Why I don’t journal anymore and what I do instead

I tried to journal a couple of times but it didn’t work, because I thought I had to put a date at the top of every entry. That was more stressful than productive. However, after my seperation with my second husband, I started journaling again. This time, I made sections and started using it not only to write down my thoghts, but also as a dumping ground for scenes that I planned to take out of my works in progress. Less stress and I can write in it whenever I want and not feel like I have to write in it when there’s nothing to add.

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Since today’s question on my Twitter Game #TheMerryWriter asked “Do you keep a diary or journal?” I thought I’d discuss that in my blog. 

By the way, if you’re on Twitter and looking to meet other writers, and haven’t already, do check out my game.

Myself and my co-host, Rachel Poli post daily questions and the participants are wonderfully supportive and encouraging of each other and the game can help you build your network 🙂

The current “Game Board” is pinned to the top of my feed if you’d like to check it out.

Why I don't journal anymore and what I do instead. Image of journals with pencils. Image from Pixabay

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