Spotlight on Ann Harrison-Barnes

That launch date is March 10th. When I edited this interview, I totally missed that little flub.

Kirsten Nairn

My special guest author today is Ann Harrison-Barnes

my profileAnn has published four books, so far, under the names, Ann Harrison and Ann Barnes; A Journey of Faith, Inner Vision, Maggie’s Gravy Train Adventure and Stories Outside the Box.

Ann, who lives in Rochelle, Georgia, describes herself as the proud single mother of a beautiful daughter, who is often the inspiration for many of her stories featuring children. She also has three nieces and a nephew whom she adores.

Ann has been blind since birth as a result of receiving 24 hours of oxygen instead of 8 when she was placed in an incubator after birth. 

Ann has been writing from an early age and has many hobbies and passions as we will find out.

Firstly Ann, tell me about what made you start writing?

I’ve been writing off and on since I was in the fourth grade, but the one thing that…

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