revisions) for basically no money. By the time I’d successfully completed the job, I’d decided never to work with that client again — or anyone who preyed on new freelancers who were desperate enough for work to sign a contract that would pretty much earn them negative income.

But at the time, I was elated. That was the first time someone had actually paid me to write online content.

Up until that point, I’d worked as a student journalist, an intern, and a “contributing writer” (which usually implies, as was the case for…

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Blogging: Good News & Bad News

via Blogging: Good News & Bad News

Lynda, thank you for such a wonderful article. Iwill post an article on the scan blog either later this week or next week, because I have a lot going on right now. I will also take a lesson from this post. This is why I have added new categories to my blog. It helps me add articles every day.

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So You Think Social Media Won’t Sell Your Books? – by Frances Caballo…

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The Writing Process

via The Writing Process

The best tip I can share with you is as follows: Do what works for you. By this I mean, If you feel like writing every day, then do so, however, if that doesn’t work for you,write when you can and make the best of your writing time.

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