Why Some of Your Readers Will Never Comment on Your Blog Posts

Hi Meg,
I’ve even asked questions on some of my posts and got no comments, however, I have gotten tuns of likes. Although I get more comments onposts that I shared. For example, the post you published yesterday, I got a comment from someone saying that he has a passion for writing and the person thanked me for sharing. I was glad to respond back. However, a simple thanks may or may not get a response back, because there’s not much to respond to. Thanks for publishing these posts. If I find them helpful, I’ll share them, if I simply find them funny or delightful, I’ll read them and move onto the next thing. It’s not that I’m shy, it’s just there are some things that don’t necessarily need a response, while other posts do.

Meg Dowell Writes

Across various writing groups on Facebook, I’ve seen a lot of people talk and ask about engagement on their blogs and other projects. “How do I get people to comment on my posts?” they ask. “Why are people reading and liking my posts but not commenting on them?”

I get why these questions are asked so often. With a goal of trying to reach more people or start conversations or share information, it can become frustrating when you feel you’re continuously creating content that no one seems to be interested in.

But many people forget that counting comments — or lack thereof — doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong with your content or that you need to drastically change what you’re doing to increase engagement.

To be clear, tracking engagement on your work is a great way to tell if people are resonating with what you’re saying. But it’s also…

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