An Interview with Author Shannon Stewart

I like your interview style.

International Book Promotion

promo photo 500x382 Grief: Shannon Stewart’s book

We are happy to introduce Shannon, a woman who has a multitude of talents. She’s a socila media influencer and an author. Shannon’s debut book, Grief, revolves around the story of 5 people.

We asked Shannon a few questions to further understand her personal life and her new book. We hope that you’d enjoy reading her interview. 


Shannon E. Stewart, MSN, RN, GFNP, CCRN is a December 5th, 2018 graduate from South University’s Family Nurse Practitioner program with over seventeen and one half (17 ½) years of clinical experience in critical care settings as a critical care Registered Nurse and holds CCRN certification. Out of the 3,000,000+ Registered Nurses in the United States, only roughly 2%-3% hold this advanced elite certification, truly making her an authority and subject matter expert in critical care and healthcare in general.

Shannon is also an executive of 2MCH4YA Global…

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