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Special book feature: The Dark Web Murders by Brian O’Hare

Today I have a special book feature to share with you. My publisher has asked some of us authors to help promote each other’s books. Here’s my first Crimson Cloak Publishing book feature:
Enjoy the book and happy reading.

Book Title:
The Dark Web Murders

Author Name:
Brian O’Hare

I am Nemein I am not a murderer. I am emotionally detached from my killings. I am, therefore, an instrument of Nemesis, a punisher. This is a theme running through a number of blogs on the Dark Web, written by a serial killer. He is highly intelligent and employs philosophical argument to justify a series of gruesome murders. However, he describes the killings in lurid detail, and with such gloating relish, that he utterly negates his delusion of detachment and reveals himself to be a cold-blooded, narcissistic psychopath.

Sheehan and his team rush headlong down a series of blind alleys in the pursuit of the psychopath, who continues to murder his victims with impunity. He is fiendishly clever, utterly ruthless, and tests Sheehan’s famed intuition to the limit. Indeed, Sheehan only learns the truth during a horrific climax when some members of his team experience a most harrowing ‘laceration of the soul’ that they will never be able to forget. It is unlikely that the reader will either.

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Author bio:
Because of a debilitating illness, Dr.Brian O’Hare [B.A., ADCE(Hons.), M.A., Ph.D] took early retirement in 1998 from his post as Assistant Director of a large Regional College in Newry in Northern Ireland. It transpired that he had an irreversible liver disease (a childhood affliction) that required a liver transplant. Married with three children and ten grandchildren, he now enjoys full health, plays golf, and writes from time to time.

Brian O’Hare is the author of articles in several educational journals and a number of substantial reports published by the Dept. Education (NI) and the University of Ulster

Other books by Brian O’hare
Memoir/Biography: A Spiritual Odyssey [Published by Columba Press, Blackrock, Co. Dublin, 2005]

The Doom Murders
The 11:05 Murders
The Coven Murders
The Dark Web Murders

and the Short Stories:
Murder at Loftus House
Murder at the Roadside Cafe
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Connect with Brian at the following links:’Hare26


Big Announcement! A Journey of Faith is Coming Soon!

Hello everyone,

My main character, Becca Martin from A Journey of Faith, has an announcement to make. Take it away Becca.

Hello everyone, My story called A Journey of Faith: A Stepping Stones Mystery is coming soon in paperback and ebook formats. Remember how I told you a little about myself in my interview with Ann a few months ago? Well, There’s something I didn’t tell you. I have to find the truth about an incident that keeps haunting my dreams and making me afraid to climb. Oh, I find out what I witnessed sixteen years ago, but You have to read the book to find out. Let’s just say that there’s more than meets the eye in this Christian mystery that will keep you guessing til the end.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. Ann will have a release party on Facebook when she finds out the release date for my story, and she said that everyone is invited! Be on the look out for further details. Oh, gotta go, my sister is calling me to go mountain climbing with her.

Thanks Becca. As she said, I’ll keep you updated as the publishing process unfolds.




A Journey of Faith, is turning into a Christian suspense novel

Is my inspiration running dry? Not so much, especially last night and this morning. Let’s just say the incident that Becca Martin witnessed was an accident, but someone may have caused the accident to play a dirty trick on the patrons who love to visit Sweet Water Park to go climbing and biking.

Shelly Marcus, Becca’s old roommate pops up in Tensiltown to analyse some pictures Becca’s mom found on Facebook. What does this have to do with Becca facing her fears? Well, I’ll have to get the book published for you to find out. One way you, my dear readers can help me do that is by voting for it at Thanks to those of you who have already voted. Please help me spread the word.

Love and prayers, see you next time.