Should I Listen To My Gut? If so, click me!

You and I have three things in common. For one thing, I also am Blind, number 2, I’m a Christian and number three I am a writer. I totally understand how people think that when we are not feeling write about something or choose not to do something because of our observations of others’ experiences, we are told that we are negative. I was told that my writing wasn’t a marketable job by one VR counselor, but with four books under my belt and a web site of my own, I think I’m learning how to build my writing career. By the way, I published all four of those books on my own, with a little initial help. I uploaded them to Smashwords and Amazon without sited assistance, after the covers were designed so that I wouldn’t have distribution problems. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about listening to your gut.

Miranda's Musings

Happy Friday! If it is a different day where you are, I hope you’re having a great day too. I’ll admit I’m a little nervous posting this, but I’m an honest person. Plus I know someone will need this. One of my followers sent me a message yesterday thanking me for my dignity post. If you haven’t checked that one out, please do. I talk about some stuff in this post that’s not often talked about. That’s why I’m doing it though.

Have you ever had those moments when you have a feeling for some reason and decide to go with it? You’re not sure why, but something is either telling you something doesn’t sit right with you or sometimes you have a feeling that everything will work out? Some call this intuition or gut feelings. I call this a few things. I believe in intuition and use that term…

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