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Special book feature: Heart of A Warrior by Denna Holm

Today we have another Crimson Cloak book feature. Instead of a police procedural, we have a fantasy read. I hope you enjoy this book by our own CCP editor, Denna Holm!

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And now, for our featured book of the week!

Book Title:
Heart of a Warrior

Written by
Denna Holm

Elena Murphy is devastated when Gabriel walks out of her life. When her granddaughter is abducted by aliens and left to die on a hostile world, Gabriel is part of the rescue party sent out by his Council to find her. From the start, they both know there is a strong connection between them, but Elena fears that Gabriel is embarrassed that she is only half vampire while he is a powerful Hunter who has lived for over three thousand years. But when two children under her care are abducted, Elena will do everything in her power to get them back, including swallowing her pride to beg Gabriel to take her with him to track them down.

Gabriel has spent thousands of years searching for his destined mate, his eillelé. When he finally finds her in Elena, it is to learn she is half human. He knows this makes their options as a couple limited. If he takes her back to his world, Laizahlia, his Council will force him to convert her fully to vampire, and he knows she might not survive with her mind intact. And it is forbidden for their kind to live on Earth. Rather than risk her life, he chooses to turn and walk away . . . until two children under her care are taken by Slavers, and it’s him who led them directly to her.

Author bio:

An expert horsewoman from Oregon, now retired from training and showing horses, Denna has now devoted her whole attention to her second passion, writing novels.

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Social media:

Until next time, Happy reading.

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Featured Book of the Week: A New Summer Garden: An Electric Eclectic Novelette by Paul White

Hello everyone, I hope you enjoyed my featured books about poetry. I posted these previous books in honor of National Poetry month. This week, we are working our way back to short fiction with a special featured book which launched on Wednesday April tenth. Without further ado, let’s highlight our new Electric Eclectic book.


This week I am proud to feature a book entitled A New Summer Garden: An Electric Eclectic Novelette written by Paul White.




A crime drama. Sam was a down and almost out, with little prospect for the future when he meets Rachelle, the beautiful wife of the philanderous Peter, the kingpin of an international criminal business empire.

When Peter catches Sam ‘in flagrante’ with Rachelle, he ensures Sam’s simple life becomes complicated.

What happens next takes Sam on a surreal path, where the only plausible outcome is for Sam to end up in prison or dead… most probably both.


Please note, the following excerpt contains language and subject matter that some may find offensive. Reader discretion is advised.




I have never played poker before. The only game I played with cards was ‘Snap’ when I was a child and I usually lost then. Yet somehow, by one o’clock in the morning, there was a great pile of money in front of me, bunches of twenty and fifty-pound notes.

Things were looking good.

By three o’clock my entire wad of cash was gone. So was my original three hundred pounds stake money Peter gave me.

It had all gone tits-up.

The game was wound up at four o’clock and I was in the shit. I was left with five IOU’s, totalling five thousand seven hundred and twenty pounds. The debt belonged to the two Kosovans and the big Russian, with a few hundred owing to the three Polish fellows.

They said I had one month to come up with the cash or pay with my kneecaps.

Peter laughed aloud saying it was the best three hundred pounds investment he had made in years. In fact, he said, he often paid twice that amount to fuck one of his poxy little whores.

I knew then I had been fucked over. Again.

But this was not the end of the night. Oh no, things were to get a little more complicated than just being stitched up by a jealous husband and owing a gambling debt to a bunch of unstable, possibly ex KGB type, gangsters.

It was from this point on things began to get a little bit dark.

Very dark.

Pitch black.


Purchase link:


About the Author


Paul White is a prolific storyteller, a wordsmith, tale weaver and an International bestselling author.

He writes from his Yorkshire home, situated near a quiet market town in the East Ridings.

Paul has published several books, from full-length novels to short story collections, poetry, children’s books, semi-fiction, non-fiction & military social history.

Paul has published several books, from full-length novels to short story collections, poetry, children’s books, semi-fiction, non-fiction & military social history.

He also contributes to various collective anthologies.

You can learn more about Paul, his current works-in-progress, artworks, photography and other projects, by visiting his website:


Paul is the founder of Electric Eclectic books, of which this, A New Summer Garden is one.

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Until next time, happy reading and have a blessed week ahead.

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Featured Book of the Week: Stories Outside the Box: An Electric Eclectic Book by Ann Harrison

Welcome to my featured book of the week. This week, I am highlighting a book that I rebranded last month. I will be launching this book tomorrow, so I thought I’d share it with you, in preparation for my book launch celebration.

Outside the Box_smashwords.jpg


This week’s book is entitled Stories Outside the Box: An electric Eclectic Book

Written by Ann Harrison



a little book filled with magic, ferries, music, an angel or two, and even a bit of mystery.

Fly away on the wings of a simple drop of rain with Anna as she follows the music that fills her heart.

Have you ever had a breakdown in the middle of the road and wondered how you’d get home? Read about the miraculous end to what could have been a perilous journey for Bill and his family.

Mystery buffs and techno geeks will love An Unusual Glitch, a story about a county wide technology glitch that threatens to ruin the county’s computer infrastructure, if the problem isn’t resolved before it’s too late.  Enjoy a couple of new mysteries along the way.

You may be enchanted by a Christmas miracle that starts with a child’s prayer and a tinkling bell.

Ride in a sleigh carried on the wings of a snowflake, ride the wind on the wings of an autumn leaf or fly away on a swing!

There’s an adventure waiting for readers of all ages in each delightful little story.


Universal purchase link:


Book Excerpt:

A Light at the Top of the Stairs


“Meet me at the warehouse on Fourth Street,” The note read. A frisson of fear, mixed with excitement ran up my spine as I read the note, I found on my bedside table this morning. I asked myself if I would be in danger, or would the love of my life meet me for a rendezvous?

When I arrived at the warehouse, I saw no one. The main floor had nothing to speak of. An eerie chill crept up my spine as my footsteps bounced off the bare walls and echoed back at me.

I stood at the foot of a tall spiral staircase at the end of a dark empty hallway. My uneasiness turned to fear as I took my first tentative steps. A light coming from somewhere high above me, drew me upward and onward. “Who’s there?” I called as I clamber up the winding staircase. My fear mounted with each step I took.

I turned and tried to reverse my steps, when an invisible hand brought me to a complete stop. “Don’t go away, I need you here.”

What a soothing voice! I turned and followed the light up to the top of the stairs. The disembodied pleading cry nearly broke my heart. Had the stranger been rejected before, or was this a day he’d been waiting for all his life? Then I saw him, a figure dressed in jeans, a white t-shirt and a cowboy hat.

“Who are you? Did I dream you into existence, or have my prayers been answered?” I awaited his answer as I stepped into a circular room, where the man of my dreams waited for me.

I saw the familiar face of the man I have always loved from a distance. “Well hello!” I stammered.

“Come with me. Let’s dance the night away.” He took me by the hand, and I stood on his toes, as we danced off into the sunset.


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Until next time, happy reading and writing, and God bless.