Part Three of my Katrina Dobson Character Conversation

This is the girl from the original cover of Inner Vision. She looks like an older version of my daughter

Hello and welcome to the final segment of my character conversation with Katrina Dobson from Inner Vision. I encourage you to go back and read the introduction,  part one and part two of my conversation before proceeding to the rest of the interview, if you haven’t already done so. I also encourage you to sign up for my mailing list to receive a free short story, stay up-to-date with author happenings, and get a behind the scenes look into my author journey. To get notified when I upload new audio/video content, please subscribe to my podcast and YouTube channel. Without further ado, here’s the rest of my character interview. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Ann: What is your ultimate goal?

Katrina: My goal is two-fold. First of all, I want to find out who brought me to this strange hospital, and why I’m here in the first place. Second of all, I want to uncover the secrets hidden here. Once I do that, then Mom and I can go home.

Ann: What about your father?

Katrina: I pray that I can somehow lead him to Christ, but I can’t say when that’ll happen. Remember when I told you that mom supports me?

Ann: Yeah, what about it?

Katrina: Truth is, she did, until we arrived at the hospital. Since then, she’s become more passive. I mean she’s hidden herself in some type of shell. But when I start trying to communicate with the people, I think I see, she acts as if that’s a trigger to her PTSD.

Ann: I thought you had PTSD, too?

Katrina: I do, but I’m using my inner vision as a strength, instead of a weakness. I have nightmares where I see my dad beating my mom, but here’s the weird part: He’s threatened to hit me, but he’s never actually laid a hand on me. His actions make me believe that he blames Mom for my accident.

Ann: Do you have a positive or negative body image?

Katrina: If you had asked me that five years ago, I probably would have told you that I have no body image at all, but now, I have a positive outlook on life. Let’s put it that way. Like anyone else, I have my own fears and emotions, but If I know something’s not right or someone does something that goes against my beliefs, I’ll fight tooth and nail to right that wrong or make the person beg for forgiveness.

Ann: Is your father one of those people?

Katrina: Absolutely. He’s abusing my mother for something that I had no control over, so somebody has to make him face the music. If I have to be the one to do it so be it.

Ann: Who or what would you die for?

Katrina: I’d lay down my life to give honor and glory to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ, and I’d die to protect my mother. Though she lashes out at me, I still love her. I realize that she’s not herself right now, but if she were stronger, she’d do the same for me, I just know it!

Ann: Do you have a plan for tomorrow? Next week? Next year?

Katrina: Listen, I take one day at a time until I can gather information. The only plans I have; are the ones I wake up with after my vivid dreams.

Ann: Are you resilient enough to change as your story progresses?

Katrina: I can’t stay the same. I mean my life is constantly changing. The first major change took place when I had my accident. Now, every day is a brand-new turning point on the path we call life. I need to change and grow in order to solve this mystery. I may be stuck in the hospital, but I’m not stuck in that one room. Write my story to find out how much I change and see the changes that take place in the characters around me.

Ann: One final question, and this might sound silly, but here goes. What would you think if you could see me now?

Katrina: God gave you the ability to create me as a character when he laid my story on your heart. I see you in the same way you see me in your head. When I stand beside you and tap my toe impatiently, that means that I’m impatient for you to share my hero’s journey. Thank you for that. I love having these chats, but I’ve got a mystery to solve. Follow me as I walk these narrow halls and wide-open spaces to hunt for the truth.

I’d like to thank Katrina Dobson for stopping by the blog to have an enlightening conversation with me. Stay tuned, for you’ll meet the entire cast of Inner Vision characters in the weeks ahead. Until next time, happy reading and God bless.



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Part One of My Character Interview with Katrina Dobson From Inner Vision

Hello everyone, welcome to part one of my conversation with Katrina Dobson. If you’re new to my site, be sure to go back and read the Introduction I posted last week. Without further ado, let’s welcome my main character from what I now call Inner Vision: Katrina Dobson.

Ann: Hey Katrina, I have some very important questions to ask you. The answers to these questions will help me tell your story the way you want me to tell it. Are you up for that?
Katrina: I guess. I mean people have asked me some of the dumbest questions thus far, so how hard can it be?
Ann: These questions may be a bit tough, so brace yourself.
Katrina: Okay.
Ann: I have to start with this one. How do you feel about your parents?
Katrina: I love my mom. I mean after my accident; she didn’t judge me for my blindness. She tried to help me get the training, therapy and support I needed to be an independent person again. The accident put me in a deep depression. With Mom’s help and the support of others who lost their sight later in life, I was able to discover who I am and fine my purpose in life.
Ann: What about your dad?
Katrina: Do we really want to go there? I have a love/hate relationship with him. Before my accident, he could be brutal, but after the accident, he flipped. I mean he started hitting my mom and he even hit me a couple of times. You saw the way he acted in the hospital. That was just a taste of what he’s capable of. It gets worse later on in the story, but I can’t tell you that part yet. You’ll have to find out as we go along.
Ann: When did you feel completely loved and accepted?
Katrina: I’ve always felt loved by God first, then my mom, though she was week, but I was truly accepted by Dr. Anders. She took me under her wing and she does her best to help me solve the mystery. She’s a pistol, but she’s my ally and mentor. She also looks out for mom, though Mom’s shy about showing her gratitude.
Ann: What would mentally destroy you?
Katrina: Oh my gosh! The accident already did that once, but my dad’s abuse has caused me to be diagnosed with PTSD. I can’t really tell you what more I can go through to crush me, except losing my mom or my best friend Ana.
Ann: One final question for this week’s post. What would need to happen to make you speak out or defend a stranger in public?
Katrina: That’s a tough one. But if someone were tormenting another blind person, I’d have to say something in defense of that person, or call the police if necessary. I don’t like seeing members of the blind community getting hurt. Likewise, if someone were hurting my Mom, that person would have a fight on their hands, because you don’t mess with Mama.
Ann: I can understand the need to defend another blind person. I’m blind myself and I don’t like to see anyone getting hurt, especially a person with a disability. Do you have any parting words before we close out today’s interview?
Katrina: No matter what you’re going through, remember that Jesus loves you. Lean on the Lord and the people in your close-knit circle of friends, because they’re the ones who’ve got your back. You’ve got this, keep your head up and be strong.

I’d like to thank My character Katrina for stopping by for a brief chat, today. Be sure to continue to part two of our enlightening conversation.

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Discoveries I made during a Character Interview

Hello everyone, Today I have a very special character interview with Becca Martin from A Journey of Faith: A Stepping Stones Mystery. Most of these questions can be found at:

15 Questions Authors Should Ask Characters

Please note, some of the answers to the questions below have led to more questions. Be sure to click on the article linked above and ask your characters the same questions. Now, on to the interview.

Ann: What would mentally destroy you?

Becca: Witnessing someone have an accident during a rock-climbing competition, or having an accident while I was climbing myself. It would kill me is Shelly were forced to fall off the stepping stones. I don’t know what happen, but I have the distinct impression that whatever it was, happened on the stones.

Ann: How do you feel about your mother and father?

Becca, you don’t make this easy, do you? Well, let’s see. Dad and I had a much closer relationship after my PTSD diagnosis. But Mama? Not so much. I mean every time I’d have a panic attack or a meltdown, she’d start yelling or she’d run and hide. I believe my anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress disorder caused her more stress than she let on to Mandy and me. She didn’t want to believe that something was dreadfully wrong. She always thought that my problems were all in my head. I think it would take an act of God for her to see the truth. I’m beginning to think that’s the reason for my journey, though there’s more to it than that. That’s why I had to go get technical training and certification. My job as a technical support specialist for Wildebeest and Asher was a fluke, if you ask me.

Ann: Can you elaborate on your reason for leaving your family home?

Becca: Mama’s stress and disbelief made my anxiety worse. She made my life miserable, so I hat do get out of there, before I wound up in a mental hospital.

Ann: Did your father add to your mental stress?

Becca: No! As a matter of fact, He told me that he witnessed the who incident. He never told me what happened. I guess he wanted to protect me, so he thought it was better that I didn’t know. I now wish he had. I’d be able to take this journey without so much fear. But if I did that, you wouldn’t have a story to tell, now would you?

Ann: What about your sister? How did she react to the incident?

Becca: I have no idea. She refused to talk about it, so nobody knows what she thought.

Ann: Now, let’s switch gears. When did you feel completely loved and accepted?

Becca: I felt loved and excepted when I started this adventure. It started with Shelly, who prayed for me before I left. I don’t think she understood everything I was going through, but she knew that something was wrong and the only way I could find healing was to follow my heart.
The second time I felt truly loved, was when I saw my grandmother in her angelic light for the first time, at the foot of the towering Rock wall. I’d seen pictures of Granny Mary throughout my life, and my folks would tell us stories about her, but I was only two when she accidentally slipped off the top of the stepping stones. Seeing her in her true form scared me at first, but then my heart sang as she led me up the rock wall. I can’t tell you how wonderful that felt!
The third time Was when Hannah found me sobbing after a panic attack in the middle of the dining room floor, at the cottage at the summit of my first mountain. She slipped into the cottage without a sound. The door closing scared me so bad I thought I’d pass out. She told me that she knew my grandparents and my parents before I was born. Her words of comfort gave me the assurance I needed to keep going. She prayed over me as I drifted off to sleep.

Ann: What about the shadow outside your window?

Becca: I can’t say much about that, but I can tell you she didn’t believe my story. I got the impression she thought I was dreaming.

Ann: In your story, what did you lie about?

Becca: I hate to admit this, but I lied about simply taking time off from work. I admit I did have some leave built up, but I had a feeling that my search for the truth would take more time than I had coming to me. The more I think about it, the more I’m glad Wildebeest fired me. To be honest, I hated working for him, but it was a way for me to pay the bills. Most people would have thrown me out if they’d know I’d been fired, but Shelly has covered for me many times. She’s like a sister to me.
When I start out on this unknown adventure, I told myself that following the pull of whatever was trapped inside me would be easy. Boy was I ever wrong! Making that first climb was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I fought my way over that first brick wall (or rock wall, should I say), and I have no doubt God will help me surpass others in my path.
Another lie I keep telling myself is that whatever happened when I was twelve, was an accident. I’m beginning to think that my belief isn’t necessarily true, the further I go on this crazy hike. You’ll see what I mean as the story unfolds.

Ann: Do you need friends?

Becca: Who doesn’t? I mean, God puts people in my path to help me along my journey, but Shelly is my ally. I call her every chance I get, to tell her what clues I’ve found. I also consider Hannah as a friend. I meet many friends throughout my story. I’d rather have friends than enemies, yet my enemies are a necessary evil, I suppose.

Ann: What physical thing do you fear most?

Becca: We’ve touched on this already, but I’ll give it to you in a nutshell. Any surface that I have to climb, especially if I don’t know what’s on the other side, and unseen figures that lurk in the shadows or around windows of my resting places during my travels.

Ann: Are you able to work for someone else?

Becca: During my travels, no. I have to focus on my search for the truth behind my nightmares and anxiety. Otherwise, I have the skills, so if the opportunity presents itself, I don’t see why not.

Ann: What is your defining strength?

Becca: I’d have to say it’s my determination to keep going, even though I want to turn tail and run.

Ann: Do you have a positive or negative body image?

“Becca: What kind of question is that? I’m a country girl, no matter whether I live in the city or not. I walk with my head held high in my jeans and sweat shirt. If it’s summer, I wear shorts and a t-shirt. Now that I don’t work for Wildebeest, I can ditch the stiff pin-striped outfits and flaunt my overalls if I want.

Ann: Who, or what, would you die for?

Becca: Isn’t that obvious? I’d fight to the death to find healing from this PTSD. I mean if my best friend or one of my family members’ lives were in jeopardy, I’d lay down my life to save him or her.

Ann: Do you have a plan for tomorrow? Next week? Next year?

Becca: No, I take this journey one day at a time. If I don’t, I could get sidetracked by the devil and his malicious ways.

Ann: Do you think you’re resilient enough to change?

Becca: I would hope so. The aim of this mission is to find the truth and ultimate healing. My fears are still intact, yet I’m more observant and I take the clues to God in prayer. I may have questions, but I’ve found at least one of my answers and a whole bunch of questions layered beneath the original ones.

Ann: One final question. What would you think If you could see me now?

Becca: I have to ask you another question, before I can answer this one. How do your writing friends react to my story, now that you let me tell it in my own way?

Ann: Those who’ve read the first couple of chapters, like it better, that I have written them if first person, instead of writing the story as if I’m watching your actions.

Becca: Good! I thought other readers would see it my way. Now you don’t have to do so much head hopping from me to my friend, to my enemy, to the policeman I’ve fallen for. If you let me tell my story, you as the author, can put yourself in my shoes, and transpose that same intimacy to the reader. Thanks for letting me tell my own story.

Ann: Thanks for coming back to visit with me and my fans in the blogosphere.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this eye-opening interview with Becca Martin. Let me remind you to ask these questions of your own characters, to make new discoveries about your works in progress. Until next time, happy writing.

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Character Interview with Joseph Roundtree

Hello everyone in the blogosphere,
Today I have another character interview for you. I’m talking with Joseph Roundtree, Becca Martin’s grandfather. Let’s see what he will be led by the Holy spirit to tell us today.

Ann: Welcome to my blog, Joseph.

Joseph: Thanks for having me, but I can’t stay long.

Ann: What can you tell us about the end of your life here on Earth, which takes place at the end of Journey to the Mountaintop?

Joseph: I can’t tell you much, because I would spoil the story for your readers. However, that Jason Miller is a very troubled young man. He loves my Becca, but he can’t truly love her with his whole heart until he finds forgiveness from God.

Ann: What do you know of the pain he suffers?

Joseph: I don’t know much, but I know that boy has been hurt in his life, and there’s someone he has to forgive, or he won’t find the peace he richly deserves.

Ann: Do you think he’ll find forgiveness?

Joseph: Eventually, but it’s gonna take a lot of praying.

Ann: What about his love for Becca?

Joseph: That will blossom once he finds true forgiveness. For now, I need him to promise to love and protect her through whatever trials she faces. That’s what I have to do before God calls me home.

Ann: Will you come back into my stories as a supernatural being, like Mary?

Joseph: That all depends on what God tells me to do. You have to pray and ask him to show you the story He has for you to tell. The important thing for you to do is tell Mary’s story, once this book is done. She can tell you what happened, for all I saw was the aftermath of the accident.

Ann: Can you give me some pointers on how this story should end?

Joseph: All I can say, is that Mary is with me during the last moments on the Earth. She talks to Becca and Jason. She must relay my message to Jason, but I cannot tell you how she does this. I must go now, for my race is nearly run. Blessings to you for writing my story and for introducing me to your readers. Good-bye, my dear. We shall meet again in another story.

Tears fill my eyes as I watch Joseph fade into the darkness. I must go and finish my story, for I can hear Mary now, making her husband’s last request to them on his behalf.