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My purpose for Journaling and a piece of journaling advice

For me, journaling serves two purposes. First of all, I started keeping a journal as a way to get my deepest emotions out onto the page. This journal, along with music has helped me to overcome the pain of emotional and verbal abuse.

The second reason I journal is for brainstorming and dumping scenes when I revise my fiction. I don’t know if people would advise putting my feelings and my writing ideas and scenes in one Word document, but this is the way I do it. As for my favorite journaling book? As I’ve stated before, I use a Microsoft Word document which grows a little every day.

I have attempted to journal three times before, but these attempts never worked, because I was under the impression that I had to write in my journal every day and each entry had to have a date inserted at the beginning. As I started journaling about six months ago, I discovered that dating each entry was stressful to me. I always felt guilty, because I didn’t have anything to write on a given day. Therefore, I decided to make my entries more flexible. I have a section for negative feelings, one for positive thoughts, several brainstorming sections, sections I call scene dumps for each work in progress and so on.

When it comes to journaling, my advice to you is to find a system that works for you. Make sure you have a stress-free journaling experience, so that your journal will last for as long as you have something to write. Most of all, have fun with it!


Now enough about my journaling experience. Here are two links that I think you’ll find both helpful and enjoyable. One is an introduction to journaling, which features a writing prompt. The other one is a winter poem that the author wrote as a journaling example. Enjoy these posts and have a blessed Sunday afternoon.



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NaNoWriMo Update Number Three: How to take a Nano prep day in the Middle of the Month

Hey everybody in the blogosphere, today I have a personal NaNoWriMo update and a bit of advice for all you WriMos out there. As of today, I am up to 18,964 words on my NaNoWriMo manuscript, 1208 of which were written this morning. I have written the end of my novel, now I have to go back and fill in the rest of the story. However, I have also written a part of the epilog that will give me the spark I need to Segway into another mystery with these characters.


My advice for you today is to take a preparation day for your story. I know you only have 30 days to reach the overall 50,000-word goal, in order to win NaNoWriMo. However, there are going to be some days when you can’t think of a word to write for your story. When this happens, it’s best just to use the writing session you had planned to do some brainstorming for your novel. By this I mean ask some questions and talk about plot ideas you have to help move your story forward. Once you do this, either later that night or even the next day, something will trigger your creative muse, and the spark will ignite into a flame once more.


Let me explain how this happened to me. Yesterday, I racked my brain to come up with something to write. I did all the usual stuff, listening to podcasts, finding sounds on my echo dot etc., but nothing seemed to work. However, I opened up my journal and began the process of brainstorming for my novel. I spoke to a friend who is like a sister to me and told her the ideas I had, then I wrote them down. I also wrote down some questions to stimulate my brain into a creative mode. Nothing happened.


What happened to get me writing today? Well, here’s what added fuel to my creative fire. I sat at the table, eating a bowl of cereal and drinking a cup of Starbuck’s Peppermint Mocha Latte coffee and “watching” an old episode of Perry Mason, when the idea for the ending chapter of my story just slapped me in the face. It seemed to say: “Write me! Write me now!”. After I cleaned up my breakfast dishes and the coffee pot, I came back in my space and went straight to work. This inspiration carried me through the ending chapter and the epilog.


If you have a day where you just can’t think of anything to write for your story, that’s okay, because you have to give your brain a break once in a while. I personally recommend a brainstorming day like I took yesterday. It works wonders for your story and your characters will thank you for it.


Now, for you WriMos out there, what do you do to combat writers block? Do you take a brainstorming day, simply plow through the toughest part of your story, or do you give your brain a break? Share your writer’s block tips in the comments below.

Until next time, happy writing and may the muse be with you.

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seven steps to writing success by Lynda Lambert

Here’s a great way to get your writing process started for those of you whare beginning writers, discovering your own writing style. To read Lynda’s seven stes to writing success, please visit the following link:

Writing – My 7 Steps to Success


Brainstorming with my friends, #AmWriting

Good morning everyone,
This 4th of July week has been fun so far. However, I’m not here to write about the fun times my husband and I spent with my daughter at the park, at the pool, and going out to lunch, I’m here to write about brainstorming.
I’m playing with an idea for a story about a character and her husband who are forced to live in a cabbin. In the process of planning for this story, I did something I don’t usually do. I asked my facebook friends for some ideas, and the conversation gave me a lot of food for thought. I haven’t decided whether I am going to use this for NaNoWriMo, or for a just because kind of story.
I have a bit of brainstorming advice for new writers,and veteran writers alike. There is nothing wrong with asking your friends and fellow writers for ideas to help you move your story along. Some people would tell me that the story is mine and I should move it the way I want it to go, but when you ask those in your close circle of friends, their ideas can give you a wonderful foundation to get those creative juices flowing.
Have you had a good brainstorming session with your friends? How did your story turn out after this discussion? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. Happy reading, writing, and God bless.


chimes and other sounds as indspiration for writing

Good morning,
I have a question and a message for all the writers who follow and read my blog. When you are trying to write something, whether it be a novel, essay, or any other piece you’re working on, do you ever find that you have writers block? That sometimes happens to me. This happened on a couple of days during NaNoWriMo last year.
Let me share with you what I did to combat my writers block. Although everyone has a different approach to avoiding writers block, I personally sat out on my front porch on an overcast day, with a light breeze to cool me off. I sat listening to the wind chimes that my mom has hanging on the porch, and all of a sudden a burst of inspiration hit me, and I was able to write for hours after that.
What I’m getting at here, is that inspiration can strike at the oddest moments, and by the simplest attributes of your day. For example, your child could make a comment about a cartoon character he/she likes, or you can simply hear a tune or a certain sound that triggers an idea, and gets the words flowing through your mind. When that happens my friend, don’t take these special inspirational moments for granted, you never know what story, poem, essay, novel, or other form of writing can be created when inspiration strikes.
Happy writing and God bless,