In This Post, I Will Attempt to Explain Why Writers’ Brains Are So Weird.

You are so right! Our brains are weird, yet our stories can be even weirder. LOL!

Meg Dowell Writes

What I am about to describe to you probably will neither shock nor amaze you.

Instead, my hope is that you will feel understood. Maybe even appreciated, for the first time in a long time, or ever.

I will start by admitting that I am not normal. I do not go about my day the way I assume “normal” people do. I am part of a group of people often singled out and isolated from the rest. We call ourselves writers.

Writers tend to experience varying degrees of the same symptom: They seem completely unable to ignore an idea when it shows up to play.

It tends to look a little something like this:

I will physically walk away from my desk to let the dog out/make lunch/switch my laundry, but it’s almost like I don’t actually leave my desk. Full sentences of text will actually wrap themselves around my brain…

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