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Calling all writing friends who want to get their work noticed by a wider audience! I will certainly take part in this one myself in the near future!

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Writing Tip: I am not the stories I tell

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This is a great tip!

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3 Ways to Get More Facebook Comments on Your Facebook Posts

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This is for people who want more engagement on their Facebook pages.

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Writers who have Influenced Me, and why

As per the topic for this year’s Middle Georgia Indie Book festival, I would like to share with you the writers who have influenced my writing career thus far. However, I couldn’t pick just one author or writer in particular; therefore, I will list three writers and how they have become such an inspiration to me


The first is Lee Smith, who not only is a talented writer from the South, but she also edited the “New Stories of the South” 2001 edition. Her introduction where she talks about one of her writing students, not having anything to write about, was the fuel that ignited my creative writing fire. Although I dabbled in writing when I was in high school, it was after I read that anthology that I took my writing seriously. Since that time, I’ve made many mistakes, and learned a lot of dos and don’ts as I honed my craft and improved my writing skills.


The second of these authors is Karen Kingsbury. Her Life changing fiction helped me to draw closer to God, and her stories have inspired me. Part of my book entitled A Journey of Faith, A Stepping Stones Mystery was inspired by a scene, where the teenaged drunk driver was imprisoned for hitting a family and killing the little Christian Kids Theater actress. The scene where the protagonist visits the teen in jail and brings him closer to God, was the pivotal scene that inspired one of my scenes in my full-length novel.


The final author who was an inspiration to me, is Janette Oke. Ms. Oke has written several historical Christian romances that have touched my life, and she has also written several series that I have loved through the years. One series was especially inspirational to me, although I don’t remember the name of it, I do remember the scene that got my creative juices flowing. In this scene, one character is in the hospital, waiting to visit a family member who had been in a terrible accident. She meets one of the doctors, who shows her to a family waiting room, which is much more comfortable than the main waiting room on the first floor. As she waits, she hears an old familiar hymn on the radio. This scene was the inspiration for a scene I wrote, concerning Jason Miller, one of my characters in the book mentioned above. Although this particular scene wasn’t included in my book, I will include it or one similar to it in a future story


Although there’s not enough space to thank each writer and author that has supported and encouraged me on an individual basis, please note that your help is greatly appreciated.

Before I end this post however, I do have one brief question for you: What writers have influenced your writing career and why?

Blessings to you all, and happy writing.

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It’s Not Your Publishing Credits or Your Follower Count That Makes You a Writer — It’s This.

Novelty Revisions

We’ve all had those days — the ones where we clock out of our day jobs, greet our fur babies, sit down on the couch for five minutes … and then it’s 9 PM and oops we didn’t write again oh well maybe tomorrow!

And repeat.

But there are also days we do try to write. And it doesn’t always go well. Sometimes the words just aren’t coming out right. Or you got another rejection email and you don’t want to even look at your computer screen anymore. Or the 40-hour workweek is exhausting you so intensely that even your small writing accomplishments don’t feel worth celebrating.

Sometimes … you just don’t feel like a writer.

And then you start questioning whether or not what you’re doing actually matters.

You haven’t published a best-seller. You’re tweeting into the void and no one’s responding. You barely even blog anymore. Should you…

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Mixing first person and third person limited points of view in your writing

When I was in my writing zone on Sunday afternoon, I had an idea to mix first person POV with limited third person Point of view (POV). I posed the question on the camp NaNoWriMo message board for the cabin I’m participating in. Here’s a link that explains how to write using both first and limited third person POV.


In your writing, have you ever used different points of view? If so, please explain what worked and what didn’t.


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Four simple marketing strategies for Promoting your book

Here’s an excellent article if you’re looking to get your books in the hands of readers. I am already implementing some of these strategies myself, but I will have to learn exactly how to start a book club.

What marketing strategies do you use for your books?

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