AN EXPLOSION OF STORIES PART 2: Solstice and the Slow Awakening

It sounds as if the smallest things that happen throughout the course of the day brings back memories, either good or bad. This was a very good story. Like you, we have wind chimes on our porch. Once my tiny house is built, I want chimes on my porch too.

Pattys World

Good evening faithful followers, both old friends and new.

This evening I’m continuing a journey and I’d like to invite you to come along with me.

As you know from last night’s post, I’ve been working on this book for quite some time now and after having had no luck getting it published in any way and after giving much thought and prayer as to what I should do I’ve decided to share it here with you.

For me sometimes just the simple pleasure of writing and sharing my stories with others is more than enough and during this time in my life I find it is something I have a deep desire to do. In fact, after spending much time in prayer about this subject I feel very strongly that to share my stories in this way is something I’m being called to do. I feel that somewhere someone…

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