How to Let Go of the Pressure

My pressure came from people telling me I needed to do something else instead of writing, because my writing wasn’t marketable. Did I listen, no. I am writing, blogging and now promoting my work with help. You go girl! Keep doing what your doing, because it’s what works for you, not someone else.

Meg Dowell Writes

There is only one thing that has ever tempted me to quit blogging, to stop writing books, to stop trying so hard to wedge myself in among the elite writers — the experts who didn’t have to prove they knew what they were talking about because their words had already done it for them.


For years, people kept telling me I should write a book. Not asking me when I was going to, not politely checking in to see what I might be working on. Telling me it had to be done. “You should write a book! Let me know when you finish a book so I can read it! Have you finished your book yet?”

And this just kept going on and on until at one point I almost decided the pressure was no longer worth it. I wanted to make the conscious choice to write a book…

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