You Have Time to Write — You Just Aren’t Making It a Priority

Thanks for this reminder.

Meg Dowell Writes

Do you ever look at the list of things you have to do in a day, realize you should also probably write for an hour at some point, and wonder how “normal” people get everything done and still have time to binge-watch Umbrella Academy, run a half marathon, cook three meals, and knit 20 sweaters?

In all honesty, most people don’t end up doing all the things they want to do in each 24-hour interval. They all made sacrifices to squeeze in kitchen time and sweater-making.

Chances are there was probably something else they really wanted to get done — like work on their secret crime thriller — and they just haven’t been able to get to it lately.

I once made the mistake of telling my mom, when she asked me if I’d done something she’d mentioned the day before, “I haven’t had time.”

She turned her head and…

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