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News and Inspiration From the Heart and a Book Launch Announcement

Dearly beloved readers in the blogosphere,

Welcome to News and Inspiration from the Heart. I will be sharing some blogposts in the coming weeks to give you a behind the scenes look into my poetry, Kidlit, and editing life.

In the meantime, I have an exciting announcement to share! My dear author friend and sister in Christ Allison Hendrix is launching  a new children’s chapter book entitled Tumdrum and the Fairyfriend Legend on November 23, 2022! You can preorder the book here.

Here’s what I want you to do: tell me what you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving in the comments below. I will pick three winners at random from those who comment and you will get either a free eBook of Tumdrum and the Fairyfriend Legend.  If Children’s fairy stories isn’t your jam, that’s okay, because I also have free US and UK audible codes for my poetry book entitled The Spirit of Creativity: Inspirational Poems for the Creative at Heart. Winners will be announced during Alison’s Facebook launch party, and by email on November 23rd. If you’d like to be entered into the drawing, please leave your email address in the comments, or contact me  with your response along with your email address. Be  sure to follow my blog if you haven’t already done so, because I will be posting a link to the Facebook live, so you can join in the fun.

I look forward to chatting with you soon. God Bless and happy reading.



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Book Review of The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

Please listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Book review of the last lecture


In this episode I give a book review of The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch and my thoughts on what he had to say about living your childhood dreams, along with his quotes and my revelation by the Holy Spirit about brick walls. Brick walls have been placed in our path as God’s way of testing how badly we want to succeed and how hard we are willing to fight to push through them to do His blessed will.


I also give recommendations for two books: The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell and Fly a Little Higher: How a Mom’s Small Prayer was Answered in a Big Way by Laura Sobiech. All three books I mention in either the episode itself or the podcast description, can be found at all the major online eBook retailers, including Amazon.


I hope you enjoy this Spirit led episode and I pray that it blesses you just as much to hear it, as it has blessed me to record it. Thanks for listening to Inspirational Journeys and visiting my website. You guys have a blessed day.


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Books I read and love over the Christmas Holidays

If you’ve been looking for a good Christmas story that you can read at any time during the year, I have three that will warm your heart and make you believe in a little bit of Christmas magic.

The first one is called Twelve Days of Fruitcake by Nancy Hill. The main character gives a fruit cake to her neighbor, who in turn passes it onto someone else. It gets into the hands of eleven different people, before it comes back to the person who made it. As each person gets the cake, their lives are changed forever. The book can be found on Amazon at the following link:


The next book I want to recommend is The Twelve Days of Christmas by Rick Yuzzi. This was an awesome book. The protagonist meets a pregnant girl who goes along on the trip he had planned to take to vegas. She shows him how to care for others, and every person he helps along the way helps him let go of the loss of his wife and daughter. But wait, there’s a surprise as his plans change and he goes to Silver Lake with Grace. This book will warm your heart and show you that there are angels among us, who show up when we need them most. You can read this from Kindle at the following link:



The final book I’d like to recommend is entitled Comfort and Joy, written by Kristin Hannah. This is a romance book that will warm your heart. There’s a little magic in this tail, as Joy tries to fine her true love. She’s been through a terrible divorce and her sister Stacy and her ex-husband are getting married and having a baby. She books a seat on a charter to hope along with a group of men going on a hunting expedition. While en route, their plane crashes. Although she survives the crash, in reality, she’s in a coma in a San Diego Hospital. However, during this time, she’s transported to  the Comfort fishing lodge, where she meets Daniel and Bobby. She not only teaches Bobby and Daniel how to let go of the pain of their past, but she learns how to accept the affair between Stacy and Tom. Is this place real, or just a drug induced dream. Find out as the story pulls you along through the pages of this unusual world. Find this book here:


What books have you read that touched your lives during the Christmas season?


Until next time, I hope you had a blessed Christmas and I would like to with you a healthy and blessed new year. Happy reading and writing, and God bless you all