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Plot Holes are like Wounds, They Both can be Stitched up

Yes, you read that title right. It was so profound when I heard it in a dream yesterday morning, that I will have to say it again. Plot holes are like wounds, they both can be stitched up. Even though … Continue reading

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You Don’t ‘Find’ Inspiration. It Finds You.

Originally posted on Novelty Revisions:
Every strike of inspiration I can recall — many of which have led to fairly solid ideas, sometimes even Real World Things — happened upon me completely by accident. Most of these moments have begun…

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4 Reasons Why Silence Is Good For You

There are times when the noise surrounding us can be too distracting and can cause us unnecessary stress. I find that this is the case for me. Although there are times when I like listening to instrumental music or my … Continue reading

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Reasons To Go Out To Write

Originally posted on Uninspired Writers:
Most writers experience procrastination. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the other things you need/want to do, which leads to putting writing to the side. However, I’ve found that a great way…

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How to Remember Your Ideas When You’re Falling Asleep—or Waking Up!

Do you ever get an idea just as you’re falling asleep? How about having a dream that sticks with you from the moment you wake up? Here’s a post that will give you some insight on keeping your ideas close … Continue reading

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Sometimes even I get lucky

Originally posted on Entertaining Stories:
Today was supposed to be my last real writing day this weekend. I took it in that spirit, and cranked out 3200 words this morning. I forced myself to stick with Serang, because I want…

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The Secret to Successful Short Stories

Originally posted on Noreen Lace:
I spent much of my time in grad school trying to please a certain teacher and understand the secret formula for a short story. Up until that time, I’d only written novels (or novellas), longer…

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