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NaNoWriMo Kickoff and Encouragement

Dearly beloved blog followers and readers in the blogosphere,

Today marks the end of Preptober, and the beginning of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). NaNoWriMo starts in full swing tonight at Midnight.

This year, my podcast has been chock full of fabulous interviews and a few short solo episodes for you to enjoy. I haven’t had a chance to give my listeners and YouTube viewers a bit of NaNoWriMo encouragement, but I’d like to impart some words of wisdom for you, my dear followers, especially the new folks who have recently started receiving updates on my website.

No matter whether you get five thousand or fifty thousand words written during the month of November, which can be a busy time of Thanksgiving prep, Christmas shopping, writing conferences and so much more., if you sign up for NaNoWriMo, and participate in the challenge, you’ve gotten more words in than you would have written otherwise during the month of November.

You don’t have to work on a fresh new novel, though that’s what NaNoWriMo was originally designed for. Personally, I’m using this NaNoWriMo event to finish rewrites on my Christian thriller turned Children’s supernatural mystery. You can use this challenge for making revisions, finish working on a novel in progress, write some nonfiction or whatever you need to use this time for. Part of the fun is writing with others.

If you’re looking for a community of Christian based writers to write with so you don’t feel isolated, I encourage you to join the 540 writers community Facebook group and sign up for the 540 writers community newsletter so you don’t miss a write in or Thursday evening writing class. Happy NaNoWriMo, Happy writing and I’m praying for God to lay the story on your heart that He wants you to tell.

Love and prayers,


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Inspirational Journeys Presents: Find Joy in your Writing

Hello everyone in the blogosphere,

I’m coming to you today with a simple little bonus post to share a bit of encouragement with you. If you remember, last Saturday, I shared a poem on my blog entitled A Prayer for Clarity. Today, I bring you that same poem in the form of a YouTube video and a podcast episode along with a bit of encouragement.

After you either listen to the podcast or watch the video, I have a quick call to action for you. I challenge you to find joy in your writing today. When you do, write about it on your own blog and link back to this post and the poem linked above, so I can read the story of how you found joy in your writing, and I can share it on my social platforms. Happy writing and God bless you all.



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Inspirational Journeys presents: Audio/video weekend wrap up

Hello everyone in the blogosphere,

Today I have great news! I have finally received a sponsor from Anchor. I won’t get paid for this sponsorship, due to the fact that Anchor is partnering with the Add Counsel to give podcasters the opportunity to be the voice for their chosen charities, but it’s a new milestone in my list of milestones for 2019.

Aside from my newly acquired sponsor, Today’s podcast episode is my weekend wrap up. In this audio/video episode, I share the following goals that I have accomplished:
1. I updated my podcast logo with Jen’s help.
2. I updated my podcast description, so that the copyright for the previous cover art is taken out. I also made the description fit my brand.
3. I updated the introduction to my podcast and incorporated the tagline: “Writing from the heart, adds value to your life”.
4. Sent out my email newsletter.
5. Wrote the introduction to My upcoming poetry book, at 1 AM, no doubt.

Along with an announcement about what’s coming up tomorrow, and a challenge and a bit of writing encouragement to all listeners and viewers, There’s a special surprise at the end. To listen to the podcast episode, visit the following link

To watch the video episode, visit this link:


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Character Interviews and Encouragement for Authors

In this lastest episode I talk about how I get to know my characters through Character interviews.


Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Character interviews and writing encouragement https://anchor.fm/inspirational-journeys/episodes/Character-interviews-and-writing-encouragement-e3p0vc


How do you get to know your characters?