Spotlight on Ann Harrison-Barnes

That launch date is March 10th. When I edited this interview, I totally missed that little flub.

Kirsten Nairn

My special guest author today is Ann Harrison-Barnes

my profileAnn has published four books, so far, under the names, Ann Harrison and Ann Barnes; A Journey of Faith, Inner Vision, Maggie’s Gravy Train Adventure and Stories Outside the Box.

Ann, who lives in Rochelle, Georgia, describes herself as the proud single mother of a beautiful daughter, who is often the inspiration for many of her stories featuring children. She also has three nieces and a nephew whom she adores.

Ann has been blind since birth as a result of receiving 24 hours of oxygen instead of 8 when she was placed in an incubator after birth. 

Ann has been writing from an early age and has many hobbies and passions as we will find out.

Firstly Ann, tell me about what made you start writing?

I’ve been writing off and on since I was in the fourth grade, but the one thing that…

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AUTHOR’S CORNER: A Special Visit and Announcement by author Phyllis Staton Campbell

This is very exciting news!

Campbells World

Good morning campbellsworld visitors and bookworms everywhere!

This morning I’m about to pop with excitement. I’ve just learned that fellow author and dear friend Phyllis Staton Campbell is to drop by shortly and that she’s got some exciting news.

Ooo! Here she is now!


Phyllis, I’m so glad you’re finally here. Please, do tell, what is going on?


Hello Patty and all.

Thanks so much for having me on the Author’s Corner today. I’ve dropped in to invite you to an event. Let me tell you all about it before we must put out a popping Patty alert.


I Will be signing books on the evening of Shrove Tuesday, at the historic Faith Lutheran church located at: 17 N. Lewis ST, in the fellowship hall.

Proceeds will be donated to our discretionary fund that helps people mainly with food and shelter needs.

We will have a short…

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To Publish or not to Publish – is that really a question?

Noreen Lace

To some people it is.

I have a friend who picks and chooses where he wants to be published so carefully that he submits maybe once or twice a year at most. He hasn’t been published in maybe 6 or 8 years.

He’s an extremely good writer. Better than I.  colllins

He says, he wants to only be published where his name will be seen, where it will matter.

I took this to mean he didn’t approve of my many publications with small presses, some of which no one has ever heard.

What do you value and why? Ask yourself.

Billy Collins, btw, began publishing in what he refers to as fly by night or small presses of which no one ever heard.

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Introduce Yourself: Introducing Guest Author Trish Hubschman.

Here’s an interview with one of my fellow writers. Nice to meat you Trish.

via Introduce Yourself: Introducing Guest Author Trish Hubschman.

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A Random YouTube Video Accidentally Helped Me Complete the Plot of My Novel

That happened to me while watching an old TV show. It’s beautiful when that kind of inspiration happens.

Novelty Revisions

Everything was good. Until it wasn’t.

I had — as many others before me have — a pretty good idea for a book. I’d even started writing it. There were, however — as there often are — several problems with it even in its early stages of development.

  1. It didn’t have a title.
  2. I hadn’t figured out how to connect the two ongoing storylines in a way that made sense.

One of these issues was minor, the other pretty major. I hope you can guess which was which.

I personally believe people worry way too much about coming up with the “perfect” title before they’ve even finished/started their book. Some of the best book titles I’ve come up with came to me when I was almost finished writing the first draft. But that’s a pet peeve for another post.

As you can probably imagine, not really knowing how to form…

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How You Can Grow with Self-Publishing

I’m a self-published author, and the marketing is the hard part. However, I still produce a new book every so often, because I love to write and I want to grow my audience.

Story Empire

Happy President’s Day to all the Story Empire readers! Best wishes to everyone and enjoy the day if you have time off.

Being a writer is lonely and being a self-published author can be trying to the nerves as you constantly juggle writing, publishing and marketing. The latter can challenge even the most stouthearted among us. The question can often linger in our minds if we’re actually doing anything useful, but we manage to keep going just because we enjoy the creation of a book and we love books!

Our view can often be myopic as we’re just too close to what we’re doing to notice how the writing changes us. But there are changes and there are affects that make a difference. Let’s zoom out from that up-close view and take look at the bigger picture. Here are some ways that self-publishing can benefit you as an author:

  1. You…

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Interview with N. Lombardi Jr

via Interview with N. Lombardi Jr

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