One and done: original limerick

Is my author career a one and done?

Or has my writing life just begun?

My process is slow,

But here I go

Writing this poem simply for fun


Original poetry: The Real Me

I wrote the following biographical poem to introduce myself.

I am from black dirt, rocks and gras

I am from wind chimes, front porches and swings

I am from humming birds kissing my cheeks to say hello

I am from children laughing while playing in the pool

I am from four wheelers and lawn mowers roaming around the yard

I am from Mama and Daddy, Meemax and Papa, Grandma and Granddaddy and family gatherings.

I am from sweet tea, morning coffee and chicken and dumplings

I am from chickens in a pin and running lose in the yard.

I’m from living in the city and coming back to my country home.

I am from books, stories and recorded voices reading to me from day to day.

My childhood imagination has grown with me

To tell stories that the Lord has laid on my heart.

I am from bouncing balls, trampolines and toys from yesteryear

I’m from a life full of memories, laughter and tears.

My blindness doesn’t define me,

I’ve seen the world with my heart

Through sound, touch, taste and sometimes smell,

Though my eyes don’t work

My life has been filled with light through the years.

The light of Jesus continues to flow from my heart, through my fingers onto the page

As my writing reaches readers

from every walk of life and age.

Even though I’ve flown away for a time

And left my country family home

My roots brought me back

Never more to roam.

The city life I left behind

To take a closer walk with Thee,

In this country life I find,

The Lord uses his gifts of nature

To speak wisdom and inspiration to me!

I challenge you to write a biographical poem of your own and post it on your blog. When you do, be sure to ping back to this post, so I can see your work.




Original Poetry: A Pandiculation of the Brain


Oh, the frustration!

I don’t know this word

Though it sounds absurd.

I’m stretching my brain,

It’s about to drive me insane!

Maybe doing some jumping jacks

Will clear my head, so I can write a come back

For a word that seems silly

With a bit of a gesticulation.

Today’s challenge: Set a timer for three minutes and write a poem using the word “Swing” as your prompt. Be sure to post your poem on your own blog and pingback to this post so we can see your one word poetry challenge creation. Happy Writing!


Original Poetry: The Wuzzle named Bumfuzzle

The following poem was inspired by the word “bumfuzzle”, which was part of the One  Word Poetry Challenge workshop, hosted by Jen Lowry, which Tish Bouvier and I participated in Yesterday. Each day I’ll post one poem prompted by this event and challenge you with a new word at random, so read this post in its entirety for your special challenge.

There once was a little wuzzle

Whose name was Bumfuzzle

His body was covered with hair,

Though he wasn’t a bear.

What was this wuzzle

Whose name was Bumfuzzle?

Bumfuzzle Was a dust bunny,

Who sneezed and coughed and walked real funny

He could always be found

Hanging around

Sticking his nose in a jar of honey.

Today’s challenge set a timer for three minutes and write a poem using the word “mask” as your prompt. Be sure to post your poem on your own blog and pingback to this post, so I can see what you come up with.


Original Poetry: A Forgotten Voice Recorder’s Lament

The following poem was inspired by the photo below.

A small hand-held Olympus digital recorder sits on a  wooden surface. It is not turned on. It is the kind of recorder made to be carried in a pocket or tucked away in a purse for short voice recordings and "reminder" memos. Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/photos/grabadora-mp3-recorder-retro-6080153/?fbclid=IwAR1S5YPfcJEyDa265qPsfPayvjDCkpnqbbG3Nd0r8OVP4VcyQXnoK16Ehms

A recorder sits on a table alone

With no one to give it a home.

Who knows what stories it has to tell

Or what thoughts get lost in the wishing well

Of voices it carries in its memory bank.

It holds a one-sided conversation

With no one to give any indication

Of whether the messages have reason or rhyme

Or pieces of a story lost in time

And the listener knows not who to thank

For the words of hope and wisdom.

Don’t leave this recorder all alone

Pick it up and take it home

And if there are no messages inside

Record your thoughts from deep inside

Your soul, and do not hide

The message of God’s love.

Here’s a special message for you,

For when you’re feeling sad and blue

This recorder will hold true

Your deepest thoughts and emotions.

Do you leave it all alone,

Or do you dare to take it home

And pour your heart and soul

Into the digital ocean?

Don’t let your thoughts disappear,

Capture your precious words for the world to hear

Keep them close at hand

With the touch of a button at your command

Writing challenge: Use the picture above as inspiration and write your own story, poem or essay and share it on your own blog. Be sure to ping back to this post, so I can read your creation.


Original Poetry: The Dancing Hands of Time


A picture of an antique silver-colored pocketwatch on a black background. The face is creamy white. The numbers are black and larger than you might expect. The watch has a sweep second hand at the bottom and the circle of that small dial actually cuts off part of the "5" and "7". The face of the watch says  "Molnija" centered below the 12 with "Made in USSR" along the bottom. The time is 5 minutes until 9, and 40 seconds. The watch has a silver-colored chain but the clasp appears to be either tarnished or made of a metal similar to brass. Photo taken from: https://pixabay.com/photos/pocket-watch-time-antique-clock-6060604/?fbclid=IwAR0Gvn2xsORgFAsBzsNYe8dJdopL9djr4cWzS9Xqg5DqAAadcMnj3690YqQ

An old watch keeps time in my pocket.

Does it show the time of the day?

Or spin away the remaining hours of a lifetime?


With numbers big and bold,

And hands covering the face of old

I take out my treasure

And watch as the hours spin away.


The second hand dances around the watch face,

As the minutes crawl on by

I’m hypnotized by the circular motion

As I watch the hours fly into the abyss

And the days of my life spin away

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News and Inspiration for February 2021



Hello to all my dearly beloved readers and happy 2021! I have a little bit of news from behind the scenes to share this month. First of all, please except my sincere apologies for not sending a newsletter in January. I had some writing struggles to work through during the month, but I’m back in the swing of things with my current work in progress, Hunt for the Scavenger Killer, the first book in my Hempstead Mystery series. I will revise Shadow of Truth, once I finish my first draft of this novel, so stay tuned for updates on that project.

To update you on my writing progress, I not only conquered the brick wall in my story, I’m also slowly eating the elephant at both ends. Let me explain how this metaphor works. I’ve been working my way through chapters nine, ten, eleven and now twelve, but off and on, during the last few days, I’ve seen one or two scenes while I’m either lying in bed or in the bathroom. Talk about finding a new place to have a brainstorming session! Last week I wrote the first ending scene one morning and a couple of days later made a cup of coffee and wrote a second scene in my place holder document. I’m telling you, God has a way of providing inspiration in the most unusual times and places.


I also have another piece of exciting news to share! My 2021 poetry season has begun! My first three poems are pasted below.


My Poetry Season


My poetry comes alive

When I sit outside

In my distraction free zone.


When I must hide

Cooped up inside

Verses drift away one by one.


God’s Tin Roof Lullaby


The Voice in the rain

pounding on my tin roof

Whispers in the midst 

of the sounds around me.


The Voice in the rain

Drumming on my tin roof

Murmurs its song

Of comfort and sweet piece.


Do not fear the storms of life

God is with you day and night

Listen to His soothing whisper

And sleep in peace tonight.


My Indian Summer Experience


Indian Summer,

What does that mean?

Unseasonably warm autumn months,

With temperatures resembling

Those of early Spring.


With air conditioner running

And birds singing in the trees,

I sit on my front porch

Listening to the wind chimes

Blowing in the gentle breeze.


Wishing for the true feel of Fall

And cooler temperatures

And the sounds of nature filling the air

With my door open all day,

The sound of music

Comes from everywhere.


Indian Summer

was a difficult time for writing

with the drone of the air conditioner

a constant distraction in my brain

With the drop of the temperature

The AC was turned off,

And my characters spoke to me again.


When you feel weighed down

By the noises around you,

Step outside and sit in the quiet of the day,

Listen to the music of your environment

And let all distractions drift

Far, far away

Like leaves blowing in the autumn winds

And let words flow like raindrops

Fill your blank page.


Follow your characters

As they go their merry way

Down the path of your story

Taking you through

Another productive writing day.


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Speaking of podcasts, I have two author interviews to share with you! If you’d like to learn a bit more about me, check out my “no excuses writer” interview on the One Word Writer Podcast, and my most recent interview on the Struggling Blessed but not alone podcast. Keep an eye on your inbox, because next month I’ll have another special treat for you. Until then, happy reading and God bless you all.


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Original Poetry: My Poetry Season

The following poem is an expression of how difficult I find poetry writing to be during the winter months. When the weather warms up in the spring, you can find me taking a walk or sitting out on my porch, having a think and either coming up with new ideas for my novels, singing a song that fills my heart or writing a new poem to share with you.

My poetry comes alive

When I sit outside

In my distraction free zone.

When I must hide

Cooped up inside

Verses drift away one by one.

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Inspirational Journeys Presents The Spirit Of Creativity Audiobook Launch Party with Lillian Yves and Vincent Lee Grayson

This is the logo for my Inspirational Journeys Podcast

Please join me in celebrating my audiobook launch party with my special guests. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter for an opportunity to receive a free Audible code. Click the links below to view and hear the interview and launch party. You’re in for a special treat!


Lillian Yves and Vincent Lee Grayson together in a performance



I’m proud to announce the following guests for your listening pleasure.

Please be sure to read onward after the following message to learn how you can be my guest here on INSPIRATIONAL JOURNEYS.

Thanks for listening and do write to let me and my guest know what you thought of this presentation.


Lillian Yves and Vincent Lee Grayson


Wednesday, November 18, 2020


Narrator interview video

Book launch party video

Podcast episode

MORE ABOUT GUEST NARRATORS Lillian Yves and Vincent Lee Grayson…

LEEANNE ROWE/ LILLIAN YVES  Originally from Oklahoma, and a graduate of AMDA in NYC, LeeAnne eventually made her way to SoCal. She likes to say she is from the East, West, and somewhere in the middle. She is a #1 best selling narrator on Amazon, an after school Drama teacher for the LAUSD and has been performing around California for over 15 years. She is a published author, co-writing novels under the name LeeAnne Hansen and a children’s book, All Things I can do under Lilly Rowe.  

GRAYDON SCHLICHTER/VINCENT LEE GRAYSON  Graydon boldly declared at the age of five that he would “make Books on Tape” someday.  Five year old Graydon would be very pleased to see that grown up(ish) Graydon has made good on the vow.  Partnering with Lilly might be a bit more distressing to the lad since the younger version knew for a fact that “girls have cooties!” Still, a sacrifice worth making in the name of art! Although a stage actor and sound designer, for now those passions are on hold, all the better to focus on audiobooks.  

Connect with Lillian and Vincent online at the following links:



Promotional book cover for my poetry book

Today’s featured book is entitled:

The Spirit of Creativity: Inspirational Poems for the Creative at Heart

Written by Ann Harrison


Ann Harrison’s first book of poems delve into her creative journey, given to her by the Holy Spirit. The first section, entitled A Writers Life, covers her journey from writer to creative dreamer, until she blooms into a published author.

The second section, entitled Seaside Poems, will take you on a walk along the seashore, where the Holy Spirit and your muse awaits to fill your heart and mind with inspiration, pulling you out of your creative slump. Allow the Holy Spirit to help you fill page after page with words, pictures or fill your hands with whatever creative task you strive to undertake, as you read these verses, which come straight from the author’s heart.

The third and final section entitled Poems from the Heart, describes the journey of a lost soul as he gives his heart to Jesus and finds a new beginning. Others describe a narrator’s sorrowful tears melting into joyful music and singing. Some of these verses touch on the author’s spiritual walk with the Lord and the music God has placed within her soul. Open your heart and let your mind wander as the Holy Spirit speaks to you through each verse within these pages.

Purchase links:



As authors, creative artists and entrepreneurs, we often find it hard to stand out above the constant chatter on the internet. If that sounds like you, I’d like to help you boost the visibility of your brand. My name is Ann Harrison and I run a podcast called Inspirational Journeys. On my podcast I post solo episodes of value to my listeners, led by the Holy Spirit. I also talk to authors, creative artists and entrepreneurs who want to share their inspirational journeys with the world. If you’re interested in being a guest on my show, please send an email to annwrites75@gmail.com with Inspirational Journeys in the subject, so I can send you my featured book questionnaire.

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