How to Write When You’re Actually Busy and Stressed and Everything is Chaos

Meg Dowell Writes

Many aspiring writers make up excuses in an attempt to explain why they haven’t been writing. Things like “I’m busy” and “I’m tired” are among the most common go-tos. “I don’t know what to write about” is another, but there’s no justifying that one. Write anything. It doesn’t matter what.

But these things aren’t always excuses. It would be unfair of me — or anyone — to assume that when you say you’re too busy to write, you’re somehow faking it or exaggerating.

Many times, excuses are excuses, and the only way to get past those is to suck it up and do the thing(s) you don’t want to do anyway.

What happens when “I’m too busy to write” isn’t an excuse, but instead a legitimate problem preventing you from writing as much or as often as you want to?

While I’ll never ease up on my no-nonsense approach to…

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