There’s Nothing More Frustrating for a Writer Than Feeling Too Exhausted to Write

I started NaNoWriMo a day early for a reason. Yesterday was one of those days where I just couldn’t bring myself to write, no matter how hard I tried. When you can’t go any further, sometimes it’s good to walk away so you can think.

Meg Dowell Writes

When it’s the end of a long day and there’s still more writing to do, you don’t always feel like it.

In fact, sometimes you’re so tired you’ve actually convinced yourself it can’t be done.

You obviously have two options here: write, or don’t. Persist, or don’t. Push through, or don’t.

But it’s so much more complicated than that, isn’t it?

Because it’s not that you DON’T want to write or that you DON’T want to put in the effort or that you DON’T care. It’s that, at least at this particular moment, you CAN’T.

Trust me. As often as I tell y’all to “just do the work anyway,” I get how difficult it actually is to put those words into practice sometimes. There are days I do not want to practice what I preach. I don’t want to sit down at 8pm and write even 500 more words. I…

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