A Random YouTube Video Accidentally Helped Me Complete the Plot of My Novel

That happened to me while watching an old TV show. It’s beautiful when that kind of inspiration happens.

Meg Dowell Writes

Everything was good. Until it wasn’t.

I had — as many others before me have — a pretty good idea for a book. I’d even started writing it. There were, however — as there often are — several problems with it even in its early stages of development.

  1. It didn’t have a title.
  2. I hadn’t figured out how to connect the two ongoing storylines in a way that made sense.

One of these issues was minor, the other pretty major. I hope you can guess which was which.

I personally believe people worry way too much about coming up with the “perfect” title before they’ve even finished/started their book. Some of the best book titles I’ve come up with came to me when I was almost finished writing the first draft. But that’s a pet peeve for another post.

As you can probably imagine, not really knowing how to form…

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