Drink a hot beverage, read a good book, and relax on this nice fall evening

A Relaxing Cup of Coffee on a Cool Evening

Have you ever just wanted a hot drink, simply because the weather was right, and you were in a relaxed mood? That actually happened to me. Give me a few moments to explain what I mean.
Earlier this afternoon, I was relaxing with a good audio book of classic tales of terror and the supernatural, and working on an afghan to place on the couch for any guests that visit us, when I got to thinking of having a hot beverage to go with my dinner. At first I was wanting hot chocolate, but I don’t have that at the moment, so I thought about making a hot cup of tea. However, my husband had coffee made, so I settled for a hot cup of coffee and a good hot meal to go with it.
If you’re wondering about my reasoning behind this decision, well, here it is in a nutshell. It’s a cool autumn evening before Halloween and even though I settled for a cup of coffee, I had a feeling that a hot beverage would relax me and open my mind for reading and inspiration. Will I be up writing tonight? Only time will tell.
A Hot Beverage and a Good Book

Let’s change the subject a bit. Some of you may have heard the saying “coffee and a movie”, but I’d prefer coffee and a good book. Personally I have made a cup of coffee either in my mother’s coffee pot, or by using her Keurig, and sitting in the comfortable chair and listening to a book and sipping on my coffee. In the winter, I like to drink Peppermint tea, for several reasons, one of which is because it stimulates the mind. FYI, it also opens up your sinuses when you have a cold or suffer from seasonal allergies, as I sometimes do. It can also warm a body up on a cold night.

Classic or Modern Literature

Now, let’s turn to the second part of this post, which is the topic of books. I have a question that I posted on one of my social media channels, and I want to pose the question to you, my dear readers and followers in the blogosphere. Do you prefer to read classic or modern literature? Some people may have a different definition for the word literature. By this I simply mean the wonderful classics like Dickens, O Henry, Henry James, Nathaniel Hawthorn and others, or novels set in a historical time period. Although these novels may have been recently published, they can be considered classics as well. Authors like Georgette Heyer were classified in the classical authors category by a recent essays, who talked about a variety of novels, travel books, histories, and other genres, and I tend to agree with him. Not all books published before the twentieth century are so-called literature, whereas all mother historical fiction doesn’t fall under the classic genre. It’s all in how you look at these titles.
For me, it depends on my mood, and what’s on my bucket list to read at any given time. Sometimes I like classic fiction, and sometimes I like modern fiction, but it depends on the book, and the content.

Call to action

Now that I’ve given you my opinion about the literature I like, so now I will ask the question once again in closing, and I’d like to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Which do you prefer, classic or modern literature, be it fiction or nonfiction, and what do you consider to be classified as classic and modern literature?


Feelings of Winter in mid August

It’s the middle of August, and very hot outside. Even though the AC Is running, I have this laid back feeling that started last evening. I picture myself seated in my chair, with the wood heater going, and the fans pulling the heat back to every bedroom in the house. I am wrapped in my robe and nightgown or a pair of sweats and sitting wrapped up in my snuggie. In my mind, I am wearing a pair of warm slipper socks, with my feet warming and being massaged in my foot massager, with a good book in my lap and a steaming cup of coco or coffee beside me.
I often see myself seated by a roaring fire reading a Braille book or listening to an audio book with headphones, while everyone is watching television. I don’t know if there’s a story in these wintery images, but they are relaxing and make me feel very comfortable to say the least. I have seen such images at the beginning of the spring season, as well. I don’t think I could survive in a snowy climate, because I get cold so easily, but I would love to bundle up with a good book on such a day.
Have you ever felt this way? If so what stories do these images and memories from your childhood?
Here’s a writing challenge for you. write a story centered around the mental pictures I’ve shared, or write a story from your own winter memories. Please share your stories here, as I would love to read what you come up with.