Original Poetry: Writing Into the Void

I have an idea

I think is very good,

I open up the gate

To face the endless void.

With no idea where I go from here

Do I have a story to share?

Is it too late to turn back now

Should I start my story over

Or muddle through somehow?

If the story doesn’t flow

When I follow my heart,

I throw it all away

To make a brand new start.

I let my characters guide me

Along their hero’s journey

When I reach the end,

I can never go back again.

My world has changed

And I’ll never be the same,

When I write the story

God lays upon my heart

Instead of writing into the void,

My story has a destination

And a point at which to start

Instead of hitting a brick wall

As I often do,

Ask God to take your hand

And let your characters guide you

As you write your story,

Your characters  will grow and change

They’ll take your story to the next level

And bring you home again.

Don’t write into the void

When you think your idea is good,

Take a step back

And let the story unfold.

Travel down the road

You’ve never taken before

Let God be in control

And open His special door

To a story that matters

More than you’ll ever know.

Step onto the pathway

As you walk through the gate

Open your heart,

For there’s where your story awaits.

What does writing into the void look like to you? Write a short story, poem, essay or blogpost describing your interpretation of this phrase. Be sure to share your piece on your blog or website and pingback to this post. Share the link to your post on social media and tag me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so I can share your post with my friends and followers


Original poetry: The Writers Block Blues

Words disappear

In the fading light,

Editing by day

Writing by night.

I’m trying to create along

With my friends on Twitch

But my muse leaves me

And I can’t scratch the creative itch.

I want to find some music

To help me create,

But I don’t know what to listen to,

So I think I’ll sit and meditate.

Instead of working on my children’s fantasy

Or editing my author friend’s book,

I wish I had a velvet room

With a cozy little nook,

Made just right for reading,

Brainstorming and such,

But I don’t have to worry,

I love my swing so much!

When the weather is right

On a warm sunny day,

I’ll sit outside in my swing

And wile the hours away

Singing, and musing,

And brainstorming to boot

By the time I go back inside,

My muse will shoot

The words I need straight to my heart

I’ll sit down at my computer

And there I will start

To write the story of my dreams

I’ll say goodbye to writers block

it doesn’t belong here with me,

I’ll create along with my friends

whatever will be, will be


Original Poetry: Save some Poems for Tomorrow

Save some poems for tomorrow,

Read a little every day

No need to beg, steal, or borrow

The hours you love to while away

Devouring your poetry book.

Save some poems for tomorrow

Take a little sip

Of inspirational Verses you borrow

No need to take a big long dip

Into poems  flying from the corners of your mind.

Save some poems for tomorrow

Take a little time

To feel the love, joy, or sorrow

These verses bring to mind.

Save some poems for tomorrow

Let the Lord fill your soul

With Words of wisdom the writer gives you to borrow

Instead of reading the book as  a whole.

Save some poems for tomorrow

Each verse, a taste of pure delight

Save some poems for tomorrow

Read each morsel by day, or by night.

Save some poems for tomorrow

Fill your heart with each little song

Save some poems for tomorrow

Keep them in your heart

The whole day long!


Original Poem: All things work for Good

The following poem was given to me by the Holy Spirit during the American Council of the Blind Community Gospel sing on Sunday night. This poem was God’s message to me about my editing, and I pray that someone out here in the Blogosphere gets a blessing from reading it and it speaks to your heart, like God spoke to mine when he put this poem on my heart to put down on the digital page. Happy reading and God bless.

The year got off to a crazy busy start

The Holy Spirit tells me to trust God with all my heart,

I’ve struggled this week, with doubt and fear,

God Whispers words of comfort, “My child, I’m right here.”

“I know your heart

And I have a plan,

To mold and shape the words

 I’ve put into authors’ hands.

I’ve given you a story to tell,

Though it’s not the one you thought you knew so well,

Take up thy cross and follow me,

For I have more in store for Thee.

Though 2022 has just begun,

My child, the best is yet to come.”

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Inspirational Journeys Presents: A conversation about poetry with Garry Cox

I had a lovely conversation about poetry, which is one of my favorite forms of writing, with this week’s special guest. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the conversation.


Garry Cox!


I’m proud to announce the following guest for your listening pleasure.

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Garry Cox


Tuesday, December 28, 2021


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Podcast episode

MORE ABOUT GUEST AUTHOR Garry Cox in his own words…

As an educator, poet and runner I am a lifer. I have the blessed opportunity to create new works and compete in my sport (Track & Field) in my upcoming 80th trip around our Sun.

I believe writing is precursor to thought, not the other way around. Poetry is an invitation to advance our thinking and deepen our feelings about the world we live in. It is a sharing of truths, your truth, my truth, the truth of our human experience. A good poem will celebrate these truths with a style and grace that exists in every tongue spoken on our planet.

To see more of my work including popular blog series What I Did on My Covid-19 Vacation, New Poets Wednesday and the Bernice and Garry series go to my website garrycox.com

Also see my fb page Garry Cox, Poet

Garry’s poetry books include: The Waters of Appanoose County Copyright 2016

Beyond The Waters Copyright 2019

Coffee with the Bard Copyright 2021

Description for Coffee with the Bard:

Coffee with the Bard was meant to be a poetic potboiler, featuring a combination of my most liked poems alongside my feelings and reactions to the events associated with the Covid-19 Pandemic

Purchase link:

AmazonSmile: Coffee with the Bard: 2020 Blues eBook : Cox, Garry : Books


I Had a Life (most popular poem)

I had a life, I had a wife, we had each other almost to forever

I think she left me, but I’m not sure now

I may have left her, but I’m not sure how

I do know this much, there was always such love

that in my mind I cannot find a single saying of goodbye

 Connect with Garry at the following links:

Blog (garrycox.com)



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Original Poetry: The Angel on My Christmas Tree

The angel on my Christmas tree

In silence watches over me,

And even though I cannot see,

I know she’s always there.

The Lord sent her to visit me

To perch atop my Christmas tree

She doesn’t say a word to me,

Yet I know she cares.

In the night, while your loved ones sleep

Does the angel in silence keep

Her watch atop your Christmas tree

To keep you safe from harm?

Or does the breath of angel’s wings

Kiss the air as her sweet voice sings

Of the gifts of joy and love she brings

As she cradles you in her arms.

Remember to celebrate the reason

For this Blessed Christmas season

The birth of Jesus our Lord and savior

And share this gift from up above

With the precious ones you love

On this Christmas day.


Original Poetry: Candy Corn Nursery Rhyme

Candy corn, candy corn,

sitting on the wall

Dangling his legs,

so he won’t fall.

Will he fall apart

Or land on his feet?

Will his fall be messy,

Or will it be neat?

He jumps off the wall,

Landing on his rump

Bouncing from room to room

Thumpity thump thump.

Bringing joy to kids of all ages

As he inspires me

To put words on pages.

Setting my creative spirit free!

This poem was inspired by a candy corn stuffy I was taught to make in my ACB crafters crochet class, and my discussion with my fellow writing warriors for jesus in our boot camp this morning.


Original Poetry: The Art of Crochet

Loops of yarn that turn into stitches

Patterns to follow

Projects and swatches

Made from skeins of yarn

In colors that glow.

Handcrafted gifts

stitched with love

Using my God given talent

Sent down from heaven above.