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The 2019 Author Interview Series Featuring Ann Barnes

Here’s another fabulous blog interview I did a while back. Thanks Don for having me on your blog.

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Do You Ever Feel Like You’re Not Making Any Progress … At All?

One thing that keeps me going on a project that seems endless is the fact that my characters or the story itself won’t leave me alone. If that happens, then you have an invested motivation to keep plugging at your book until it’s finished.

Meg Dowell Writes

Being able to say they’ve written a book is, if we’re being honest, what most aspiring writers really want. Which is understandable — the first time I ever finished writing something, I wanted to tell everyone I knew and didn’t know. And I probably did.

It’s not that writers don’t enjoy writing. They often just … don’t want to do the work. Or they do a bunch of work and don’t feel like they’re any closer to meeting their goals.

Writing a book isn’t just about having an idea and saying you’re going to do it. You actually have to take this thing one day at a time until you’ve actually done it. Which is, uh … difficult. But totally possible all the same.

How do you get from “I’m going to write a book” to “I wrote a book!” when everything that happens between those two events seems slow…

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Far and Wide and Every Lost Minute.

Here is a blog post that I found to be encouraging to me as a writer and as a reader. Reading outside your genre will inspire you in more ways than you can imagine. If that’s not reason enough to read far and wide, here’s another reason I started reading more than the genres I was comfortable with: I found out that I like writing in fantasy and Christian mystery/thriller. Maybe this avenue of self-discovery will hold true for you in a different way, but you’ll never know if you don’t expand your reading preferences.

Please enjoy the following post and if you like it, please leave a comment on the original blog and give it a like and a share or two.

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Tuesday Talk with… author Taylor Love

Nesie's Place

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Taylor LoveTaylor Love is a new author who calls Michigan her home. An avid reader since she was a young girl, she gained a love of writing as well. She loves to read a variety of genres and hopes over time to expand her writing among several of them. She is a lover of learning a “little bit” about many things. She hopes her imagination brings her readers a few hours of enjoyment!

My goal is to tell interesting contemporary, realistic (to a degree who doesn’t love a little “make believe”) and modern romance stories for African American’s around the world.

Thank you for spending a little time with us here on the blog today, Taylor!

You’re from my adopted home-state, Michigan. Are you a native Michigander?

I am. I was born and grew up in Southwest Michigan and moved to Southeast Michigan for college and stayed!

Married with children…

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Should I Listen To My Gut? If so, click me!

You and I have three things in common. For one thing, I also am Blind, number 2, I’m a Christian and number three I am a writer. I totally understand how people think that when we are not feeling write about something or choose not to do something because of our observations of others’ experiences, we are told that we are negative. I was told that my writing wasn’t a marketable job by one VR counselor, but with four books under my belt and a web site of my own, I think I’m learning how to build my writing career. By the way, I published all four of those books on my own, with a little initial help. I uploaded them to Smashwords and Amazon without sited assistance, after the covers were designed so that I wouldn’t have distribution problems. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about listening to your gut.

Miranda's Musings

Happy Friday! If it is a different day where you are, I hope you’re having a great day too. I’ll admit I’m a little nervous posting this, but I’m an honest person. Plus I know someone will need this. One of my followers sent me a message yesterday thanking me for my dignity post. If you haven’t checked that one out, please do. I talk about some stuff in this post that’s not often talked about. That’s why I’m doing it though.

Have you ever had those moments when you have a feeling for some reason and decide to go with it? You’re not sure why, but something is either telling you something doesn’t sit right with you or sometimes you have a feeling that everything will work out? Some call this intuition or gut feelings. I call this a few things. I believe in intuition and use that term…

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Introduce Yourself: Introducing Guest Author Corey Collins

Have you ever read or heard an interview with an author, only to find that you have a couple of things in common with him or her? This has happened for me.

Here’s an interview with an author who I found to like a couple of the same things I do. See what you have in common with the author featured here. Please be sure to leave a comment on the PBS blog instead of mine.

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Blessings and happy writing.


How often do you unplug? #writinglife

As a blind person, I rely on technology to help me read. However, when I get my monthly short stories magazine in Braille, I take it when my parents and I goto pick up my daughter for visitation. Although I have my phone in my pocket, it’s while I am riding that I simply read and listen to the radio. I have been known to drift off to sleep while reading, but that’s about the only time I truely unplug from my device completely. However, there are times when I turn my computer off and listen to podcasts or read books through audio or my kindles via Alexa on my Echo Dot. While I am listening to my device, I pick up my crochet and work on that. However, I’m not necessarily checking twitter or comments from other apps when I am in this relaxed listening state.
For me to truly unplug from all devices, wouldn’t be feasible. However, even though I bring my phone into the kitchen when we have family meals, it stays in my pocket, unless I’m listening to a podcast while eating alone.

Story Empire

Hi, SEers. Mae here hoping everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Today, I’m rolling out a topic that’s dear to my heart—unplugging. In our technology-crazed, social media-driven, always-on-world, unplugging is a necessity. Did you know there is even a National Unplug Day in the U.S.?  March 1-2 sundown to sundown has been declared the National Unplug day in 2019 for those pledging to go a full twenty-four hours device free. You can find more information on this website and even download a free tool kit with activity guides and conversation starters.

You know what that means? Unplugging has risen to such a level of difficulty, it’s now viewed as a challenge. How sad is that?

harried woman eating, drinking coffee, talking on the phone, working on laptop at the same time.

Last August, my husband and I attended a family reunion out of state. It was a fun time built around an Oktoberfest theme (my father’s side of the family is German) and while the adults…

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How to Start Writing Something Knowing You Might Fail

Meg Dowell Writes

I set a really big writing goal for 2019. You may or may not have heard about it.

I did it for the sake of a challenge — I won’t get into it here. But the scariest part about embarking on this year-long journey is that I made the decision to do it and announced it publicly — knowing full well that there was a good chance I would fall flat on my face.

It’s almost as if I looked failure right in the face and said, “Ha! Come at me bro! I DARE YOU.”

That’s a terrifying thing to do. Most of us catch a glimpse of just the potential shadow of disappointment and run as fast as we can in the opposite direction.

I’ve gotten comments from so many writers over the past few years telling me how scared they are of failing. Most of the time…

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