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How dreams inspire creativity and become essential for story development

Have you ever been inspired to write a story by your dreams? Have you ever wondered how a dream can become part of an author’s creative work? Let me share with you the discoveries I’ve made as part of my author journey.


First of all, when I am in the midst of writing or revising a novel, sometimes the scenes trickle to me word by fleeting word. However, they often flow to me like a waterfall. When that happens, I have to let my fingers fly over my keyboard, to keep up with the story racing into the innermost recesses of my soul.


Although these bursts of inspiration can come to me during the daylight hours, I don’t stop being creative when I sleep. On the contrary, my dreams are a huge part of my story development. Although there are times I wake up from dreams of unusual places, or I meet people and hear conversations that may not have anything to do with my stories on the surface, the longer I ponder and write them in my journal, the more they unfold as I brainstorm. I may even talk to another writer friend of mine and explain the dream to her to get her perspective. It is after I give voice to the dream scene, I see the importance of specific elements that can be added to the story.  Certain elements may be connected to one specific character, or a group of characters.


Does this mean that all elements of my dreams are used in my writing? Not always, certain elements can symbolize specific aspects of my work in progress. However, a quote may be the important factor, leading the way to ideas I don’t see, as I struggle with a tough scene. Let me give you an example of what I mean. I was looking at my upcoming novel, entitled Journey to the Mountaintop, when I found part of a chapter I wasn’t satisfied with. I struggled with it, thought it over, and prayed about it, but I couldn’t figure out why I was unsatisfied with it to save my life. But early one morning, I dreamed that I was resting in a recliner at a medical facility, before some sort of procedure. The procedure wasn’t important, but the setting and the quote helped me expand on the ending and turn it into a new chapter. Before I share the quote with you, let me say that the nurse happened to be one of my characters in my WIP. She said these words: “Plot holes are like wounds; they both can be stitched up.” This quote stuck with me and I told another friend of mine about it through text messages. As we were brainstorming what this might mean, I began to pray about it and the next morning, I figured out what plot hole needed to be stitched up and what disjointed scenes needed to be connected.


Here’s the one thing I want you to remember as you read this post: Every element in your dreams may not be significant to your story development. For example, I recently had a dream in which I stood in a cafeteria, trying to enter my food voucher code. I keyed it into the computer twice with no success. However, the server was able to decipher the code and successfully enter it the third time. After some contemplation and journaling about this dream, I discovered how the code element could be used in conjunction with my villains’ vehicles.


Although certain elements of your dreams may be important to your storytelling process. There are times when the entire dream is used as part of your story. My advice to aspiring authors is twofold. Don’t always take your dreams at face value. Don’t wave them aside if they don’t make sense on the surface. Take time to study them, brainstorm with a writer friend or write them in your journals. Allow the important aspects of your dreams to symbolize certain scenes of your story or inspire deeper meaning in the revision process. How do your dreams inspire your creativity? Are they a large part of your overall story development? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and give this post a like and a share or two


Until next time, keep dreaming and happy Writing. May God richly bless you in your creative endeavors.

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Words flowing like a waterfall #writephoto

Seated on the ground with phone in hand, I watch the leaves floting on the calm water, searching for ideas to write.

A tinkle of windchimes catches my ear and the words flow from my fingers like droplets from a waterfall


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Musings for inspiration

Hello everyone,

Today I went on a mobility lesson to the library here in Athens, GA. I had a very interesting meeting with a lady in the administration office, where I needed to learn about book signings. The people I need to talk to weren’t there at the time of the lesson, but I gave her my contact information, so the right people would get in touch with me. I also learned how to get to the study rooms, where I could go and write when I need to. I am not exactly sure what I am inspired to write today, but I know my inspiration is all over the place today. Please forgive me for going in forty-eleven different directions while writing this post.

The Weather

On this beautiful spring day, the weather was a bit cook, when I went out, yet sunny. As the day wears on, the temperature rises and makes me feel energetic. However, the pollen is rampant, and it messes with my allergies. However, that didn’t stop me from going out on a mobility lesson today.

Let me answer the second part of the writing prompt I found about the weather. Let’s say I have built a world of my own in my novel. I am in the land of Snow angel. Although I don’t like walking in snow, this world is built and it survives because of its snow. However, the weather in this world is all wrong. The citizens see sunshine, instead of snow. The world is white, but too warm for the people to survive. Here’s a writing prompt for you my fellow writers: take your own world, where the weather needs to be a certain way in order for your characters to survive. Change the weather and write what happens when it is changed. Do the people leave the fictional world, or do they become extinct? Take some time to play around with this idea, and feel free to share your creative thoughts in the comments below. Why not shape it into a story or essay for your own blog? If you use this prompt for a blog post, please feel free to link back to this post as a source for your inspiration.

Getting Inspired by Household Tasks

When I was living with my mother, I would wash the dished after a meal, and begin to sing a song that I made up off the top of my head. These little songs have lead to story ideas, that I either wrote down on notepad, or started as a Word document. I always write down these ideas, because there are times when they can be useful in my current projects or in projects that I am planning to work on in the future.

An Inspirational Shower

This also happens in the shower, I will sing a song, or “kick around” an idea that hit me at an odd moment earlier on the day in question. sometimes a story, blog post, or part of a novel comes out of that inspirational shower. For example, I ended up getting the inspiration for part of A Journey of Faith, from time spent in a cool summer shower.

Walking in a Dark Warehouse

One of the writing prompts I saw was to imagine yourself walking through a dark abandoned warehouse. When I let my mind wander into this type of building, there are several things I notice. First of all, the building echoes, due to the high ceilings. The warehouse is opened, with a wall far off to my right, and another far off to my left. It looks like a large open rectangle. The floor is made of either concrete, or some other strange substance. I step inside the building, and the floor seems to bounce under my feet. I am very nervous, walking through there. There are some strange noises in that building. I run through the warehouse, so I don’t have to deal with the weird creatures hiding in there. Write a story set in this old abandoned warehouse. The image you see is yours, but something significant has to happen in this warehouse, for the story to move forward. What happens, and how do the characters solve the problem(s) in your story. Personally, I might write a story like this later on myself.

Staying Silent when You Want to Shout

Let me talk to you about silence. Sometimes it’s hard for me to stay silent, even when the rest of the house is quiet as a mouse. I mean, I have thousands of thoughts going in circles in my head, and I feel I have to verbalize these thoughts, or they will drive me crazy. This only happens when I’m at home, because I don’t want to embarrass myself out in public. However, there are times when I need to stay silent, I let the thoughts run through my mind, and try to hold onto the ones I want to keep and let go of those that are unnecessary. For instance, one night, while going to church, I saw one of my stories playing out, from the truck, to the church, and even throughout part of the service. I had to stay silent, while these ideas ran through my head in total silence. Although I love going to church at night, sometimes I wish I could take a pen and a notebook with me for ideas like this, so I don’t lose them.  This is one of those times that I want to talk through my ideas, when I can’t. If that ever happens to you, here’s something you might want to try: I heard this idea in an audio book, read on the Georgia Radio Reading service for the blind and print handicapped. In this book, the author talked about playing a game with her kids. She suggested that her children perform a silent scream. Let me tell you what I mean. Get into your screaming stance, with your feet apart and your fists in the air, open your mouth, but don’t actually scream. Instead, emit a silent scream. You may even want to bounce on the balls of your feet, when you get really excited or angry, but you can’t make a sound. Does this silent scream make you feel better, or does it make the emotion you can’t show even worse?

Conversations You Hear in your Daily Life

We all overhear conversations from time to time that inspire a piece of dialogue, or a scene in a novel or story. However, have you ever sat down, closed your eyes, and listened to your inner thoughts? What conversations come from these silent musings? My friend Zaire was playing his singing bowl the other night, and As I sat listening to the soothing vibrations of the bowl, I heard the following words in my head: “John loves it, but his wife can’t stand it.” I don’t know what that means, or where I need to use this quote, but I do know that it was a thought from out of the blue, as an image dropped away from the inner recesses of my mind. What words or phrases have you heard while in your own silent musings? How did they inspire your writing? Where did you use these bits of dialogue that pop up out of nowhere? Personally, for me, my characters have spoken to me in that way before. I have sat in my chair or on the bed, listening to an audio magazine, while zoning out. One night, I was almost asleep, when Becca Martin began talking to me from out of nowhere. Do your characters talk to you in this way? If so, in which direction did they take your novel or story?


Thank you for allowing me to take this post in different directions. I found several writing prompts, and there were quite a few that actually struck my creative muse. I’ll have to think further on that warehouse prompt, though and possibly come up with a story for this prompt. Has any of these musings been an inspiration to you? You don’t have to go into every little detail, but if so, tell me how I have inspired you, and if you have a blog post that you have written based on these musings, please share the link to this post with your followers.

Until next time, happy writing, and may the muse keep you writing for hours, even if it speaks to you in the middle of the night.


Chasing dreams, or being chased in your dreams? A writing promt and an interesting point to ponder

I am listening to a book and crocheting, when an interisting though comes to mind.
Actually, these two words are stuck in the forefront of my brain, “chasing dreams”. I start to think about two ideas that come to mind with these words. Are we chasing dreams, are are we being chased in our dreams?
To be honest, I have done both, and I’m still following my calling and chasing my dream of becoming a professional writer, as well as a Christian Fiction author. Although i have had writer’s block, these two words keep jumping out at me. What will they lead to? I have no idea.
Here’s my question to you, have you ever had a set of words or a scene or anything little tidbid pop into your head, and you don’t know what to do with this little nugget of writing creativity on a late night or during the day? If so, leave your thoughts in the comments below. Who knows, we may inspire each other this NaNoWriMo season. By the way I will keep you updated on my progross while i write my project called musings. happy reading, writing, and thanks for letting me invade your space on this early Saturday Morning in late October.

Personal reflections

The winds of change

The winds of change are blowing all around me as I walk down a darkened street. The traffic roars at my side, as I make my waydown the deserted sitewalk. The wind is cold, and it whipps around my jacket as I am covered from head to toe in my warmest winter garb. My nose is nearly frozen, and I can see my breath in front of my face as I walk.
Thunder rolls in the distant sky, and the smallest raindrops sprinkle to the ground and freeze into tiny ice kristals.
The question that comes to my mine is: What does this cold rainy wind a signification of? Are these winds of change meant to tell me that there is a shift in my life, or will life remain stagnant as it sometimes seems to me?