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Original Poetry: Words Like Raindrops

The following poem is my personal reflection of how writing and rainy weather are often interconnected in my author life. Please sign up for my newsletter to receive a free short story and get updates about new releases and a behind the scenes look at my writing journey.

Words like raindrops
Float through the air
Words like raindrops
fall everywhere.
Where will they land
On this rainy day?
Write them all down,
Before they float away!

If you love the poem above, you’ll enjoy my poetry book entitled The Spirit of Creativity: Inspirational Poems for the Creative at heart

Ann Harrison’s first book of poems delve into her creative journey, given to her by the Holy Spirit. The first section, entitled A Writers Life, covers her journey from writer to creative dreamer, until she blooms into a published author.
The second section, entitled Seaside Poems, will take you on a walk along the seashore, where the Holy Spirit and your muse awaits to fill your heart and mind with inspiration, pulling you out of your creative slump. Allow the Holy Spirit to help you fill page after page with words, pictures or fill your hands with whatever creative task you strive to undertake, as you read these verses, which come straight from the author’s heart.
The third and final section entitled Poems from the Heart, describes the journey of a lost soul as he gives his heart to Jesus and finds a new beginning. Others describe a narrator’s sorrowful tears melting into joyful music and singing. Some of these verses touch on the author’s spiritual walk with the Lord and the music God has placed within her soul. Open your heart and let your mind wander as the Holy Spirit speaks to you through each verse within these pages.

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Personal reflections, poetry

Hummingbird Haiku

Sitting on my steps
A hummingbird comes to me
Close enough to touch

This haiku was inspired by two visits I received by hummingbirds this week. Both of these visits happened while sitting on my steps. The first time a hummingbird flew close to me, was on Wednesday. It didn’t come near enough to touch, but it flew mere inches from me, buzzing and calling out as it passed in front of me twice, before disappearing in the morning air.
The second visit happened this morning. This time, the hummingbird came so close, it almost touched my face. I didn’t dare move, for fear of scaring it away, yet at first I was a bit scared that it would hurt me. However, I found a video of hummingbirds buzzing and calling out in someone’s yard. One thing I noticed about the person who’d shot the video was that he or she had wind chimes, which accentuated the beauty in his or her yard.
These hummingbird visits taught me not to take for granted the little things in life and to find things that bring me joy. My challenge to you today is as follows: Spend some time outside in your front yard, on your porch, or simply take a walk out in the countryside and surround yourself with God’s beautiful creations.

What beautiful sights and sounds of nature have inspired you this week? Until next time, happy writing.

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Personal reflections, poetry

Original song: You’re Welcome Here

With the Voice of an angel
and the eyes of a child
Your song so sweet and tender
Your touch so meek and mile
Now that you’re with me,
I’ll shed no more tears
My dear sweet child
You’re welcome here!
You’re welcome here, you’re welcome here
No more sorrow, no need to fear.
Long nights are over
There’s no time for tears.
Come in, my child
You’re welcome here.

The touch of your hand
Puts a smile on my face.
Your voice so sweet and tender
Melts my fears away
I’ll keep you safe forever
In my warm embrace
God brought you home
Now you’re here to stay

You’re welcome here, you’re welcome here!
No more sorrow, no more tears
Your song of joy and love
Will last through the years
Be at peace, my child
You’re welcome here!

our voices lift in harmony,
to sing our song of praise
for Jesus saved our souls
By His amazing grace
We have been forgiven
For mistakes we’ve made
He brought you home to me,
That’s why I say!

You’re welcome here, you’re welcome here!
No more sorrow, no time for tears
We lift our voices
for everyone to hear
Our praise to the Lord,
And we trust in His word
Holy Spirit
You’re welcome here!

As I was cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, the Lord laid this song upon my heart. My advice to you, when you lift your voice to sing praises to the Lord, don’t be surprised if the Holy Spirit fills your heart with a brand new song. This song touched me deeply, and I pray that it blesses your heart to read it as it blesses mine to share it with you.

John 3:16 says “For God so loved the world, he gave His Only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” If you haven’t accepted Jesus as your Lord and savior, there’s no better time to fall to your knees, confess your sins, and ask for forgiveness, than this very moment. God will meet you wherever you are. Give your heart to Jesus, before it’s eternally too late. You, dear readers, are always in my thoughts and prayers.
God bless you,

If you’ve been blessed by the song I’ve shared with you tonight, you may also like my poetry collection entitled, The Spirit of Creativity: Inspirational Poems for the Creative at Heart, which can be purchased from your favorite online retailor by visiting

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Reflections on my #SongOfTheDay

Have you ever taken the time to think about how songs from the past effect you now, compared to their affect on you back then? Let me explain what I mean.

Last night, as I lay in bed, listening to some relaxing instrumental music on my Echo Dot, a song popped into my head from way back when I was a kid. The song was Sail On by the Commodores. I remember liking the song when I was about four or five years old. The song starts off soft and in a lower octave. However, once it reached the chorus, the song moves into a higher octave. To me, the chorus sounded louder than the verse or verses, depending on how you look at it. Now, when I listen to the song again, I realize that I still like the song, but the affect is different. Taking into consideration what I’ve learned about music theory and my sensitivity to the vibrations of music,, I find that the pitch change is soothing, though the lyrics tell another story.

I have a musical challenge for you. Take some time to listen to the songs you heard on the radio from your childhood. Reflect on how the music makes you feel today, versus the way you felt when you first heard them. What songs from your earliest memories have taken on new meaning for you later in life? Have the songs you thought you didn’t like when you first heard them, become your favorites today? Feel free to share your answers in the comments below.

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How I visualize the world around me

Want to know how I visualize the world around me as a blind person? take a look at the video below.

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#SongOfTheDay: Redeemer of the Rain by the Collingsworth family

I chose this song, because we all need a little encouragement in this time of worldwide crisis. For God is the redeemer of the rain and He is watching over us. May God bless you and keep you safe. Enjoy!

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Song of the Day: The Locket by Marie Osmond

Hello everyone,
Today I have a special song for you from my Songs that Resonate with me playlist on YouTube. As you listen to this song, here’s something to think about. Does it make you think of your own parents or grandparents? In Honor of grandparents everywhere, here’s a special song for you.


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Songs that resonate with me play list

Today I have started a play list of inspirational songs that resonated with me on an emotional level. Here’s a song to encourage you and give you a lift when you’re feeling down.

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Original poetry: second thoughts

I have second thoughts about my journey,

The process of writing my story.

Are the words that I placed on the page

Written for gods glory?

Give me oh, Lord, the words to write

Lay your story upon my heart,

These second thoughts do not seem right

Please give me a brand new start.

What would you have me write today

To make my story ring true?

The words you Place upon my heart

I’ll share to give all the glory to you.