Why You Can’t Commit to a Writing Project (and How to Fix That)

Meg Dowell Writes

Are you the aspiring writer who constantly says “I’m starting a new book!” sort of starts the new book, and then makes it a point to never speak of it again? Do you have commitment issues when it comes to writing projects but have no idea why you can’t get over them?

YOU LOVE WRITING! Why is it so hard to finish what you start?

Maybe you can’t stick with something because you aren’t putting the proper measures in place to make that happen.

Think of it like this: You’ve just decided you want to plant a garden in your backyard. You do everything you’ve read you’re supposed to do. You have the dirt, the seeds, and the tools. You’re excited, you’re ready to go. You even get as far as kneeling down to plant the seeds.

But it turns out the idea of planing a garden seemed a lot…

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