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Christmas musings

Merry Christmas everyone!


Today I want to tell you about a song that resonated with me and made me think about Christmas bells in general. There is a song called Ding-a-ling the Christmas Bell by Lynn Anderson, that tells the story about a Christmas bell that was once the fanciest jingle bell in the entire town, until one day he took a fall, which caused him to ring off key. Of course, the other Christmas bells wanted nothing to do with him after that, so he slunk away. You can imagine how sad this bell was after he overheard this declaration from the other bells. Well now, the children hung him on the large Christmas tree in the town square for everyone to see. His tale doesn’t end there, because he rang out to guide Santa and his sleigh into the town to bring Christmas joy to all the children in this little town. So therefore, Ding-a-ling saved Christmas and everyone loved him for it. You can find the song on YouTube at the following link:

I sat on the front porch, enjoying the sunshine and listening to the happy, yet festive tinkling of the windchimes. They brought to mind this song that I heard on the radio yesterday, while going to pick up my daughter for Christmas. I don’t quite know why this song got stuck in my head and wouldn’t leave me alone, but I finally listened to the story within the song and played my singing bowl for inspiration. This was the inspiration for this special celebratory blog post.


Before I go, I have one quick question for you, my dear readers? Is there a special sound, scent, food item, light show or other aspect of the Christmas season that resonates with you during this time of year? Please share your favorite things about Christmas in the comments below.


Stay tuned in the new year for more character interviews, shared posts and a whole host of goodies that I have in store for you. Until 2019, I wish you and your families a very Merry and safe Christmas and a Happy and Blessed new year.


The music of Christmas

When we think of Christmas, we often think of decorations, the hurry scurry of Shopping for those special gifts for our loved ones to show them how much they care, Kids think of Santa Clause, and first and foremost, which I should have mensioned first, but I know that there are readers who are not yet Christians, the birth of the Christ child.  Ok, so we think of these things, and the many ways we bless others, that we don’t usually do any other time.  But have you ever stopped and listened to the music of Christmas? 

Yes, I am talking about the beloved Christmas carols, and the countless Christmas carols that are brought to life by our ever famous TV producers, actors, directors, etc., but I mean there is much more to just the songs you hear on the radio, and those on your digital playlists.  What about the gingle bells that hang on the door of a shop, or the ones on your own dor, or in your window?  The Salvation army bell even has its own place among the music of children laughing, playing, and even the cries of the little ones for this or that toy they want. 

As lights, colorful decorations on Christmas trees, and so many other colorful sights are visual cues to the coming of Christmas, to someone who is sighted, to me, as a blind person the music I hear on the radio, in the many bells, the Children’s laughter, Christmas wishes spoken to either Store Santas or their parents, (my own daughter included), and even the Christmas programs that children put on at school or church, that’s the one of many ways that I know Christmas is coming. 

Christmas isn’t just a set day out of the year to celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus, or even during the time befor that, which starts the day after Thanksgiving, when people are rushing to buy that perfect gift, it’s a feeling that fills my heart each year. It’s a feeling of happiness, and the excitement that flows all around each and every one of us as we prepare to spend precious time with our families.  It’s a time of peace among everyone, friend and fo alike.  As Christians we should have that everlasting joy in our hearts, that only comes to us when we give our hearts to Jesus, no matter what trials and troubles we have to face in life, and the music of Christmas is a large part of this happy feeling.

Music in itself is a gift from God, but the music of Christmas is a special blessing to me, because it brings back many memories of Christmas past, and can help us create new memories of Christmas present to share with the children of our Christmas future.  Although I may never see snow, or have a white Christmas here in my small town, I can see snow through the stories I like to read, and in the Christmas carols that tell all about the Christmas snow. The cold winter-like weather in the first part of December makes it feel more and more like Christmas to me.

I know I am wandering in many different directions in this post, but please forgive me if I “Wonder as i Wander” through the sounds and sensations of what I fondly call the music of Christmas. I wish each of you a very merry and blessed Christmas, and a happy and God centered new year, which is a time for new beginnings.

Love and prayers to All God’s Children,