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Original Poetry: My Walk with the Lord

A gentle early morning breeze
Plants its kiss upon my face,
The morning sun shines down on me,
It’s light will not erace
My most precious memory
Of God’s amazing grace
As I call the name of Jesus.

As I take my morning walk
I lift my voice in prayer,
my Lord and I will have a talk
I’ll tell him of my cares.

I’ll start my conversation
With words of love and praise,
And in my meditation
I’ll stop and feel the rays
Of the morning sun upon my face.

I’ll pray for friends and loved ones
As God’s amazing grace
Reaches down to touch them
In His own special way.

I’ll stop to hear the melody
Of my front porch chimes
As they sing their song to me,
Without reason, without rhyme.

Thus ends my morning walk outside,
But not my walk with God,
He’ll always be there by my side,
Leading me to walk the path
Where heavenly angels trod.

Will you walk with God today
And let Him give you rest?
Will you take his yoke upon you,
Will you hear him and be blessed?

I pray the Holy Spirit
Will through my words impart,
His gentle loving kindness
To heal your troubled heart.

May God’s love surround you,
May my words ring true,
Today I say a special prayer
God, bless, you!

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Original poetry: Tears of an Angel.

Her sorrows deep and silent,
Her tears fall at night,
Her smile shines by day.
Her mourning, low and tender,
Her weeping out of sight
As shee pushes her pain away.

Can she hide her sorrow?
Can she dry her tears
And hide her pain from the naked eye?
The Lord sees and knows all,
Her pain, her fear, her sorrow,
He hears her anguished cry.

Come unto me, my child
For I will give you rest,
Give me all your sorrows,
Hear me and be blessed.

Give me your tears,
your pain,
your weeping in the night.
And I will give you joy
In the morning light.

Her tears are tears of joy,
Her pain has melted away.
The smile that shines for others
Is one of true happiness
On this bright blessed day.

Do you have pain
You mask with fake smiles?
Give it to Jesus,
He will heal you, my child.

And He will set you free
So your light shines through,
Your joy tried and true,
So you can share His love
With a lost and dying world.

I was taking my morning walk around the house, which is my prayer time with the Lord. I ask God to give me the words to write that would touch someone’s heart. As I prayed, I felt a deep need to pray for someone today. If this is you, I don’t know what your needs are, but Jesus does. If this poem is for you, I pray that it gives you comfort and strength to face the trials you’re going through right now. I pray that you find peace through the pain in your life. Please share this with someone you feel needs a touch of God’s divine hand in his or her life.

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Original Poetry – Only Shells

The following 61 word short story was inspired ty this morning’s episode of the Jen Lowry Writes podcast and the post linked here.

When Jen threw out the words “Mermaid Fingernails:, the inner writer in me said: “hmmm! Now what can I do with this?” This is the story I wrote on my phone while listening to the podcast over breakfast and coffee.

Please enjoy both the linked post and the following story. Be sure to tell Jen how much she has inspired you by commenting on her blog. Also, if you have been blessed by the poem she wrote, give her post and mine a like and a share or two.


Y’all have a blessed day. Before I post the story below, I challenge you to read something to get inspired, write something inspiring and share your creation with the world, one person at a time. For when you’ve touched one life, you’ve touched a thousand.

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Mermaid Fingernails


I stand on the top of the sand dune as the tide brings mermaid fingernails floating toward me. The magical wind picks them up before I can reach down to touch them. It takes them high above the water to find the mermaids from whence they came. I lost my only chance to capture a shell rarely seen by human eyes