IS BLOGGING ART?: Why I Blog and What It Means To Me

If blogging isn’t writing, I don’t know what you’d call it. For those writers who say they don’t have time to focus on their blogs, I often wonder if they spend as much time writing as they say they do. I think blogging is an artform. The blogging itself and the art of writing go hand in hand. Thanks for such a wonderful post.

Pattys World

IS BLOGGING ART: Why I Blog and What It Means To Me

Good morning campbellsworld visitors.

This morning while rummaging round in my writing folder looking through pieces and parts of writing projects that I’d begun and not finished I came upon the following piece and after polishing it up a bit I’ve decided to share it here with you.

Honestly, I’d forgotten I’d written this piece. I hope it speaks what I feel in a way all you faithful followers can understand.

For good or ill I’m quite passionate about what I do and so I mean no harm by posting. I just have a deep desire for people to understand where I am currently in my life.

Your feedback and opinions are very important to me. I am never offended by what others say or feel about what I write whether we agree or not, for all of…

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