Why a Writer’s Path is Never a Straight Line

The fact that a writers path has ups and downs like everything else, is so true for me.

Meg Dowell Writes

When I was a senior in college, I honestly thought I’d already “made it.” I had multiple writing and editing gigs, which meant I had more writing experience than a lot of people my age. I had a blog, I had bylines, and I had a portfolio of work ready to send out to potential clients and/or employers.

I was set. I was ready. I had absolutely nothing to worry about.

And then I graduated.

Within the first few months of searching for steady work as a writer, I knew I was in trouble. It seemed that no matter how much writing experience I technically had, it still wasn’t enough. I kept submitting articles to magazines and searching for jobs, but — at least to me — it seemed like no one wanted to pay a 22-year-old to publish content under their brand.

So I found myself back in a…

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