Writing and Music – Guest Post by, Jaq D Hawkins…

As a matter of fact, many of my story ideas come from the melodies I hear in my head. These melodies may not be familiar to me, as ones that I know and love, but I often times find myself making up words to go along with them or humming them on the porch. I listen to classical music or film scores when I’m writing, though sometimes there are songs by my favorite artist(s) that I have to play over and over again just to keep the creative juices going.

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Do you listen to music when you write? Or do you imagine a soundtrack to go with your story, as if it were a movie?

I’ve been contemplating the relationship of music and writing – two different expressions of creativity – and the connections that are sometimes made between the two. In our world of movies and television as forms of storytelling, mood music has become a common reference point for the imaginative mind.

Periodically in writing groups online, someone will survey preferences among writers for listening to music while writing. I’ve always been one who preferred to write in silence, but favourite musical genres or mood music appear to be generally popular, though I’m far from alone in my quiet world-building universe.

Once in a while someone will even include a playlist in a novel, expressing that these are the songs they would recommend as the story plays out…

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I am a Christian author and a professional content writer who is totally blind. I also love to write about inspirational topics, such as spirituality, music, and anything else that my little heart desires. This includes character interviews, book reviews, and even a story or two. I write professional blog posts, landing pages and other materials for the word matters blog at www.ernestdempsey.com, and a company called rushcube. If anyone wants to find out more about my writing, or if you need a freelance content writer, please email me at annwrites@annwritesinspiration.com
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  1. Many thanks for sharing, Ann 😃


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