Are You Overthinking Everything You Try Writing?

Meg Dowell Writes

Too many beginning writers worry too much.

They read one blog post online about how they can’t write a book until they do X or start a blog until they do Z that they get overwhelmed and scared and quit before they even start writing anything.

They think they have to come up with the perfect name or title. They think they have to outline every single detail. They think everything has to be catchy and flawless and incapable of failing before they write a single word.

I have one piece of advice, if this is you:

Stop overthinking it!

Stop second-guessing yourself every time a new thought or idea invites itself into your mind. Stop doubting whether or not you’re doing the right thing every time you decide to make a small or big career move, reach out to a potential editor/client/agent/publisher, or apply for a writing job.


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