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Inspirational Journeys Presents: Broken and Redeemed with John Jarman

In this week’s episode, my special guest shares the story of how he came to Christ and how he was inspired to write his book.


John Jarman!


I’m proud to announce the following guest for your listening pleasure.

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John Jarman


Tuesday, March 15, 2022


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John Jarman is a professional fitness coach and men’s discipleship leader with a passion for seeing lives changed by Jesus Christ. A former football coach and Marine Corps veteran of Desert Storm, John’s life was radically transformed from a self-destructive trajectory to one of life, wholeness, and a dynamic walk with Christ, a story that is told in the pages of Broken and Redeemed. John holds a master’s degree in Physical Education from Ohio University, and, as of this writing, is close to completing a Master’s degree in Theology from Faith Seminary in Tacoma, Washington, where he resides.

John’s book is entitled Broken & Redeemed and the details are as follows


Broken and Redeemed is the story of one man’s journey, beginning with John Jarman’s troubled childhood and challenges as an adult, and resolving as he finds redemption in the grace of God.

John Jarman openly writes his challenges, failures, losses, and blessings on the pages of Broken and Redeemed. While exploring himself through counseling and mentorship, John was led to completely surrender his life to Jesus, finding strength in faith and power through the presence of the Holy Spirit in his life. He shares with readers what helped him reach this critical juncture and transformation in his life, along with relevant self-reflection and discussion questions for group or personal use.

It is John Jarman’s desire that Broken and Redeemed guides readers through a deeper examination of their faith—one that exposes how accepting Christ is easy but walking in true obedience will place them in situations they never thought they would encounter. John knows that listening to God’s voice and following it will lead willing believers on the path He wants to take them; when they get on board with Him, that is when they truly begin to live!

Purchase link:

Broken and Redeemed: Finding Freedom Through Complete Surrender by John Jarman, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (

Broken and Redeemed: Finding Freedom Through Complete Surrender : :

Broken and Redeemed: Finding Freedom Through Complete Surrender: Jarman, John: 9781631958298: Books

Broken and Redeemed: Finding Freedom Through Complete Surrender |

Excerpt (optional):

With no memory of his childhood till the age of twelve, John Jarman had no conscious way to overcome the unknown pain in his past. When his adult life crumbled around him, he finally reached out for professional help, both emotionally and spiritually. Over the next ten years, this inner work lead John to places he—and his counselor—would never have expected.

As John moved closer to God in the process,

the storm hit harder than ever, taking him to his knees.

Discover how John got up and, by the grace of God, walked through the storm of his life and strengthened his faith through completely surrendering to his Heavenly Father. As John learned and shares in this book, trusting God and becoming vulnerable are the only way to true freedom.

In Broken and Redeemed, John Jarman shares a story of beautiful, authentic brokenness that rests in the redemption only found in God.

Connect with John at the following links:


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Original Poetry: A Message of God’s Love

When your sorrow and doubt fill you with despair
And you’re world crashes down around you,
When the burden of sin
Brings you to your knees,
let God’s love surround you.

Lay your burdens at Jesus’s feet,
And He shall set you free.
For He died upon the cross
To save lost souls
Like you and me.

Give your heart to Jesus,
and he will make you new.
He’ll never leave you nor forsake you,
for His love is true.
Though my story has come to an end,
Let your journey begin anew.

I’ll end my simple heartfelt song
With a special prayer
For when it seems like no one cares
He’s always there beside you.

Let my message of God’s love
Bring you comfort
In these uncertain times
Pick up your cross and follow
His unwavering footsteps
For He will surely guide you
Down life’s ever changing path.

For He knows the thoughts
He thinks toward us,
Thoughts of peace, love and joy
To protect us from the evil forces
Which often attempt to harm us

For those with wounded, broken spirits
Cry out to Jesus
For he hears us when we pray
Accept Him as your Lord and savior
And He will free you from sin today.

This poem was pulled from my drafts and edited for your reading pleasure.

If you like what you’ve read so far, pick up my poetry book entitled, The Spirit of Creativity: Inspirational Poems for the Creative at Heart wherever eBooks are sold by visiting the link below. Stay tuned, for the book will be available in print and audiobook in the coming months.

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Personal reflections

Thought of the day, a creative storm

The following is a poem I wrote this evening after having a jam session with my husband and a friend of ours:

Floating on the wings of the wind in a gental storm. Rain falls all around me, but I am safe from the storm. I am wrapped in a white robe, and nestled in a warm blanket of love! My hammock sways in the trees, rocking me to sleep. I awake in the morning light, with the sun shining over the newly washed ground.


The song fills my head as I play, The bowl sings to me of things to come.What does the song inside you say?Is this song to be shared with anyone,or just to keep to yourself and your close circle of friends.The questions never end.But the answers come slowly,like a story unfolding.As the words take shape in my mind, it’s like an image I’m holding; on the screen of my memory,where dreams are often clear to me.What is this song my heart must sing?Does the melody ring within my soul,or do I give voiceto the song that is expressed,without a choice, rhyme or reason,it’s not a song that connects with any season,just with the way I feel.I know this song is real,although some may not believeit’s there.Just close your eyes and you too shall receivethe healing vibrations of my song,as it goes on and on.Inside my head, and flows out through my vocal cords to your ears.I sing it so that you may hear,the voice of an angel that speaks to me of piece,and fills my soul with sweet release,it fills my soul with sweet release

The song fills my head as I play, The bowl sings to me of things to come.

What does the song inside you say?

Is this song to be shared with anyone,

or just to keep to yourself and your close circle of friends.

The questions never end.

But the answers come slowly,

like a story unfolding.

As the words take shape in my mind, it’s like an image I’m holding;

 on the screen of my memory,

where dreams are often clear to me.

What is this song my heart must sing?

Does the melody ring within my soul,

or do I give voice

to the song that is expressed,

without a choice, rhyme or reason,

it’s not a song that connects with any season,

just with the way I feel.

I know this song is real,

although some may not believe

it’s there.

Just close your eyes and you too shall receive

the healing vibrations of my song,

as it goes on and on.

Inside my head, and flows out through my vocal cords to your ears.

I sing it so that you may hear,

the voice of an angel that speaks to me of piece,

and fills my soul with sweet release,

it fills my soul with sweet release


A poem from the heart

I’m feeling a bit inspired, so here’s a poem for you.

The sun shines down on a lonely little girl,
Who is floating away from a sin sick world..
She floats away on the wings of the breeze,
To fly high, high, high above the trees.
Where is she going, you may say,
She’s going far far away.
away from a world of sorrow and pain,
To shed the burden of her sin and pain.
Away from the sorrow of the world below,
To be washed in the blood, as white as the snow.
She flies to meet Jesus in heaven above,
Out of her pain, and filled with God’s love.
Though the Lord took her home on that long lonely night,
She suffers no more as her soul takes flight.

I don’t know where this poem came from accept for the fact that it was given to me by the Holy Spirit. This is not about someone who has passed away recently, but I pray that this little poem leases your heart, as I have been blessed and inspired to write it. I am not a poet by any means, but all things are possible with God!
Love and prayers to all my readers.


Flying Free

Here’s a small bit of less than perfect poetry that I wrote just a few moments ago. I was inspired by the beautiful sunshine, and picturing myself flying above the clouds with the love of my life. Please forgive the imperfect rhythm of the little poem, but this is a bit of writing from the heart.

Flying Free in Love

I want to fly away free with the love of my life
Sail away from pain and strife,
Let the wind blow through our hair,
and feel the cool spring air,
as we fly away to the heavens above,
Just me and my love.