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Book Conga promotions

Hey everyone,

If you are a follower of mine, or you just drop by to lurk around my site, I have a request for you. If you are an author or a reader, I would like for you to share this post.

Authors, please leave your book links in either the comments, or on your post, if you decide to ping back my link, instead of reblogging the post itself. The reason I am requesting that you do this, is because we as indie authors need to help one another advertise our books.

I’ve been promoting my books as well as those of group members on a couple of facebook groups that I’m on, and the work I’ve been doing has given me the idea to post this promotion free for all here. This is called the book conga.

If you share this on twitter, please use the hashtag #BookConga, so that I, and other authors can see your promotions and retweet them. Please share the love for other authors by promoting their books, while you share yours. If you want to see my books, visit my meet the author page, and please share my book links with your friends.

I wanted to make this a fun way to advertise each other’s books, so please, authors, join the fun. Readers, if you see any of these books that you have read by indie authors, feel free to share the links to these books with your friends, so they can enjoy them to.

I posted the link to the Electric Eclectic books contest on my recent post. Please join, and get your read on.

Until nest time, happy reading, reviewing, and sharing your favorite books.