Why You Feel Guilty About Not Writing (and What to Do About It)

Meg Dowell Writes

Do you feel guilty when you don’t write? You’ve come to the right post. And the right blog.

The thing about guilt is that it sends a sickening fog through our minds and makes it difficult to do the tasks we feel are important. So in feeling guilty about not writing, you end up pushing yourself even further away from making it possible to write.

A vicious cycle. Maybe one that has an end.

My theory: writers feel guilty for not writing because they’ve been told that the only thing writers are allowed to do is write.

When you read about writers living the “starving artist” life, all you hear about are the late nights, the carpal tunnel syndrome, the isolation. The pain.

And for many “active” aspiring writers, there are plenty of late nights and physical/mental ailments and lonely stretches of very slow time.

But even though writing is…

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