Just Admit You Failed — Then Start Over

I want to thank you for this encouragement. Writers take heart, because I too, have been where you are now. I was once my own worse critic, but I have learned over the years to keep trying when I fail and if an idea doesn’t work, simply back up and punt. What I mean is that you must step away from the idea that didn’t work and look at it from a different angle. When you do that, you might find a better story waiting to be written.

Meg Dowell Writes

As a collective population, we are terrified of failing.

So much so that we often avoid doing things we might not succeed at because there’s a chance we’ll fall flat on our faces and embarrass ourselves to death, or something.

But some of us do manage to try things we hope we won’t fail at … and keep trying … and keep trying … even though what we’re trying isn’t working and we just keep doing the same exact things over and over praying that this time they will finally work.

This is, in case you hadn’t already guessed, a major waste of time.

You’d be much better off admitting that what you’re doing tanked and you need to stop doing that thing before you hurt yourself.

Let’s say you’re trying to write a book. You keep setting a goal of 1,000 words a day knowing you could make it…

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2 thoughts on “Just Admit You Failed — Then Start Over”

  1. As another blind author, I am familiar with failure and the resistance to the notion that it might be my “fault.” I’ve had so much experience with it over my almost 69 years (with regard to writing and many other aspects of life), that I am well aware of its blessings.


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