Original poetry: Ripples of Creativity #writephoto

The sun shines on the water
Drifting out to see,
I sit in my deck chair,
My umbrella shading me.

The sand shifts beneath my feet,
Carried away by the tide,
As words flow like ripples
From the depths of my memory.

This poem was inspired by the photo prompt found at the following link:.
Thursday photo prompt: Yearning #writephoto

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A poem and a challenge #writephoto

The  poem below was inspired by the post found at the following link

Thursday photo prompt: Beyond #writephoto


I stand in the shadow of the trees,

As through a colorful rainbow

The sunshine beckons to me.


Two trees make a triangle,

through which I cannot see,

Unless I stare into the gap

at a lawn so brilliant and free.


Should I stand in the shadows alone?

Or find my way around

the trees pressed together

into the morning sun?


Time seems to stand still

While pushing through the wall

I step out on the grass

the sunlight kissing my cheek

as beams of light fall

all around me.


I find I’m no longer alone

as bird song welcomes me.

Darkness turns to dawn

and in the light, I see

the rainbow fading away

its colors dancing through the trees.


The day shines beautiful and bright

with a flag flying high in the breeze

As God reaches out His hand,

Through the darkness to rescue me.


Out in the open I now stand

my spirit flying free

to follow God’s divine plan

and complete each creative task

which has been chosen for me.


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Happy writing and have a blessed day.

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The signpost leading to three places in the life of a weary traveler

There stands a signpost in a wooded area with three arrows pointing in different dirrections.

The first points to a narrow pathway, on an uphill climb. This is the straight and narrow pathway, descending  to heaven, led by God.

The second leads down a long winding pathway, which leads losts sinners to Eternal Damnation in a devil’s hell.

The Third is the path that Jesus will take to find lost sinners and bring them back to Him. Shall we take the strait hilly path, the long winding path, or the path that God has chosen for us, so we can tell others the Good news about Jesus?

I choose to stay away from the long winding path  as much as possible, though I have made mistakes in my past and my life is not perfect. However, I have chosen to allow the Holy spirit to guide me down the path He has chosen for me today.

This post is inspired by another blog post, which can be found at the following link:

Thursday photo prompt: Decisions #writephoto

and was led by the Holy spirit. May God richly bless you and remember that I am praying for each and every one of you, my dear readers.


Have a Blessed day.

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Words flowing like a waterfall #writephoto

Seated on the ground with phone in hand, I watch the leaves floting on the calm water, searching for ideas to write.

A tinkle of windchimes catches my ear and the words flow from my fingers like droplets from a waterfall


via Thursday photo prompt: Tranquil #writephoto