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Featured Book of the Week: Three: An Electric Eclectic Book by P.J. Rosco

Hello everyone,

I’m starting a new column for my blog entitled “Featured Book of the Week”. If you’ve got a book you want featured, please let me know in the comments below and I’ll let you know what information I need and how to contact me directly. Now without further ado, here’s this week’s featured book.



Today I’d like to tell you about a book that was launched on Wednesday entitled THREE: An Electric Eclectic Book, written by P.J. Roscoe.


Book Blurb:

THREE is a book of three supernatural short stories along with three character sub-plots from three of her paranormal novels, two of which have managed to get to the semi-finals of the Reader’s Favorite and Echoes one best e-book in the Paris book festival 2014.


Purchase links:


Book Excerpt:

A snippet from Ayleth, a character from Between Worlds

I heard the men ride out early that morning to patrol the boundaries, as there had been more talk of mercenaries venturing this far south, and Artorius would have none of it on his land. He fought long and hard to keep his people safe, and by patrolling frequently, him and his men had kept the murders and kidnappings to a minimum, so far. Though the talk of the castle was that a mean and cruel Saxon, Sagarus was close, and his greed for power would destroy all who stood in his way.

I was quenching my thirst when I heard the cry that Artorius had returned. I gave it no thought until Merek came to find me moments later, and begged me to attend a young woman they had rescued from mercenaries. The blood spatters on his face told me that they had succeeded in killing the enemy, but just how much damage had the woman endured was unknown, and with a nod, I picked up my herb bag and instructed him to fetch ladies to help in her care. Warm water, and lavender was required if she had been abused in a foul manner, along with honey, witch hazel, warm and cold compresses, and salt water. I gathered all of this together, and made my way towards the guest bedroom where she had been placed.

I arrived a little breathless, and froze in the doorway. Two ladies were attempting to undress her carefully. The young woman had been whipped, and her back was bloody and bruised. She was barely conscious but I watched as she sipped water from a goblet, held by Brunhilda, while Evelyn gently pulled a thin blue dress off her unresisting shoulders. The dress is no more than rags having been torn by hand and cruel whip, but I recognize its style, and my breath catches in my throat. I see the sandals lying on the floor and then, on looking back at the woman, I see the tattoos, and know without any doubt where she has come from.


About the author:

P.J. Roscoe is the award-winning author of four supernatural historical novels and faerie books for children, also having a variety of short stories accepted within various anthologies and historical articles published. She lives in North Wales with her Husband of twenty-six years and their cats and dog. Paula is a medium who is currently working on her first non-fiction book titled, Thirteen Hauntings which involves investigating haunted locations around England and Wales.

She is also a qualified counsellor, holistic therapist, Angel voice healer, Chakradance facilitator, drumming therapist to name but a few! Paula firmly believes in grasping life with both hands and enjoying every moment.


Connect with P.J. Roscoe at the following links:




Amazon author page:









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Announcement about my new book!



Hello everyone, today I am proud to announce the release of my brand new Electric Eclectic Book entitled Inner Vision, an Electric Eclectic Book.


If you think you don’t have time to read, think again! This is one of many charming little books that you can read on your kindle, or the kindle app on your phone, no matter whether you have five minutes, or five hours to yourself. Here’s a bit about the book, and I’ll follow this blurb with a link where the book can be purchased, and I’ll even throw in the cover for your viewing pleasure!

Happy reading and writing, and have a Blessed Friday afternoon everybody.


“The past is but a whirlwind of memories,

there are those you want to capture,

and those you want to forget.

Hold on to the precious ones and let the rest spin away into the abyss.”

These are the words Kelly Dobson wrote after learning how to use her Inner Vision in order to do the creative work God has called her to do.

After awakening in an unusual hospital from an operation she never had, Kelly and her physician, DR. Markey Andrews, work together to find the reason why she ended up in a hospital resembling a hotel, rather than a medical facility.

During the process of solving the mystery at hand, Kelly has strange dreams of being carried away in a whirlwind to places which hold memories she’d rather not relive. In order for her to face her fear of her Charles Bonnet syndrome and the accident that caused her blindness six years before.

After being released from the hospital, Kelly gets a brilliant idea to draw the images she sees in her heart and mind. As she does so, her mother stands in awe as the talent her daughter once had as a child returns in full swing, regardless of her blindness.

Even though Kelly’s father doesn’t want to believe in her talent at first, through the power of prayer and her faith in God, she teaches him how to use his own inner vision.

Available now on amazon at the following link:

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Publishing News and General Updates

Hey there everyone,

I know it’s been a while since I have actually posted an update, that is except for blog posts that I’ve shared, but today I have a bit of exciting publishing news for you.


First of all, if you remember, I made an announcement about my upcoming book festival. However, Due to unforeseen extenuating circumstances, I won’t be able to attend the book festival. In trying to get everything in place for this event, there’s one lesson I’ve learned: When your best laid plans fall through, the journey doesn’t end. There will be other events, and I have plans to connect with my readers and get book sales from people in my area. Please note that I do have paperback copies of A Journey of Faith ordered. If you’d like to purchase a copy directly from me, please let me know by filling out the form on my “contact me page and I will be happy to give you more details off site.


With that note aside, I will be talking to a colleague of mine about making myself and my books more marketable on Monday. I don’t have any details as of yet, but I will share more information about that in an upcoming post, so please stay tuned for that.


Now, in publishing news, I just submitted a novelette called Inner Vision to Paul White, to be published under the Electric Eclectic brand. I also have one more announcement to make. I have been honored as one of the founding Electric Eclectic authors. I am proud to accept this honor and will proudly post the badge as a part of my post!

On the heels of this news, I have an announcement that might be interesting to those of you who love to read, but don’t have a lot of time.

Electric Eclectic Books Have Gone Crazy!

They are giving away £££’s & $$$’s worth of Amazon Gift vouchers throughout this year (2018) to readers of their books.

All you have to do is leave a review on Amazon books website and you can win yourself Amazon Gift Vouchers.

Grab yourself an Electric Eclectic book today and get into that winning streak.

You can find Electric Eclectic’s Novelettes and the full rules on the Electric Eclectic website.

Check it out today and get winning. Eclectic


Now for one final update on my work in progress, my second Stepping Stones Mystery called Journey to the Mountain Top is in the revision stage. I have a couple of prequals to this book in the works as well. Stay tuned for more news and updates in the near future. Thanks for reading, sharing and commenting on my posts. See you next time, and as always, happy reading and writing, and God Bless everyone in the blogosphere.


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Fancy a new quick read?

via Fancy a new quick read?

Want a children’s book to share with your kids, or bring back memories of your childhood, Check out Magie’s Gravy Train Adventures, an Electric Eclectic Book, along with all the other EE books published under this banner.

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via Help!

I am an author who has published Maggie’s Gravy Train Adventure under the EE Books brand. Please help us spread the word. Contact Karen at the link she has provided, and post to your social media networks and blogs. Your help is much appreciated.

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My experience with Publishing Under the Electric Eclectic Books Brand

Hello everyone,

Today I want to talk with you about my experience publishing a book under the Electric Eclectic Books, brand. First of all, Electric Eclectic Books, is not a publishing company, the organization helps authors who write short stories or novelettes between 6000 and 20k words, market their small eBooks to a specific audience.

Personally, this is the first time I published a children’t chapter, under any brand, whether it be my own business or the Electric Eclectic brand. Although Maggie’s Gravy Train Adventure is my book and I have all rights to it, I can still publish under my business name. Electirc Eclectic helps me market my book with their logo and information on the cover, which drives more traffic to my book, thus producing more sales. I received assistance during the formatting process, and some editing recommendations from other Electric Eclectic authors.

I’d like to personally like to thank Paul White, Markey Jordan Madden, and Karen J. Mossman for answering any questions I had from the start, formatting my script into the standard EE publication template, and helping me get my book cover up to standard. Publishing with Amazon’s Kindel Direct Publishing, was easy and accessible for a blind person to use. I was able to create my title page, according to the specific guidelines designed by Paul, and setting the prices for my book in each territory was simple, once I figured out which link to go to to make the necessary adjustments. Even though I had to make some corrections, they were easy to do and now I must say that I am a proud author of an Electric Eclectic book.

Personally, I would recommend that any first time author, who has a short story or novelette to publish, become an electric Eclectic author, because publishing under this brand gets your foot in the door, before you publish a full length paperback, eBook, or autio book. Readers can get a taste of your writing style, which will leave them wanting more. You can even add links to any other books you’ve published in the “about the author” section of your manuscript, so that readers can find your work if they are interested. Rest assured, I will be publishing future books under the Electric Eclectic brand in the near future.

Let me tell you a ittle about my Electric Eclectic book. The title of this new book is Maggie’s Gravy Train Adventure. I got the inspiration from something I saw on twitter about a gravy train. After reading that particular tweet that whizzed right by me, an image of a little girl riding a gravy train, formed in my head.

About the book

Maggie and her mother take a special adventure on a gravy rain. The seats, walls, andother objects inside the train are made of real wood and other materials, but the outer walls and the roof of the train are made of hard baked bread dough, which is held together by thick gravy. The wheels are made of biscuits, and the track was originally made of hard baked gingerbread.

Once the biscuit wheels are destroyed during the first leg of the journey, they have to be replaced with special wheels, that though baked, won’t crumble when the rain comes to a rough spot in the track. However, the cookie track is destroyed by a massive hail stormmm, in the village of Ferry Land. Everyone has to get off the train at the Ferry Land station, so the train itself and the track can be repaired. Can Mggie and her friend Mandy solve these special mysteries on their trip? Find out as the story undolds before your very eyes.

One final mystery they have to solve, is the one about the trouble in the land of Eat-a-Lot. Who’s behind this mayhem, and how do they get caught. Take the gravy train ride with Maggie and her special friends, and help them solve these very peculiar mysteries.

Now for my contest question:

What is the name of the Electric Eclectic book that is centered around food?

To enter your answer to this question, and enter into an Electric Eclectic drawing, please visit:

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Insights & Publishing Trends for 2018

via Insights & Publishing Trends for 2018


Although this post was published last year, these numbers hold true now, and this will give new authors more possibilities for publishing new titles, and revitalizing old titles.

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That was 2009… Now it’s 2018 it doesn’t work anymore.

via That was 2009… Now it’s 2018 it doesn’t work anymore.

I am proud to say I took this plunge, and I have published my first Electric Eclectic book in March. Please join us and give your book sales the boost they need.

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Murder Monday

via Murder Monday

This author is one of my fellow EE Books authors, and I encourage you to purchase her books as well as my own.

Happy reading and enjoy these little quick reads.

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Electric eclectic books reading contest

Hey everyone,

Do you love to read? Would you like to win a special gift for posting reviews on amazon? If you answered yes to these questions, here’s the perfect contest for you.

Electric Eclectic has gone crazy.

They are giving away £££’s & $$$’s worth of Amazon gift vouchers throughout this year to readers of their books.

All you have to do is leave a review on Amazon books website and you can win yourself Amazon Gift Vouchers. Grab yourself an Electric Eclectic book today and get into that winning streak.

You can find Electric Eclectic’s Novelettes and the full rules on the Electric Eclectic website. Check it out today and get winning.

Please join in the fun and share with your friends. Hey! by the way, I have something special for the kids on this site as well.