How Many Hours a Day Should You Spend Writing?

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They say the more you practice, the better you’ll get. But what does that actually look like?

The reason this question is so hard to answer is that every single writer has different goals, routines, strengths, weaknesses, barriers, and so on.

Some people can write every day, and significantly benefit from that. Some do all their writing on the weekends and they’re happy with that choice.

While I understand those who start out writing “when they feel like writing” — when inspiration “hits,” for example — this isn’t a good strategy if you really want to get serious about taking your writing somewhere. Consistency is the only way to make steady progress toward an end point, and if you don’t schedule out time specifically for Making Writing Happen, you’re going to start wondering why you haven’t accomplished anything yet. It’s because — and this is my no-nonsense self talking —…

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I am a Christian author and a professional content writer who is totally blind. I also love to write about inspirational topics, such as spirituality, music, and anything else that my little heart desires. This includes character interviews, book reviews, and even a story or two. I write professional blog posts, landing pages and other materials for the word matters blog at, and a company called rushcube. If anyone wants to find out more about my writing, or if you need a freelance content writer, please email me at
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