How to Write Better: A Quick Guide

Meg Dowell Writes

Every writer — even the intermediate or advanced — wants to know how they can get from where they are right now skill-wise to a better place.

After all, a writer should never stop seeking out ways to do their job better. That’s why we practice. It’s why we read books about writing, go to conferences, interact with other writers, and take classes when we can.

But becoming a better writer, though nowhere near simple, may not actually be as complicated as you might think.

Here’s a quick guide to improve your writing — and yourself.

Erase your lame excuses

In case you weren’t aware — and if you aren’t, that’s OK, it’s always good to learn — “I don’t feel like writing” is a terrible reason not to write. In fact, even though it may be one of the most common excuses people give for not getting their work…

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