All Writers Must Learn to Be Bored

Thanks for this tip. When the weather permits, I sit out on the porch and allow myself to daydream. In this way, ideas come to me freely.

Meg Dowell Writes

I’m not the kind of person who enjoys sitting around doing nothing. At least, not very often.

It’s the curse of a distraction-prevalent environment. When I’m done with work, instead of just sitting with my thoughts or taking a walk, I can play a game on my phone, listen to a podcast, and scroll through Netflix all at the same time while deciding which movie or show I’m going to watch.

Have you ever finished your work for the day, sat back in your chair, and just let yourself think?

Not just for a minute or two before moving on to something else. But until you get bored.

Think about it. Seriously — sit or lean back on or near whatever you’re on or near and think about it for a second. We are constantly filling out heads and occupying our minds with stuff. Are we taking enough time…

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