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Inspirational Journeys Presents: Special Guest Interview with S.A. Wilson


I’m proud to announce the following guest for your listening pleasure.
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Tuesday, March 31, 2020


S.A. Wilson is an author who writes Christian/religious fiction and fantasy, among other things. He’s a military veteran who’s currently married with a house full of kids.

S.A. Wilson’s book is entitled: The Carpenter: A Retelling of the Story of Joseph of Nazareth


Joseph, a master craftsman and carpenter, stokes the ire of his family when he weds his pregnant (and seemingly unfaithful) betrothed, Mary. Pious, devout, and guided by the dictates of Heaven, Joseph has no issue with taking Mary – who still claims to be a virgin – as his wife and committing himself to the protection of her child, whom he senses is extraordinary.
However, there are others who are also aware of how special the child is, and not all have its best interests at heart. Among these is the despot Herod, whose oppressive rule and wanton cruelty are legendary. Deeply troubled by a prophecy concerning a King to Come, the tyrant is committed to finding – and eliminating – this threat to his reign. (And, having already murdered members of his own family in order to maintain power, Herod has no qualms about killing a baby.) In addition, there are forces beyond the ken of men that also recognize the singular nature of Mary’s child, and which are determined to keep the salvation that the babe represents out of mankind’s reach.
All of these factions and more converge on Mary and Joseph as they trek from Nazareth to Bethlehem in hopes of starting a new life. On a journey fraught with peril, Joseph fights to protect Mary and her unborn child from danger on all sides, including the elements, bandits, and Herod’s legions – as well as an utterly evil and otherworldly demonic force determined to stamp out mankind’s only hope of redemption.
Armed with little more than his wits, his faith, and his carpenter’s hammer, Joseph must face impossible odds to ensure the safety and survival of not only his family, but mankind’s future….
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#InspirationalJourneys Presents: Weekend Wrap up, Furious Fiction and Women in Publishing Summit Highlights

Hello, to everyone in the blogosphere. Today, I have a couple of things I want to talk about. I explain them in greater detail in my latest podcast episode.

First of all, I would like to celebrate my first entry submitted to the monthly furious fiction competition, which takes place the first weekend of each month. This contest is sponsored by the Australian Writers Center and stories can be no longer than 500 words. The contest if free, and you have a chance to win $500 each month that you participate. The writing prompt for March was as follows: Your story must have a character in disguise. Your story must be set in a park and it must contain a mirror. I wrote a story entitled Calm before the Fall, using the victim from A Journey of Faith: A Stepping Stones Mystery.

The second topic in today’s episode of #InspirationalJourneys is my highlights from the Women in Publishing Summit March 2-8, 2020. The nuggets I found from the various presentations are as follows. Each of these nuggets are explained in greater detail in the episode linked below.


Although an author writes one draft of a story, don’t expect your first draft to be ready to send to an editor. One of the editors said either she or one of her clients revised their manuscript seventeen times, before it was ready to publish. There are different types of editors: developmental/content editors, line editors, copy editors and proofreaders. Don’t rely on one editor to do all the various types of edits.

Self-publishing your book:

Self-published or Indie authors wear three hats: The author hat, when you write the book, the publisher’s hat, when you get your book formatted, edited and hire a cover designer, upload your book to the different platforms etc., and the marketer’s hat once your book is published.

What readers look for:

In a bookstore, a reader checks the cover, the blurb and the author’s writing style, among other things, to determine whether or not the book is worth the purchase. Readers also look for books that are in a series first, genre specific books second, and books by their favorite authors third. I also learned that poetry books are often published in series.

Click the link below for today’s episode of the #InspirationalJourneys podcast: