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Inspirational Journeys Presents: Special Guest Interview with Linville M. Meadows

Today’s special guest shares highlights of his journey from addiction to sobriety. Sit back, relax and eavesdrop on an enlightening and positively delightful conversation.

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Without further ado, here’s today’s featured podcast presentation.


Photo of Linville Meadows

Special Guest Interview with Dr. Linville M. Meadows!


I’m proud to announce the following guest for your listening pleasure.

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Linville M. Meadows


Wednesday January 13, 2021


YouTube video

Podcast Episode


Dr. Meadows is an Honors graduate of the University of North Carolina School of Medicine and studied at Duke University. He later held faculty positions at both institutions. He was recognized internationally for his work in cancer research, receiving both grants and awards; he authored numerous scientific articles. He was designated a Clinical Investigator of the National Cancer Institute.

His recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol began May 7, 1997. Since then, he has counseled a large number of addicts and alcoholics striving to get clean and sober. His observations and study over the last 20+ years form the basis for A SPIRITUAL PATHWAY TO RECOVERY FROM ADDICTION, A PHYSICIAN’S JOURNEY OF DISCOVERY.

He and his wife live on a hobby farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  In the barnyard you will find 2 sheep, 3 alpacas, 1 donkey, and numerous birds including turkeys, ducks, geese, and bunch of chickens.  An organic garden sits nearby.  He is an avid photographer and plays bluegrass guitar.

Lin’s latest book is entitled A Spiritual Pathway to Recovery from Addiction, A Physician’s Journal of Discovery


A MEMOIR BASED ON THE REAL-LIFE EXPERIENCES OF A CANCER DOCTOR addicted to drugs and alcohol and how he found his way back.  His inspiring and gripping story takes you deep into the dark world of addicted physicians.  He shares the techniques and principles they used to recover.  Here you will find hope and healing. A step-by-step guide for understanding and treating substance abuse.  Even if you’ve relapsed or failed other programs, here you will find the help you need.


You will find answers to these questions.

Am I an alcoholic? Am I an addict?

How did I get this disease? Can it be cured?

Will I ever be able to drink socially again?

How can I get over this insane craving?

How can spiritual principles help me?

What is a Higher Power, and why do I need one?


The disease concept of addiction

Overcoming the uncontrollable craving

Finding the openness, honesty, and willingness to change

Dealing with past mistakes and removing character defects

Exchanging my old addictive ways of thinking for healthier ones

Finding spiritual principles I can live by

Living without fear or worry

Finding happiness within myself


The reader who wants to know if his drinking is out of control. The reader who knows he is in trouble and wants to change. The old-timer who wants to learn more about his disease. And the practitioner who treats these people.

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Personal reflections

Original poetry: second thoughts

I have second thoughts about my journey,

The process of writing my story.

Are the words that I placed on the page

Written for gods glory?

Give me oh, Lord, the words to write

Lay your story upon my heart,

These second thoughts do not seem right

Please give me a brand new start.

What would you have me write today

To make my story ring true?

The words you Place upon my heart

I’ll share to give all the glory to you.


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Kristi Bridges interviews Yours Truly for her 1 Moment Wiser podcast

Hello everyone in the blogosphere,
Today I have a special treat for you. If you listened to or watched my interview with Kristi Bridges on the Inspirational Journeys podcast, you won’t want to miss the interview she conducted with me for her 1 Moment Wiser podcast. Here’s the blog post with all the important links to the podcast episodes and some earlier blog posts that I published as show notes for my podcast and the link to the podcast itself.
I hope you enjoy this three part interview. Have a blessed day.

The Insightful Ann Harrison-Barnes

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How dreams inspire creativity and become essential for story development

Have you ever been inspired to write a story by your dreams? Have you ever wondered how a dream can become part of an author’s creative work? Let me share with you the discoveries I’ve made as part of my author journey.


First of all, when I am in the midst of writing or revising a novel, sometimes the scenes trickle to me word by fleeting word. However, they often flow to me like a waterfall. When that happens, I have to let my fingers fly over my keyboard, to keep up with the story racing into the innermost recesses of my soul.


Although these bursts of inspiration can come to me during the daylight hours, I don’t stop being creative when I sleep. On the contrary, my dreams are a huge part of my story development. Although there are times I wake up from dreams of unusual places, or I meet people and hear conversations that may not have anything to do with my stories on the surface, the longer I ponder and write them in my journal, the more they unfold as I brainstorm. I may even talk to another writer friend of mine and explain the dream to her to get her perspective. It is after I give voice to the dream scene, I see the importance of specific elements that can be added to the story.  Certain elements may be connected to one specific character, or a group of characters.


Does this mean that all elements of my dreams are used in my writing? Not always, certain elements can symbolize specific aspects of my work in progress. However, a quote may be the important factor, leading the way to ideas I don’t see, as I struggle with a tough scene. Let me give you an example of what I mean. I was looking at my upcoming novel, entitled Journey to the Mountaintop, when I found part of a chapter I wasn’t satisfied with. I struggled with it, thought it over, and prayed about it, but I couldn’t figure out why I was unsatisfied with it to save my life. But early one morning, I dreamed that I was resting in a recliner at a medical facility, before some sort of procedure. The procedure wasn’t important, but the setting and the quote helped me expand on the ending and turn it into a new chapter. Before I share the quote with you, let me say that the nurse happened to be one of my characters in my WIP. She said these words: “Plot holes are like wounds; they both can be stitched up.” This quote stuck with me and I told another friend of mine about it through text messages. As we were brainstorming what this might mean, I began to pray about it and the next morning, I figured out what plot hole needed to be stitched up and what disjointed scenes needed to be connected.


Here’s the one thing I want you to remember as you read this post: Every element in your dreams may not be significant to your story development. For example, I recently had a dream in which I stood in a cafeteria, trying to enter my food voucher code. I keyed it into the computer twice with no success. However, the server was able to decipher the code and successfully enter it the third time. After some contemplation and journaling about this dream, I discovered how the code element could be used in conjunction with my villains’ vehicles.


Although certain elements of your dreams may be important to your storytelling process. There are times when the entire dream is used as part of your story. My advice to aspiring authors is twofold. Don’t always take your dreams at face value. Don’t wave them aside if they don’t make sense on the surface. Take time to study them, brainstorm with a writer friend or write them in your journals. Allow the important aspects of your dreams to symbolize certain scenes of your story or inspire deeper meaning in the revision process. How do your dreams inspire your creativity? Are they a large part of your overall story development? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and give this post a like and a share or two


Until next time, keep dreaming and happy Writing. May God richly bless you in your creative endeavors.

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Leaving behind a piece of your soul in your writing

When you read books, do you find the little nuggets of inspiration the author has left behind? Why not use that inspiration to leave behind a part of your soul in your own writing.

Here’s a post that explains what I’m talking about in greater detail. Please like, share and comment on the original blog.


What If Every Book You Read Offers You a Piece of Another Writer’s Soul?


Y’all have a blessed one and continue to make progress on your current WIP.

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Sunday Stills: Window

I was inspired by a writing prompt

via Sunday Stills: Window

to write what I see when I look into the window of my creative life during and after suffering emotional and verbal abuse.


I take a quick glimpse into the window of my past. When I first take a mental peak into this window, I see a charming man. The boy I became fast friends with in high school and eventually married over 20 years later. I open this curtain and what do I see? The lovable, sweet young man I knew during my younger days, has turned out to be a verbally abusive monster. Seven and a half years and a lovely daughter later, I escaped this abusive madhouse, though he throws his net out to reel me in, from time to time. Does he catch me and weave me back into his web? No, but my daughter sees what I went through before my divorce. Yes, I regret giving him primary physical custody of her, but she’s near the age when she can decide with whom she wants to spend the rest of her childhood.


Let’s move from 2010 to 2016. After reading the signs of emotional and verbal abuse online, I look into yet another window. I had just broken it off with a guy who loved me, but didn’t want to leave his mother. When I peel away the curtain, the man I see is sweet, charming and interested in my writing career. He told me he was a man of God. Several months later, the signs I learned to watch for during my abusive first marriage, began bubbling to the surface.  We got married, because I loved him and wanted to give him a fighting chance. However, almost a year into our marriage, red flags flew high in the wind and the bubbling signs of abuse boiled over. Four months after that, I broke free of that spider web of emotional abuse, disrespect and childishness.


Now, it’s January 2019. After suffering emotional abuse for the second time, coming back to live near my parents’ home and losing my grandmother two days after Thanksgiving, I look through the window of my creative future. I must say, I see a new year with new beginnings, more books published and a world of storytelling awaits me, as I am in a better place. I am much happier. I may have gone through some struggles in my life, but I’ve made it through to the other side, a much stronger person. I prayed for wisdom and strength to make the necessary changes needed to maintain my sanity and creativity.

Although I am blind, I use my inner vision to look through these mental windows to see how the negatives in my life have resulted in a positive outcome. Romans 8:28 says: “And we know that all things work for good to them that love God, and to them that are the called according to His purpose.” Although I dealt with many painful memories from my past through music and journaling, All the pain I have endured and trials I have faced have worked for good in my life.


When you look out your window, what do you see? Is the view physical or mental? Do you use your eyes or your inner vision to see the world around you? Please leave your answers in the comments below. Feel free to visit the original post linked here and write your own essay about what you see through your own window.