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Original Poetry: My Poetry Season

The following poem is an expression of how difficult I find poetry writing to be during the winter months. When the weather warms up in the spring, you can find me taking a walk or sitting out on my porch, having a think and either coming up with new ideas for my novels, singing a song that fills my heart or writing a new poem to share with you.

My poetry comes alive

When I sit outside

In my distraction free zone.

When I must hide

Cooped up inside

Verses drift away one by one.

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Original Poetry: Warning Sign

The following poem was written as a warning to the reader of things to come, by the shadowy figure following my protagonist in the revised version of A Journey of Faith.

I leave a note on the pillow
As a warning,
My charge must heed
In the morning.
A detour she must take
For her safety’s sake
With Omar she must talk
Before continuing her walk
For rough terrain lies ahead
As a new day is dawning.


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