Writers: There Will Always Be Something In Your Way.

I can’t agree more. In late summer and early Fall of last year, I ended up with two skin infections in my leg that slowed me down. However, when I recovered, I got back up and kept going. Now, I am working on building my platform, with the help of a marketing PA. Although I have to do the work so that she can help me market my books and my website in a much more effective way, the writing I do for the marketing side of being an author is still writing. I’ll finish editing my non-fiction book when I’m done with the admin stuff.
Happy writing everyone.

Meg Dowell Writes

As the second week of 2019 approached, I was feeling ecstatic. I finally had a writing-and-everything-else routine that was working for me. I was completing everything on my to-do list. I was making plans for how I was going to make it better. Everything was going so well. I was DOING IT.

And then Life Happened.

I don’t need to bore you with the details. Suddenly I found myself unable to concentrate, unable to do anything more than the absolute minimum. I was back to my 2018 ways: Rolling out of bed with just enough time to get ready. Not eating well, drinking way too much coffee, and — most importantly for our cases — barely writing.

My time was, once again, out of my control. Where I had to direct my energy and focus was out of my control. Something else needed my attention, and writing had to be…

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