Original Poetry: Snow Drifters

As I sit out on my front porch,
Surrounded by the autumn wind
I think about the coming snow
In far away cities and towns
Where winter will soon begin.

I picture a small cottage
With a family seated by the kitchen fire.
As travelers drift along
To find their heart’s desire
I See these weary drifters
Walking through the snow
Following the distant light
Leading to the hillside cottage,
With a warm fire all aglow.

What brings these weary Travelers
Out in the winter wind
Are they on a mission
Where will the journey end?

Will they make it through the bitter cold
Or find shelter for the night?
Will they follow the beaten path
Or turn toward the fire light?

Let’s pray they make it safely home
In the blinding snow
Let the firelight Lead them
Where ever they must go.

Inspirational photo to get the creative juices flowing
pen and paper

The following exercise was inspired by this poem, which I wrote out on my front porch, yesterday afternoon. Listen to the windchimes in the podcast episode linked below or listen to the nature sounds around you and write a story, poem or essay about your favorite season. Feel free to email your pieces to annwrites75@gmail.com. If you decide to post your pieces on your blog, be sure to link back to this post, so my readers and I can share them.
Link to my podcast episode:



The music of Windchimes

The sound of windchimes may not be music as we know it, but it is still soothing music to a weary soul.  From the tinkle of the tiniest of chimes, to the resonating chime of the much larger pipe organ windchimes, the wind brings a tinkle to your soul that is heavenly.  If you are sitting out on your porch on a brezy fall day, close your eyes and listen to the sound of the chimes if you have them.  Do you feel the soothing effect of the wind singing in your soul?  However if you don’t have windchimes, search for some videos of soothing windchimes on youtube, you can feel the same effect as you do when you hear them in person.  Try this out and tell me what you think.

Happy listening,