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Original Poetry – Only Shells

The following 61 word short story was inspired ty this morning’s episode of the Jen Lowry Writes podcast and the post linked here.

When Jen threw out the words “Mermaid Fingernails:, the inner writer in me said: “hmmm! Now what can I do with this?” This is the story I wrote on my phone while listening to the podcast over breakfast and coffee.

Please enjoy both the linked post and the following story. Be sure to tell Jen how much she has inspired you by commenting on her blog. Also, if you have been blessed by the poem she wrote, give her post and mine a like and a share or two.


Y’all have a blessed day. Before I post the story below, I challenge you to read something to get inspired, write something inspiring and share your creation with the world, one person at a time. For when you’ve touched one life, you’ve touched a thousand.

via Original Poetry – Only Shells


Mermaid Fingernails


I stand on the top of the sand dune as the tide brings mermaid fingernails floating toward me. The magical wind picks them up before I can reach down to touch them. It takes them high above the water to find the mermaids from whence they came. I lost my only chance to capture a shell rarely seen by human eyes

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