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breathing patterns

Have you ever followed the breathing patterns of a musician or music director? Read the following post and see how a blind musician can stay in sinc with his choir.


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“The Road Not Taken” by Robert Lewis Stevenson and “The Banker” by Dan Seals: how a poem speaks to my writing process, and a song adds fuel to my creative fire

Hello everyone,


Today I want to talk to you about a discovery I made about the creative process. Remember the poem The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost? If not, you can read it or listen to it for yourself at the following link:


The reason I bring this up to you my dear readers, is two-fold. First of all, it is one of my all-time favorite poems, and I’d like to encourage you to read it if you haven’t already. The second and most important reason I want to mention this poem is because it reminds me of the creative process. If you’re a writer, musician/song writer, artist etc., there is a distinct similarity to the traveler in this poem. Let me explain in the next paragraph.


So, let’s say you are inspired to write a story and the source of your inspiration is a song, story, painting, you name it, it ignites the creative spark in you. Your story has something very similar, yet the similarity is so miniscule that you don’t notice it at first. Once you find the one aspect of your inspirational source that bares the slightest resemblance to a scene in your story, the similarities end after that point. Let me speak creatively by using an example of how one of my favorite songs inspired part of a prequel to my self-published full-length novel, to make my point.


For me, the creative spark for a story I am writing entitled Jason’s Peril, was ignited by a song entitled “The Banker”, which was written and recorded by the late, great, Dan Seals, back in 1983. For those who aren’t familiar with his work, he was half of the duo England Dan and John Ford Coley, popular back in the 1970s. He became popular as a country artist back in the 1980s. Here’s a link to the song I mentioned above:

This song tells a story of its own. I don’t want to give any spoilers, but there is a banker in both the song and in my story. After this point, the similarities end and the stories go in completely different directions.


After listening to the song by following the YouTube link above, take this into consideration. There is a scene in Jason’s Peril, where Jim is told by the banker that he has 60 days to pay the property taxes on his family’s farm or he will lose it. Dianna, his daughter goes out to try to find a way for her family to keep the land, and ends up taking on a much bigger project. Here’s the question I’d like to pose as food for thought: What are the similarities between the song and my story, and where do the stories venture away from each other? Before you read further, take a moment to guess which rode I took, the one laid out before me or the one not taken? If you’re still not sure, read on to see the answer to this question.

Once I figure out where the resemblance between the song and part of my work in progress lies, I then have to figure out where my story meanders away from the lyrics of the song. Here’s the question I must ask myself: Do I stay on the path that the song takes me down, or do I take the path less traveled by in order to follow where my own story leads?


My answer and the aha moment I came to are as follows:


I venture down the creative path not taken, for two reasons. One, the first path has heretofore been laid out long before I decided to become a writer. I can enjoy the story the song has to tell, but it has already been written and recorded, whereas my story has yet to be written. Number two, I love the art of self-discovery as part of my writing process, therefore I will let my characters take me away from the song which inspired me in the beginning. As a storyteller, standing at the fork in the creative path, I choose to follow the road not taken so I can let my characters lead me where they want me to go, thus telling my own story in the way I feel is important to me as an author and to you, my dear readers.


Which path will you choose, dear writers, the path of least resistance or the road not taken? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Also feel free to share the aha moments you’ve had as part of your creative lifestyle.


Before I go, I wanted to mention one more thing. If you’re interested to find out how and where the same banker from Jason’s peril has appeared in A Journey of Faith, check it out by visiting the following amazon links:



If you want to know what inspired me to write a scene where the banker appears in this novel, please let me know and I’ll write a post about it.


Until Next time, when I will give you a NaNoWriMo update, Happy writing and God bless.

Personal reflections

Musings about music and inspiration

Hello everyone in the blogosphere,
It’s time for another trip down creation lane. This time, I’m going to explain how my muse and the music I listen to can inspire my writing. Let me set the scene for you.
I either lie in bed or relax in a recliner or lounge chair. Soft instrumental music playing on my computer or my phone. I feel myself mentally floating on the wings of the music, and it takes me to faraway places, where I can fly free as a bird.
The music shifts, and I begin to sway with the rhythm or the jazz piece. The breeze is blowing in my hair, and all I can do is ride the ocean waves. As that piece comes to a stop, I come back down to earth, still lying in my bed or chair.
I gracefully rise from my relaxed position and turn off the music, pick up my singing bowl or thumb piano and play the tune or rhythm in my head. After my little jam session, I sit down at my computer and write this post. I love musing like this, because this is when my creative juices start flowing, and I can really let my mind wander.
Thank you for reading, commenting, and sharing my posts.
Sometimes these musings happen as I described in the scene above, and sometimes I mentally go into that relaxed mode, floating on the wings of the music in my head. Does this ever happen to you? If so, what scenes come to mind? How do this musing moments, or daydreams inspire you. I’d love to read your feedback in the comments.
Happy musing and writing.
If you’d like to receive a free short story, please fill out the contact form on my site.



This morning, I was reading a book titled, All The Bright Places, when the descriptions brought beautiful images to my mind. I thought about putting these musings in my journal, but they were so peaceful, I thought I would share with all my friends in the blogosphere.
In my mind, I am either sitting in the yard, or walking in the park on a breezy sunny afternoon. The wind is blowing through the trees, as water splashes over the banks of a babbling brook, or a gentle stream. In the distance I hear the music of chimes ringing out, or even the tinkle of music from a piano in a neighbor’s house. The music takes me to a peaceful time and place, where I see images in my mind, that form into the beginnings of a story.
In my mind, I drift back into the dreams of being in a strange hospital, but no one can figure otu what’s wrong with me. This was the idea for my story entitled A Gentle Whirlwind, where a blind teenageris caught up in a gentle whirlwind, and she awakes in a strange hospital room. The nurse in the recovery room tells her that she’s been in an accident, but when she awakes again, she finds that she is fine, but in her dream, she hears the voice in the whirlwind saying things that don’t make much sense at first.
I know these musings may not make sense, but these jumbled thoughts can lead to inspiring ideas for stories and other types of writing. What inspires you?


Feeling Nestalgic

Have you ever had one of those days when you long to relive the happy memories of your childhood, or you long to find the music and books you love to read, so you can enjoy them all over again? This happened to me yesterday morning, while I was spending some precious time with my daughter.
Yesterday morning, My daughter wanted to watch the baby first channel, because she likes the colorful art, music, and watching the babies on television. I was listening to the music on this channel, and it reminded me of all the fun records I used to listen to as a child, such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Thumper’s Big Race, and so many others. I also remembered some of the children’s books I listened to on recoreds and cassette tapes that I received in the mail from my regional Library for the blind. Some of these books I also share with my daughter now, while I wish I could find others that I enjoyed to share with her. Do you have a favorite childhood memory you’d like to relive through the eyes of your own child, or any other children in your life? Please let me know if there is a favorite book or children’s song you enjoyed, so I can find it if I haven’t read or heard it, and share it with the kids in my life.


My Camp NaNoWriMo experience

Hello everybody,
I kept you updated about my NaNoWriMo experience, and my WIP, but I did not tell you about my camp NaNoWriMo experience. Well, I do want to say that camp NaNoWriMo was a bit slower paced than the writing I Did for NaNoWriMo. I personally worked on two projects, even though you can only put in the WIP for one particular project.

My Main Project

The first project I worked on and updated my word count for was a novel called A Journey of Faith: The Chosen Path, Book 1. This is the first book of my Chosen path series that I started writing ideas for last year.
Let me tell you a little about the inspiration behind this novel. After my divorce, and even after I came back to live with my parents, I had dreams about climbing. I started reading books about mountain climbing, beginning with Savage Summit, a book about five women who climbed Mount K2, and either died while climbing this mountain, or died climbing other mountains such as Everest.
Late last year, I had an idea that was given to me by the Holy Spirit to write such a novel. Little did I know until I spoke to my brother’s friend about the book, that I didn’t have a real reason for Becca Martin’s journey. This is the reason I started rewriting this book, because as Jim and I talked, I discovered that there was something missing in my book and it was going in all different directions. The ideas came to me, and I was rewriting parts of my book well into the night. That’s why I can say on my twitter feed that my best writing happens after midnight.I’ll explain more about how I was inspired to create such characters, and you can also get some of this information from my recent character interviews I posted here. I will tell you though, that my novel was originally over 100k words, and now it’s down to 62k or so.

My Secondary Project

On the side, I started working on a book called Embracing the Healing Power of Music: Seven Steps for finding your way out of the Darkness and into the Light, with God’s Gift of Song. I started this project a couple of years ago, because I personally found Music to be a God Given source of healing after I was emotionally abused by my ex-husband and his family.
When I told a friend about this idea, she told me that it would take years for me to write this book because I would have to become a music therapist first. Little did I know, that I had the expertise through my own experience, and education from the school of life, and my extensive research, until I participated in a teleseminar hosted by global visibility expert Nikki Woods, called Write Your Way to Success. After the seminar, I woke up feeling overwhelmed and inspired to write this book.

Call to Action

Here’s what I need you all to do after reading about my experiences. If you have any experience with finding music as a source of healing, and you want to share your story, please leave a comment or email me at
I could also use your help to get these books published, all you have to do at the moment is vote for A Journey of Faith at and Embracing the Healing Power of Music at tinyurl.of6popv.
Thanks for sticking with me throughout this long post, but I thought I’d share with you a little about the projects I’m working on and what inspired me to write them around camp NaNoWriMo.


Wind chimes calling to me from a distant place

I sit at my computer with the windows. open, and I hear our chimes calling out to me in the gentle breeze blowing outside. Do I go outside and listen to their gentle melodies? No, I let them sing out to me as if from a distance. I want my heart to hear their melodies, not just my mind and body. I’m not sure what they are saying to me, but I know the message is beautiful, and I never take it for granted. God created these special environmental gifts for our enjoyment. If we don’t take the time to truly listen to what they have to tell us, then they are just singing out to the empty air. I pray that God will open your hearts so you can take in your envirement and let it resonate throughout your entire body, mind, heart and soul. God bless each and every one of my beautiful readers and followers. Have a blessed day in the Name of the Lord.


sounds of my past

Good morning, although it won’t be long and it’ll be lunch time. Anyway, I went to let the dog out, and when I opened the door, the chimes called out to me yet again. I stood pretty near them, if not quite beneath them and truly listened to their beautiful melody. The little chime we have rememded me of the ching ching of finger symbols.
If you don’t know what Finger Symbols are,they’re thise little symbols, whith a loop that goes over your pointer finger and your thumb. To play them, you simply tap your fingers together so that the symbles strike each other to make a beautiful ching, ching sound.
To get back to what I was saying, our smallest wind chime was ringing out in such a way that it reminded me of playing the finger symbles in middle school music class. What sounds in your environment remind you of memories from the past?