Original poetry: The Real Me

I wrote the following biographical poem to introduce myself.

I am from black dirt, rocks and gras

I am from wind chimes, front porches and swings

I am from humming birds kissing my cheeks to say hello

I am from children laughing while playing in the pool

I am from four wheelers and lawn mowers roaming around the yard

I am from Mama and Daddy, Meemax and Papa, Grandma and Granddaddy and family gatherings.

I am from sweet tea, morning coffee and chicken and dumplings

I am from chickens in a pin and running lose in the yard.

I’m from living in the city and coming back to my country home.

I am from books, stories and recorded voices reading to me from day to day.

My childhood imagination has grown with me

To tell stories that the Lord has laid on my heart.

I am from bouncing balls, trampolines and toys from yesteryear

I’m from a life full of memories, laughter and tears.

My blindness doesn’t define me,

I’ve seen the world with my heart

Through sound, touch, taste and sometimes smell,

Though my eyes don’t work

My life has been filled with light through the years.

The light of Jesus continues to flow from my heart, through my fingers onto the page

As my writing reaches readers

from every walk of life and age.

Even though I’ve flown away for a time

And left my country family home

My roots brought me back

Never more to roam.

The city life I left behind

To take a closer walk with Thee,

In this country life I find,

The Lord uses his gifts of nature

To speak wisdom and inspiration to me!

I challenge you to write a biographical poem of your own and post it on your blog. When you do, be sure to ping back to this post, so I can see your work.



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